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饭店英语2 Unit 3

2006-08-12 09:46

  Part One  Greeting a Guest on Arrival

  Part Two  Introducing Hotel Facilities

  Part Three  Baggage Delivery

  Part Four  Hiring a Taxi

  Words and Expressions


  Part One Greeting a Guest on Arrival

  (B = Bellman, G = Guest)

  B: Good evening, sir. Welcome to Wuxi International Hotel.

  G: Thank you.

  B: How many pieces of baggage do you have?

  G: Just these four.

  B: Two suitcases and two bags. Is that right?

  G: Yes. That's all.

  B: Let me take the baggage for you. I'll show you to the Front Desk. This way, please. I will put your bags by the post over there.

  G: I see, thanks.

  B: Did you have a good trip, sir?

  G: 0h, it's very tiring.

  B: I'm sorry to hear that. I will show you to your room when you finish checking in.

  G: OK. That's fine.

  Part Two Introducing Hotel Facilities

  (B = Bellman, W = Mr White, M = Mrs White)

  B: Good afternoon, sir and madam. I'm the bellman.

  W&M: Good afternoon.

  B: Very glad to have you here. Let me carry your baggage.

  This way, please.

  (They are going to the elevator entrance.)

  W: Could you tell us something about your hotel services?

  B: Certainly, sir. Our hotel is a four-star hotel. There are over 400 international standard rooms which are very comfortable. If you want to have a walk, you can go to the hotel garden. It's very relaxing there.

  W: That sounds good.

  B: Also, there is a recreation center on the fourth floor. You can play billiards, table tennis and bowling.

  W: Where can I listen to some music?

  B: There is a music teahouse where you can enjoy both classical music and modern music. We also have saunas and after-sauna rooms. Guests can relax with soft drinks or snacks there.

  M: How about other services?

  B: Also available are a beauty salon, a barber shop, a souvenir shop……

  W: Have you got an indoor swimming pool here?

  B: Yes, it's on top floor.

  (Now they are at the elevator entrance.)

  Here we are, please take this elevator to the eighth floor, I'll take the baggage elevator and get your baggage up to your room.

  W: Thank you. See you then.

  B: See you, Mr and Mrs White.

  Part Three Baggage Delivery

  Dialogue (A)

  (The bellman knocks at the door. B = Bellman, G = Guest)

  G: Yes, coming. Who is it?

  B: The bellman, sir. I have brought you your baggage.

  G: Fine. Come on in, please!

  B: We're very sorry for the delay, sir. Where can I put it?

  G: Just leave it here.

  B: Is this everything, sir?

  G: Yes, that's right.

  B: Enjoy your stay with us, sir.

  G: Thank you.

  Dialogue (B)

  (BC = Bell Captain, G = Guest)

  BC: This is the Bell Captain's Desk. Can I help you?

  G: Yes, I've been waiting for my baggage to be sent up for the last half hour. What's the matter?

  BC: I'm terribly sorry, sir. May I have your name and room number, please?

  G: Yes, it's Mr White, Room 807.

  BC: How many pieces do you have, Mr White?

  G: Two suitcases and a shoulder bag.

  BC: Would you give me some features of your baggage?

  G: The suitcases are dark green and the shoulder bag is pink.

  BC: Are there name tags attached to them, Mr White?

  G: Yes, they all have tags on them.

  BC: We are very sorry, Mr White. I'll check immediately and call you back.

  G: All right. But don't keep me waiting too long.

  BC: We will try our best to find out the baggage. …… I'm sorry to have inconvenienced you. Your baggage was delivered to Room 801, Mr Watson's room upon his request. We failed to inform you in time. I assure you such things will never happen again.

  Part Four Hiring a Taxi

  (G = Guest, R = Receptionist)

  G: Good morning. Can you do something for me?

  R: I'm very glad to. What is it?

  G: You see, I'm free today. I'm thinking of going out for sightseeing. Could you tell me some places of historical interest in Beijing?

  R: I see. In that case, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City would be perfect places to see. They are really a must for any first-time visitor to this city.

  G: Good. I'll take some pictures. It's already 10:00 a.m. now. So I'd better hurry. But do you know where I can hire a taxi for the day?

  R: Yes, your name and room number please?

  G: Galley Smith, Room 1209.

  R: Would you like to rent the taxi for the whole day?

  G: I suppose so.

  R: It'll take you 500 yuan.

  G: That's too expensive.

  R: Well, there is a better way to do this. You can just call a taxi every time you need, instead of renting a taxi for the whole day. The taxi drivers will charge you according to the readings of the meter. This way, you'll save a lot of money.

