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  Zhang Caozhi was a county official in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. One day he went out on a tour of inspection. He was passing through some rice paddies, when suddenly thousands and thousands of tadpoles rushed to the side of the road. They wriggled and squirmed. They lifted their heads to look at Zhang.


  "How odd! It seems like they're pleading for something," Zhang said to his secretary.


  "Yes, you can practically hear them weeping and wailing."


  Zhang decided to investigate. He got out of his sedan chair. The tadpoles got excited, and started swimming in a certain direction, stopping every few feet to look back, just like a dog trying to lead a person on!


  "Stranger and stranger," Zhang thought as he splashed through the paddy after them. Then he stopped with a gasp. Three corpses were lying in the water in the center of the field!

  "真是越来越奇怪了," 张操志一边跟着蝌蚪在水田中淌行一边想着。突然,他停住了,倒吸了一口凉气。在稻田中央横卧着三具尸体。

  Zhang pulled out his sword. There was nobody in sight but his retinue. He looked at the corpses.


  "Look, sir!" cried his secretary, "One of them is still alive!"


  Zhang was a powerful man. Without waiting for help, he pulled away the two corpses and dragged the third man to the side of the field. He was still breathing, and his heart was beating weakly.


  "We got here just in time. Much later, and he'd be dead."


  Zhang immediately called for some hot broth. Before long, the man revived. He thanked Zhang profusely, but Zhang was more interested in finding out what had happened.


  "I run a little store," the victim told him. "I was on my way back from collecting a bill. I saw two men in front of me heading for the market: these guys here. I asked them what they had to sell, and they said they had fresh tadpoles. Some people like to eat those, as Your Honor knows.


  "But, Your Honor, I'm a Buddhist, and I don't believe in killing animals to eat. I always like to set animals free. I had just collected a bunch of money. So I made a deal with those guys. I asked them to sell me their tadpoles and I would set them free.


  "They said, 'Okay, but the water here is shallow. If you let them go here, somebody else'll just catch them again. There's a pond over there in that grove,let's go set them free there.'


  "But we didn't realize that two bandits had seen me collect the money, and they were following me. Before we could get to the pond, they attacked us with hatchets, and that's the last thing I know, Your Honor."


  Zhang said, "They must have killed the other two men so there wouldn't be any witnesses. When did this happen?"


  "Not long ago, Your Honor."


  "Then they can't be far!" Zhang sent out his men, and in a short time, the bandits were caught. Zhang returned the money to the businessman, and the bandits were charged with robbery and murder.

  "他们一定还没走远!" 张操志派出随从前去搜捕,不一会儿,两个强盗就被捉住了。张操志把钱还给了商人,而两个强盗则因为抢劫杀人而被定罪。

  Zhang never forgot that even a tadpole loves its life, and can show gratitude!


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