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2006-08-11 14:10

  Part 1 Men wearing longer hair长发男人

  1. What do you think of men wearing longer hair now?


  It doesn't bother me.这跟我没什么关系。

  I like it.我喜欢。

  I don't like it.我不喜欢。

  2. How do you wear your hair now?你留的什么发型?

  I wear it short.我留短发。

  I wear it long.我留长发。

  My hair is average length.我头发中等长度。

  Part 2 Body piercing在身上穿洞

  1. What's your opinion?你觉得怎么样?

  It looks OK./ It looks terrible.看起来很好。/看起来糟透了。

  2. Would you want to have piercing done?你想(在身上)穿洞吗?

  I would want it./ I dont want it.我想穿洞。/我不想。

  3. Which kinds of body piercing have you seen on people?你在人们身上看见过几种穿洞方式呢?

  Pierced ears,nose,navel,eye brows.穿洞的耳朵,鼻子,肚脐,眉毛。

  Part 3 Pets in lodgings宠物进入房间

  1. How do you feel about pets staying in lodgings?宠物进入房间你觉得怎样?

  Pets should be allowed./ No pets should be allowed.应允许宠物进入。/不该让宠物进入。

  Dogs are OK./ Cats are OK./ No pets.狗可以进入。/猫可以进入。/不能让宠物进入。

  2. How do you feel about sleeping with a pet?你对和一只宠物一块睡觉有何看法?

  I like to sleep with my pet.我喜欢和我的宠物一块睡。

  I keep my pet off my bed.我让它远离我的床。

  Part 4 Computer电脑

  1. How are you doing in the computer age?在电脑时代你怎么样呢?

  I've used a computer./ I've never used a computer.我曾用过电脑。/我从未用过电脑。

  I'm comfortable with computers.用电脑我觉得很方便。

  I'm not used to computers yet.我还没适应用电脑呢。

  I own a computer./ I dont have a computer.我拥有一台电脑。/我没有电脑。

  2. Have you used a computer in your work?在你的工作上使用过电脑吗?

  Yes,I've used a computer./ No,I don't use computers at work.是,我使用过电脑。/不,我在工作中没用过电脑。

  3. Have you used E-mail?你用过电子邮件吗?

  I've used E-mail./ I've never used E-mail.我用过电子邮件。/我从不用电子邮件。

  4. Have you ever received a phone call from a computer?你在电脑上接收过电话吗?

  Often. / Never./ Sometimes.经常。/从来没有。/有时。

  5. Are you willing to answer question on the phone when theyre asked by a computer?当计算机向你提出问题时,你愿意回答吗?

  Sure!/ No way!当然!/没门!