  G: That's a good idea. But I'm afraid I don't speak Chinese.

  R: I can write down the places you're going to in Chinese so the taxi drivers will be able to understand you.

  G: That's great. I'm going to the Great Wall first and then the Forbidden City.

  R: Yes, sir. (He puts that down in Chinese on a slip and gives it to Mr Smith.)

  Words and Expressions


  n. 茶室


  n. 娱乐


  n. 桌球


  n. 保龄球


  a. 经典的


  n. 桑那,蒸汽浴


  n. 快餐,小点心


  n. 沙龙,美容室


  n. 纪念品


  n. 侍者,服务员


  a. 普通的,正常的


  n. 程序,进程


  n.& v.耽搁,延迟


  v. 描述,描绘


  v. 附着,粘连


  adv. 迅速地,快捷地

  Forbidden City



  n. 读数


  n. 便条


  Topics for Discussion

  You're a bellman. When a guest arrives,

  1) how do you find out how many bags the guest has?

  2) how to introduce hotel facilities?

  3) what is the normal procedure for a bellman to deliver the baggage?

  Role Play

  1. Client: You have just got off the plane. And now you are stepping into the hotel with suitcases.

  Bellman: You greet him and help him with the baggage. Then you show him to the Front Desk.

  2. Client: You have registered and got the key. You are interested in the hotel services and ask the bellman about them.

  Bellman: You carry the baggage for the client and show him up to the room.

  3. Client: You have been waiting for your baggage for half an hour in your room. So you go to the Bell Captain's Desk to see what happens.

  Bell Captain: You ask the details about his baggage. Then you check it and promise to take it to his room in five minutes.

  Complete the following:

  A: Good morning, sir. __________

  B: Thank you.

  A: __________ your baggage.

  B: Thank you.

  A: The Reception Counter is just over there. This way, please.

  B: __________. (B checks in at the counter.)

  A: Now, I'll show you up to your room.

  B: Thank you.

  A: __________. Did you have a good trip, madam?

  B: __________. What I want now is to have a hot bath and then have a good sleep.

  A: __________. But your room is spacious and cozy. __________.

  B: That's nice.

  A: Here we are.

  Put the following into English:

  1. 见到您真高兴。让我帮您拿行李。一只手提箱,一只旅行包,对吗?

  2. 我带您去前台,请这边走。

  3. 我已结账离店。您能帮我把行李送上车吗?

  4. 您的袋子里有什么贵重物品或易碎的东西吗?

  5. 请您在那边前台办一下入住手续,好吗?

  6. 请您搭乘您右边的电梯。

  7. 我们酒店设施非常完备,是一流的国际酒店。

  8. 我马上派人把行李送到您房间。

  9. 请稍等,我去拿一辆行李车。

  10. 请您确认在您离开前打好行李包。

  Put the following into Chinese:

  1. Please don't leave your baggage behind.

  2. Let's not take the elevator on the left going upstairs.

  3. Leave it to me. I'll take care of your baggage, sir.

  4. I'm sure you'll like your room. It's a very nice one.

  5. Shall I arrange a taxi for you, sir?

  6. Your bags may be picked up from the Bell Captain's Desk.

  7. Your luggage will come up separately.

  8. I'm afraid we cannot accept perishable goods here.

  9. Please mind your hands in the revolving door.

  10. Please show this card to the driver when you return to the hotel.

  Reading Material

  Hotel managers have always been confronted with a peculiar irony where Front Desk operations are concerned. Unquestionably, desk personnel have more impact on guests than any other single group of employees. They are the first to say hello and the last to say goodbye. In between, it is usually the desk clerk to whom guests turn for information, assistance, or resolution of a complaint.

  However, Front Desk work is often tedious and stressful. The pay is traditionally low, and rarely is there much opportunity for advancement. As a result, Front Office managers have difficulty finding well-qualified people. Morale tends to run low, turnover is high, and performance is less than optional. And that in turn shows up as guest complaints, errors in the audit, and recurring problems of all kinds.

  A notable exception can be found at the Westin Hotel, Seattle, operated by Westin Hotels (formerly Western International)。 Casual observation quickly reveals a Front Desk operation that is both efficient and accurate. Satisfaction among guests is usually high, and this year the hotel (formerly called the Washington Plaza) was again granted a Mobile 4-star award for its excellent service.


  1. What do the Front Office staff do during their work time?

  2. Would you please describe something about operation of the Front Desk in Westin Hotel, Seattle?

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