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Can't She Type?

2006-08-11 15:24

  Lesson 38

  Text A

  Can't She Type?

  The well-known banker, T. J. Ellington, was at one time in his younger days the manager of a New York office. His secretary had been with him for many years, and knew his ways and habits. She always kept a glass of water on his desk, and knew that he disliked flowers in the office. He had a habit of interrupting a letter (when she was writing it down) with a few words on other subjects which had no connection with the letter; but she knew how to deal with that. She was never late , and was always willing to work beyond office hours when necessary. Therefore, when she left the office to get married, Ellington felt rather sorry for himself.

  In those days good secretaries were hard to find. Ellington rang up the office in the city which had supplied him before; but the woman there said that she had no one suitable. He tried several other places, but the answer was always the same. There did not seem to be any secretaries unemployed. But it was absolutely necessary for him to find someone , and at last he rang up the first office again and urged the woman to find a girl who could at least type.

  "Well," she said slowly, "there's Miss Steele. "

  "Good!" cried Ellington. "Send her along at once. I really must have someone here immediately. "

  "I'm not sure about her," said the woman doubtfully. "Why? Can't she type? Is she too old?"

  "Oh, she's quite young. In fact she's only just left the Secretarial College. She types very well indeed. "

  "Well, then, what's the matter? Send her here at once. "

  "All right, if you say so. But she's a bit simple. "

  Miss Steele arrived soon afterwards, and he explained her duties to her. At first she refused to accept the post; she said that she had had no experience and was not used to such work. But after a further conversation he managed to persuade her to come, at least for a week or two. She agreed, but her face had a doubtful expression on it as she went out.

  On the following morning Miss Steele arrived at the office ready for work. Ellington had one letter to which he wished to reply immediately, and he rang the bell. Miss Steele came in quietly and sat down, pencil in hand and notebook on knee. Ellington told her to take a letter, and was glad to see that she could write as fast as he spoke. It was soon done and she went out to type it.

  "Well , " thought Ellington, "there doesn't seem to be much wrong with that girl."

  A short time later she entered the office again and placed a letter, beautifuily typed on his desk. He looked at it with pleasure, but read it with surprise. It was as follows:"24thJuly, 1976.Mr James Vandenberg,His address is on this letter. Here! Take it with you.Dear Sir,I thank you for your letter of yesterday's date. I think the question of the electric motors needs further consideration, and as time is important, it will probably be best if we meet to discuss it. There's that cat outside the mindozv again. Please tell Miss Harper to remove it and keep it away. I've told her before about it. I should take it as a favour if you would lunch with me on Friday next. What's happened to my glass of water this morning? We may then be able to settle the matter finally. I don't like flowers in the office. Please remove them. I usually lunch at one o'clock. Please let me know if that time will suit you. This letter is important and I want you to type it carefully.

  "Yours faithfully,"

  Text B

  A Quiz on General Knowledge

  Charles Kent and Tony Smith are playing a game. They are asking each other questions about general knowledge CHARLES:   When was America discovered, Tony?

  TONY:   I'm not certain. Do you know?

  CHARLES:   America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

  TONY:   In a way that's right. But the Vikings travelled there long before Columbus. And what about the Red Indians?

  CHARLES:   All right. Ask me a question now.

  TONY:   Who invented the electric light bulb?

  CHARLES:   That's easy. It was invented by Edison.

  TONY:   Correct. Now fora harder question. Who will be the first tnen on Mars?

  CHARLES:   I can't answer that. But I think Mars will be visited by men before the end of this century.

  TONY:   Ask me a question now.

  CHARI.ES:   All right. What is the nearest planet to the sun?

  TONY:   That's easy. It's …… er…… Venus. NO. Pluto. No. Wait a minute. It's on the tip of my tongue. Oh dear, what is the nearest planet to the sun?

  Question on Text B

  7. Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

  Billy is fourteen years old and in the ninth grade. He had a part-time job which gets him up every morning at five o'clock. He is a newspaper boy.

  Each morning, Billy leaves the house at 5:15 to go to the corner where the newspapers are. The newspapers were delivered to the corner by truck at midnight. He always takes a wagon to carry them.

  In the winter it is still dark when he gets up, but during the rest of the year it is light. Billy must deliver the newspapers to the houses of people on his route in all kinds of weather. He tries to put each paper on the porch where it will be protected from wind and rain or snow. His customers think he does a good job. Sometimes they give him tips.

  Billy earns about $ 70 per month, and he is saving some of the money to go to college. He spends the rest on records and clothes. Once a month, he has to collect money from his customers. Since many of them work during the day, Billy has to collect the money at night. Sometimes, when Billy is sick, his older brother has to deliver the newspapers. Once, Billy's father had to help.

  Billy has seventy customers now, but he hopes to get more soon. Someday, if he gets many more customers, Billy might win a prize for being an outstanding newspaper boy. He wants to win a trip to Europe, but he will be happy if he wins a new bicycle.

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