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America 美国

2006-08-21 13:06


  Neil Diamond is a mellow singer with many diehard fans. He is an accomplished singer-songwriter and received a 1973 Grammy Award for composing the music for the movie“Jonathan Livingston Seagull. ”

  His lyrics can be very direct, which is perhaps why his fans will always be loyal. Neil can open a live concert with a friendly smile and a giant condom dropping down onto the stage as visual reminder to be careful about sex.

  He superbly sings mellow  classic songs like,“You Don't Send Me Flowers, ”“Sweet Caroline, ”“Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon. ”Neil can then turn around and slide into the blatantly too real “Love On the Rocks. ” Its opening lines,“Love on the rocks, Ain't no surprise, Sit on my face, And I'll tell you some lies,” brings smiles to Diamond's listeners. Many of them have known how badly modern “love” can turn out.

  Can you accept Neil's hard edged descriptions of sex? Does the explicit intimate  sexuality of“Sit on my face” combined with the promise of“And I'll tell you some lies” make you feel uncomfortable? If you feel anxious about sex, Neil will sometimes change the line,“sit on my face,” to a more bland“buy me a drink. ”

  Neil Diamond as a flesh and blood man,is not as sharp and hard as a real diamond. Yet he is a consummate writer and performer of songs  that excel in examining and cutting through the nonsense of the confusing world we all grow old in. If Neil sometime wants to change the lyrics of his songs,that is his prerogative. His fans are confident that he knows the difference between lust and love, even if some of his listeners are a little confused.

  A diamond is a mineral admired for brilliant beauty and reliability in an uncertain world. It is an old clichéthat a diamond is a woman's best friend. Unlike lovers and husbands, a diamond will not desert you as you get older, and unfortunately lose some of your outer  beauty. This cliché  is echoed in a different manner  by Madonna, who  pertly sings about being a “Material Girl,” and makes known her preference for cash as the new reliable friend.

  Over 50% of American marriages end in divorce. In China, Beijing's divorce rate is 25%. Is finding security, stability and love in our intimate sexual relationships a common problem around the world? Marriage has long been thought to be the best environment to raise children. Since love and many marriages end with a divorce, might it be useful to ask some serious  questions about love and sex? What is it that we really  want? Can music  ask some of these questions?

  Neil Diamond is sometimes called the Solitary Man. But if you listen to his many songs, you might feel connected to his carefully self-chosen world. “Jazz Singer,”a movie about immigrants coming to America, features some of his best songs. Neil Diamond is also the main actor, and plays opposite one of the greatest acting stars of all time, Sir Laurence Olivier.

  Throughout history, many immigrants have chosen to face hte unknowns of a new land because their country of origin seemed to hold no future for them. In their pursuit of happiness, they  acted on the belief of their right to make their own choices about every aspect of their life. Has this perspective about the individual's right to make choices become deeply embedded in most modern societies? Can religions be congruous with rationalistic and empirical philosophies? How does an individual resolve conflicting beliefs?

  Modern music frequently examines the results of choices. What is a good choice, what is a bad choice? Can you talk and argue about a choice for days?   But in the end, do you choose by what you do? Will you have to live with the results of your choices?

  Why does Neil Diamond sometimes begin a performance with d giant condom dropping down onto the stage? Does he know  you are an animal that can think very long  and  hard about your choices, prior to making them?  Do you really know the difference between lust and love? Does your  boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/ wife also understand this difference? How honest and careful are both of you in deciding the choices that you each make?


  Vocal: Neil Diamon

  Far, We've been traveling far,

  Without a home, not without a star.

  Free… Only want to be free.

  We huddle close, hang on to a dream…

  On the boats and on the planes,

  They're coming to America,

  Never looking back again,

  They're coming to America.

  Home…Don't seem so far away,

  We're traveling light today,

  The eye of a storm, in the eye of a storm.

  Home to a new and a shining place…

  Make our bed and we'll say our grace.

  Freedom's light burning warm,

  Freedom's light burning warm.

  Everywhere around the world,

  They're coming to America.

  Every time that flag's unfurled,

  They're coming to America.

  Got a dream to take them there.

  They're coming to America…

  Got a dream…they're come to share.

  They're coming to America,

  They're coming to America,

  They're coming to America,

  They're coming to America,

  They're coming to America…Today!

  Today! Today! Today! Today!

  My country' tis of thee…


  Sweet land of liberty…Today!

  Of thee I sing…Today!

  Of thee I sing…Today!

  Today! Today! Today! Today…







































  1.Only want to be free.=We only want to be free. 我们只想要自由。

  2.We huddle together, hang on to a dream.

  hang on to: hold tightly; keep firmly紧紧握住;决不放弃;坚持

  例如:I did not like my job, but decided to hang on to it until I found a better one. 我并不喜欢我的工作,但是我决定在没有找到更好的工作之前不放弃这个工作。

  Hang on to the  strap when the subway train starts. 地铁开动时要牢牢拉住皮环。

  3.The eye of a storm, in the eye of a storm.

  1)the central point of a storm(often indicated by a small break in the clouds)台风眼(热带风暴的中心点)

  例如:Not having proper navigational aids, the pilot had been unaware of the changing conditions and had flown the plane right into the eye of the tropical storm. 由于没有适当的导航支援,飞行员不了解周围气候的变化情况,将飞机直接飞入热带台风眼内。

  2)(fig. ) the main, central point of a dangerous situation, crisis, etc. (喻)(危险的局面,危机等)中心点,中心(说明)词条中etc. 意为storm可根据需要用typhoon/hurricane, whirlwind等词替换。

  4.Home to a new and a shinning place…在一个闪光的新地方安居乐业。


  5. Make our bed and we'll say our grace.

  1)“Make our bed” here means“make a (the) bed”,that is, put a bed in order; put the bedclothes (sheets, blanks etc. ) in order, ready for use. 整理床铺;铺床

  例如:Make a(the) bed whenever you're  up. 每次起床都应整理床铺。

  2)make one's (own) bed (and lie on it)——be  responsible for what you have done and  so to have to accept the bad results. 自己做的事需自己负责,自食其果

  例如:Don't accuse me. She has made her own bed ——let her lie on it. 别怪我,她自作自受。

  As you make your bed, you must lie on it. 自食其果(自作自受)。

  3)We'll say our grace.

  grace: short prayer of thanks before or after a meal. 饭前或饭后简短的感恩祷告。

  say(a) grace 做感恩祷告

  6.Got a dream to take them there.=They got a dream which motivated them to travel to America.

  7.My country'tis of thee…=My country is of you. thee = you 我的国家也是你的。

  8.Of  thee I  sing…=I sing of you.

  sing of:歌颂, you这里指的是美国。

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