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2006-08-09 19:01

  The Japanese city of Osaka was eliminated in the first round with six votes.


  Tennis world No 1 Martina Hingis was humiliated 6-2, 6-0 by 16-year-old qualifier Jelena Dokic in the first round of the women's single yesterday in one of the biggest shocks in recent Winbledon history.

  主池main pool

  他下月就廿二岁了who turns 22 next Thursday

  令该瑞士球星看来像名新手made the Swiss star look like a novice


  Beijing has formally announced its bid for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

  只取得六票muster only six votes

  幼龄运动员tender-aged athletes


  正确的跑步姿势the correct running posture


  Tian will be unable to represent China in the Beijing Olympics.

  申办委员会a bidding committee

  全面评估现时的体育设施evaluate comprehensively current sports facilities

  向某人致信道贺send a letter of congratulation to somebody

  在公开信中表示said in an open letter

  在未经准许下/私自参与商业活动engaging in unauthorised commercial activities

  在首圈出局was eliminated in the first round

  在首轮投票中胜出win in the first round of voting/win in the first ballot

  在香港举行奥运会的马术赛事hosting the Olympics equestrian events in Hong Kong



  If a majority is not gained by any one of the cities in the first round, the lowest-scoring candidate is eliminated and a new round begins.

  成功申办亚运succeed in bidding for the Asian Games/winning the bid for hosting the Games

  成为温布顿史上第三年轻的女子冠军become Wimbledon's third youngest women's champion ever

  次圈投票时在四十一票中取得二十二票had won 22 votes out of the 41 votes cast in the second round

  米高佐敦Michael Jeffrey Jordon

  否认即将入籍美国denied rumours of impending defection to the US

  我们的体坛精英our own elite athletes


  I am good at long-distance running.

  亚特兰大奥运金牌得主the Atlanta Olympic gold medallist

  亚奥理事会Olympic Council of Asia

  亚运金牌an Asian Games gold medal

  亚运会Asia Games

  儿童池children's pool

  承诺支持他们申办pledged to support his team's bid

  承诺会全力以赴办好奥运promised an all-out effort to stage a successful Games

  拒绝代表中国参加即将举行的亚运会his refusal to represent China at the upcoming Asian Games

  泳帽swimming cap


  花式溜冰figure skating

  表示有意申办2006年亚运expressed interest in hosting the 2006 Asian Games

  金牌希望gold medal hopes

  金牌榜the gold medal table


  保龄球场a bowling alley

  促进体育发展promote sports development


  宣布全面退出相扑界declared that he was quitting the sumo world entirely

  洲际国家杯Confederations Cup

  为中国夺得男子田径赛事的首面金牌grabbing China's first men's gold medal on the track

  相扑手sumo wrestler

  相扑巨星sumo superstar

  纪录保持者record holder

  背弃承诺had reneged on their promises

  重拾状态new-found zest

  香港七人榄球赛Hong Kong Rugby Sevens


  Hong Kong have bagged seven medals at the end of the first week of competition.

  香港单车联会Hong Kong Cycling Association

  香港伤残人士体育协会Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Disabled

  香港体育协会暨奥林匹克委员会主席霍震霆Timothy Fok Tsun-ting, president of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong

  香港体育学院Hong Kong Sports Institute

  留在相扑界to remain in sumo

  真正向锦标挑战make a real challenge for the championship

  训练方法training methods


  The racecourse can hold more than 70,000 spectators.


  做主办国played host

  做出胜利手势held up two fingers in victory

  国技national sport

  国际奥委会International Olympic Committee

  基本步法basic foot movements

  得到十三票was backed by 13 countries

  得到很多宝贵经验obtained a lot of precious experience

  得到宝贵经验had drawn valuable experience


  The priority at the moment was to find an infusion of new athletes to sustain the high level of performance.

  终身停赛was banned for life/were suspended for life

  被逐出国家队has been kicked off the national team


  最有名的运动员most celebrated athlete

  最有希望在雅典奥运田径赛事中获奖牌的日本选手one of Japan's best hopes for track-and-field glory at Athens

  单车径bicycle lane


  曾多次警告田亮had given Tian repeated warnings

  曾精于日本相扑had previously excelled at Japanese sumo


  Hong Kong will bid for the 2006 Asian Games, the Government announced last night.

