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2006-08-09 11:34

  Police mounted door-to-door inquiries.

  窃听电话内容tap conversations


  一无所得地逃走fled empty-handed

  三发子弹three rounds of ammunition

  少年罪犯juvenile delinquency



  他永远无法忘掉被捕后的惶恐he will never forget the fear and shock he felt as he was arrested


  They were acting suspiciously

  半自动武器semi-automatic weapons

  外表整洁而时髦的扒手natty pickpockets

  扑某人的头/扑头hit somebody on the head


  未有遇到反抗we did not receive any resistance


  perpetrate (vt); to perpetrate a crime/fraud/massacre/ violence perpetrated against women and children

  犯罪首领crime boss

  用刀指吓洗劫的士司机robbed a taxi driver at knifepoint

  用枪指着某人point their guns to somebody

  用类似手枪物体指吓九名店员threatened nine staff with what appeared to be a pistol

  再次加速逃走made another dash to escape


  向登龙街方向逃走in the direction of Tang Lung Street

  在送往哥连臣角火葬场的棺木中,偷取贵重的陪葬品stealing valuables from coffins bound for Cape Collinson Crematorium

  年轻的危险罪犯vicious young thug

  成功避过数个警方设置的路障managed to avoid a number of police road blocks

  自动步枪automatic rifle

  自制有一发子弹上膛的猎枪a home-made shotgun loaded with a cartridge

  行凶抢劫mugging (n); Mugging is on the increase./There have been several muggings here recently.

  把的士卡在车龙里sandwiched the taxi in a queue

  李育辉Li Yuhui

  没有犯罪纪录、没有案底did not have previous convictions

  没有刑事纪录with no criminal record

  没有同情心的callous; We were shocked at the callous disregard for human life.

  拒捕were resisting arrest

  放下武器lay down their arms/lay down their weapons

  直接瞄准距离point-blank range

  威胁会引爆两个石油气罐threatened to explode the two gas cylinders


  持刀男子knife-wielding men

  持刀抢劫两名女子robbed two women at knifepoint

  持械行劫armed robberies

  持棍棒的暴徒club-weilding thugs

  持枪armed with a handgun

  持枪恐吓某人threaten somebody with a gun

  某人中了三枪three shots were fired at somebody

  洗劫loot (vi)(vt); Shops were looted and burned down.

  突然拔枪whip out a gun


  首次犯罪者first offenders

  乘电单车逃离现场fled the scene on a motorbike

  原籍福建was originally from Fujian province

  挟持数名人质had seized several hostages

  案发时十五岁的林天龙Lam, then aged 15

  格杀令shoot-to-kill orders

  逃去making their escape

  追贼chasing a suspect

  追缉萨达姆和其它前伊拉克领导层track down Saddam Hussein and former Iraqi leaders

  做大案commit some serious crimes



  commandeer a taxi

  推司机下车dragged the driver out

  被警方追捕with police in pursuit

  逍遥法外remain at large

  无犯罪纪录with no previous convictions



  脚部中枪with a gunshot wound to his leg

  叶继欢Yip Kai-foon

  路人bystanders in the street


  枪战a gun battle

  枪击两名警员gunning down two officers

  蒙面人、蒙面贼人、蒙面匪徒masked man

  殴打并企图抢劫十三岁女事主assaulted a 13-year-old girl with intent of rob

  钱箱cash box

  头号通缉犯the most wanted man

  避过(军方的)海空搜索elude their air and sea search

  还火fired back

  职业杀手a hitman

  赃物stolen property

  响动警钟activated alarms

  听到枪声heard the gunshot/heard gunfire



  十三人注射毒针处死13 were executed by lethal injection


  不符合保外就医的资格not eligible for medical bail

  以破纪录五千五百万元现金保释候讯paid a record $55 million in bail


  They held him for more than a year without allowing him access to a lawyer or to his family.

  正以一千万美元保释候审remains free on US $10 million bail



  目前在拘留所服刑is now doing time in a detention centre

  向警方自首surrendered to police

  向警方报到report back to police

  因行为良好提早出狱with time off for good behaviour

  在监狱度过一晚spent the night in jail

  多次被拒保释was repeatedly denied bail


  Ms Lam surrendered herself to the Yuen Long police station at noon.

  她被控从事间谍活动,不准保释was denied bail on espionage-related charges

  有刑事案底have criminal records


  死囚的牢房death row


  Alex Ho Wai-tao has been held by mainland authorities since last week for allegedly visiting a prostitute.

  改邪归正、重新做人go straight


  Mr Lee was released on $5,000 bail and asked to report back to police tomorrow.


  Both men have been released on $1,000 police bail and have to report back to police on April 4.

  到青衣警署自首surrendered himself to Tsing Yi police

  和中国没有疑犯引渡协议lacks an extradition agreement with the mainland

  和家人重聚reunited with his family


  It will cost Lim $7.2 million in bail money to leave Taiwan.

  后来获无条件释放was later released unconditionally

  香港出生的Hong Kong-borned

  准许该对夫妇以五万元补释released the couple on $50,000 bail


  高度设防监狱maximum security prisons

  从国外引渡回国extradition (n)/extraditable (a)/extradite (vt); an extraditable offense/an extradition order/an extradition treaty/extradite sb to sw from sw

  从狱中释放has been freeed from jail


  has executed 16 "serious criminals"

  被内地政府扣留三天was detained by the mainland government for three days


  An application of bail pending appeal was refused.

  被拘留,兼且不得与外界接触was kept incommunicado

  被保释外出was released on bail

  麻埔坪监狱Ma Po Ping Prison


  It did not specify how the others died but a bullet to the back of the head is often the favoured method of execution in China.


  善导会Society for the Rehabilitation of Offenders, HK

  会弃保潜逃离开加拿大would flee Canada if released

  经九个月单独囚禁被释放was released from nine months' solitary confinement

  经过106天的囚禁after 106 days of capacity

  电椅electric chair

  获保释外出等待进一步问话were released on bail pending further inquiries

  获准以一千元保释外出,等候警方进一步调查was released on $1000 bail pending further police investigation

  获准以一万元保释was granted $10000 bail

  获准以五百元保释,须于七月十日返警署报到was granted $500 police bail and told to report back to the police on July 10

  惩教事务职员协会Correctional Services Officers' Association

  签悔过书signing a statement of repentance

  警方未决定会否起诉某人they did not decide whether to prosecute somebody

  警诫后获释had been released after a verbal warning

  羁留所custody centre

  已下令对是次事件展开内部调查have ordered an internal investigation into the incident

  不会影响警队运作和士气would not affect the force's operation or morale

  包庇警员harboured the guilt of the police officers


  We didn't use excessive force.


  We feel surprised and angry at the police for using violence during the operation.

  两度向警方投诉lodged two complaints with the force

  拘捕时使用武力had used force during the arrest

  昨被谴责过分使用武力were yesterday accused of using excessive force

  要求警方对其行动作出解释demanded an explanation from the police for their actions

  伪造纪录,隐瞒殴打事件falsified the records to cover up the assault

  被迫招认was forced to sign confessions

  殴打犯人迫供beat a suspect into making a confession

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