  Part 5 TV Interview Program电视采访者

  1. Who is your favorite TV interview person?谁是你喜欢的电视采访者?

  I like (name)。/ I watch (name)。我喜欢(人名)。/我收看(人名)。

  2. Who is your favorite male TV interview person?你最喜欢哪位男性电视采访者?

  I like (name)。/ I watch (name)。我喜欢(人名)。/我收看(人名)。

  3. Are there any interviewer you don't like?有没有你不喜欢的采访者?

  I don't like (name)。我不喜欢(人名)。

  Part 6 Game shows娱乐节目

  1. Do you enjoy TV game shows?你喜欢电视娱乐节目吗?

  I enjoy game shows.我喜欢娱乐节目。

  I never watch game shows.我从不看娱乐节目。

  Sometimes I watch game shows.我有时看娱乐节目。

  2. Would you make a good contestant on a game show?你在娱乐节目中会成为一个好的竞赛者吗?

  I'd do great.我很棒。

  I'd be stumped.比较困难。

  I'd do OK.我做得挺不错的。

  3. Which TV game shows have you seen?你看过什么电视娱乐节目?

  I've seen .我看过。

  4. Do you know a lot of (game)?你很了解(游戏名称)吗?

  I don't know much.不太了解。

  Part 7 The news新闻

  1. How do you like to get the news?你喜欢怎样获取新闻?

  I like the newspaper.我喜欢报纸。

  I like TV news.我喜欢电视新闻。

  I like radio news.我喜欢无线电广播新闻。

  2. What's your opinion of network news on TV?你对电视新闻联播有何看法?

  They are excellent./ OK./ Terrible.它们很棒。/还行。/糟糕透了。

  3. Do you think TV newscasts are biased?你认为电视新闻存在偏见吗?

  I think theyre objective.我认为它们挺客观的。

  I am not sure.我不确定。

  I think they're biased.我认为它们是有偏见。

  4. Do you like any of these networks for news?以下网络新闻有没有你喜欢的?



  5. Do you ever watch trials on TV?你在电视上看过审判吗?

  I watch trials often.我经常看审判。

  I never watch trials.我从不看审判。

  Sometimes I watch trials.我有时看审判。

  Part 8 Old TV comedy shows老电视喜剧片

  1. Do you like old TV comedy shows?你是否喜欢老的电视喜剧片?

  I don't like them.我不喜欢它们。

  I like them a lot.我很喜欢。

  They are OK.还可以。

  2. Which old shows do you think are funny?哪些老片你觉得挺有趣的?

  I think is funny.我觉得挺有趣。

  3. How do you rate the quality of most network TV programs?你认为网络电视节目的质量如何?





  4. How do you feel about TV?你对电视有什么看法?

  TV is great.电视挺好的。

  Children watch too much TV.孩子们看电视太多了。

  Some adults watch too much TV.有些成人看电视太多了。

  Part 9 Bugs虫子

  1. How do bugs affect you?虫子对你有什么影响吗?

  I hate bugs!/ I dont mind them.我讨厌虫子!/我不讨厌他们。

  I'm afraid of bugs./ I'm not afraid of bugs.我害怕虫子。/我不害怕虫子。

  2. Which ones bug you the most?你最讨厌什么虫子?









  3. Which one try to move in your house or yard?哪种虫子想进入你的房子或院子?

  I have problem with roaches.我有蟑螂的问题。

  Part 10 Crowds人群

  1. How does being in a crowd affect you?身在人群里对你有什么影响吗?(感觉如何)

  I don't mind crowds.我不介意呆在人群里。

  I avoid crowds.我(通常)避开人群。

  I don't like crowds.我不喜欢人群。

  2. Suppose your favorite coffee shop (or restaurant) was crowded,what would you do?假设你最喜欢的咖啡店(或饭店)很拥挤,你怎么办?

  I'd wait for a table.我会等一张桌子。

  I'd leave.我会离开。

  I'd sit at the counter.我会坐在吧台上。

  3. How does waiting in line affect you?排队等候会对你有什么影响?

  I am patient.我很耐心。

  I go nuts.我会疯。

  I am tense.我很紧张。

  4. How is your patience during the holidays?在假日里,你的耐性如何呢?

  I'm a patient shopper.我是个耐心的购物者。

  I use mail order.我采用邮购。

  I get impatient.我会不耐烦。

  Part 11 Smoking抽烟

  1. How does cigarette smoke affect you?吸烟对你有什么影响吗?

  I don't mind smoke.我对抽烟不介意。

  I can't stand being in smoke.我不能忍受抽烟。

  I like the smell of smoke.我喜欢烟味。

  2. Some cities have no-smoking laws in restaurants and businesses. What's your opinion?有些城市制定了在饭店和商业区禁止吸烟的律令,你的看法如何?

  I like the no-smoking laws.我喜欢禁止吸烟的律令。

  I don't agree with the no-smoking laws.我不同意这些禁烟令。

  3. What about smoking in restaurants?在饭店里抽烟怎么样?

  Smoking in the restaurants is OK.在饭店里抽烟挺好的。

  Smoking in the restaurants bothers me.在饭店里抽烟使我很烦。

  Part 12 Big dogs大狗

  1. How do you feel around big dogs?大狗在你旁边你会感觉怎样?

  Big dogs make me nervous.大狗让我紧张。

  Big dogs don't bother me.大狗对我没影响。

  I like big dogs.我喜欢大狗。

  2. Would you want to own a big dog?你想有只大狗吗?

  I own a big dog./ I wouldn't want a big dog.我有一只大狗。/我不想要大狗。

  Part 13 Credit cards信用卡

  1. What is your opinion of credit cards?你对信用卡有何看法?

  Credit cards are convenient./ I dont like credit cards.信用卡很方便。/我不喜欢信用卡。

  2. If you use credit cards,how often do you use them?如果你用信用卡,多久你才用一次?

  I often use them.经常用。

  I use them too much.我用过很多次。

  I hardly ever use them.我几乎不用信用卡。

  Part 14 Cars汽车

  1. What's your opinion of cars made in China?你对中国制造的汽车有什么看法?

  Chinese cars are the best.中国车是最好的。

  2. Which cars do you think break down more often?你认为通常哪种牌子的车容易坏?

  ___(Brand)。___ (车名)。

  About the same.都一样吧。

  3. How is your luck with car?你的车幸运吗?

  I've had good cars.我有好车。

  I've had a lemon.我有辆蹩脚车。

  I don't drive.我不开车。

  4. What kind of shape is your car in?你的车车况如何?

  I keep it very clean.我把它弄得很整洁。

  My car is a little mess.我的车有点脏乱。

  My car is a big mess!我的车简直太乱了。

  Part 15 Music音乐

  1. What kind of music do you like?你喜欢哪种音乐?

  I like .我喜欢。


  Rock music摇滚音乐

  Pop music流行音乐


  Country music乡村音乐

  Rhythm and blues布鲁斯(一种节奏极强的美国黑人音乐)

  2. How loud do you like the music?你喜欢多大音量的音乐?

  I like it loud/ I like it soft.我喜欢大声点儿的。/我喜欢柔和一点儿的。

  3. How does music affect you?音乐怎样影响你?

  Music relaxes me.音乐能使我放松。

  Music helps me think.音乐有助于我思考。

  Music makes me feel good.音乐让我感觉好极了。

  Music doesn't affect me very much.音乐对我没多大影响。

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