  游三十个直池swam thirty lengths at the pool

  游早泳taking a morning swim

  游泳运动管理中心The National Swimming Administrative Centre

  游直池do lengths

  渡海泳the cross-harbour swim

  登上珠穆朗玛峰reached the summit of Mount Everest


  跑马拉松run marathons

  跑道的缓冲区pit lane exit

  伤残奥运会Paralympic Games

  伤残运动员disabled athletes

  奥运金牌得主Olympic gold medallists

  奥运会Olympic Games

  奥运概念股Olympics-related stocks

  奥运圣火Olympic flame

  奥运选手村the Olympic Village

  感受奥运精神feel the Olympic spirit

  暖水泳池heated swimming pool

  会分开在不同地点受训will be split up to train at different venues


  滑浪风帆金牌得主windsurfing gold medallist


  禁药a prohibited drug/banned substances

  经一番考虑决定了take the plunge

  经过九年的努力after nine years of trying

  跳水王子田亮prince of diving, Tian Liang

  跳水池diving pool

  跳水皇后dive queen

  过滤系统filtration system

  鼓吹安全意识promote safety awareness

  嘉芙Steffi Graf

  夺得2008年奥运主办权win the right to host the 2008 Games

  夺得十一项冠军had captured 11 championships

  夺得主办权win the hosting of the Games

  网球场tennis courts

  需要新血need new blood

  嬉水池leisure pool

  热身运动warm-up exercises

  练习球技practised their ball skills


  选手村the athletes' village

  选出2008年奥运的主办国select the host for the 2008 Games

  随机抽样尿液样本a random urine sample

  头号种子top seed

  举行2008年奥运项目staging Olympic events in 2008

  举行奥运的马术赛事holding the Olympic equestrian events

  鲨鱼装the Fastskin suit

  攀石者/攀石人士rock climber

  赢取六十四年来首面田径奖牌won its first athletics gold in 64 years

  赢得银牌win a silver medal


  不满维拉缺乏争标野心,希望转会was fed up with Villa's lack of ambition and wanted to be transferred

  中国队教练米路天奴域China coach Bora Milutinovic


  He dismissed a suggestion that the defeat has moved him closer to an early exit from Lazio and rejected the view that he is finding it difficult to focus on club duties.

  可根据波士文案例自由身转会will be entitled to a Bosman-style move???


  It was Gullit's arrival that opened the floodgates to dozens of high-profile and highly-skilled foreign imports.


  Leading European clubs would be willing to spend whatever is necessary to lure him away from Old Trafford if there were the slightest hint that United were unwilling to pay the going rate.

  必须跟他们续约,以防他们约满后自由转会had to renew their contracts or risk losing them on a free transfer

  全国最高薪的球员之一one of the best paid players in the country

  再次打破薪酬架构,以留住碧咸break his salary structure for a second time to keep Beckham at the club

  劣绩连场后在周二引咎辞职resigned earlier on Tuesday after a run of poor results

  在季尾离队leave the club at the end of the season

  在波士文条约下转会move under the terms of the Bosman ruling


  Some reports say the clubs are merely haggling over the size of the transfer fee.



  Middlesbrough recorded their first win with new manager Terry Venables, thanks to the winner from Dean Gordan that made it 1-0 against Chelsea.


  Eriksson himself rejected speculation his tenure with the Rome club could be cut short.


  But as a coach his rapport with his players seems very good.


  Leeds had rejected Liverpool's original asking price of 15 million for Fowler.

  否认可能会转会has denied stories of possible moves

  完成利物浦球员卡马拉的转会手续completed the signing of Liverpool striker Titi Camara


  I have a lot of happy memories from my time with Spurs.

  把他挂牌出售put him on the transfer list


  Yesterday Li signed a three-year deal with Everton.

  车路士领队兼球员维埃里Chelsea player-manager Gianluca Vialli


  Not only has Gregory refused James' transfer request, but he also said the player should be grateful for being taken from reserve team football at Liverpool 18 months ago.

  和拉素解约is released from his contract by Lazio

  和费格逊不和be at loggerheads with Ferguson

  和爱华顿尚有一年合约still has one year remaining on his current contract with Everton

  和领队有争执had a dispute with the manager

  周薪二万四千镑,尚有三年合约has three years remaining on his £24,000-a-week contract

  季尾约满is out of contract at the end of the season

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