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2006-08-09 19:00


  The Hong Kong racing season could be extended from as early as summer next year.


  Patrick Biancone, the best-known horse trainer to come to Hong Kong, was suspended for 10 months on doping charges yesterday.

  香港短途锦标the Hong Kong Sprint

  特别赛马投注的税率duty on Jockey Club exotic bets


  能够成功竞投世界顶尖马匹can bid successfully for the world's top horses

  退役马匹ex-racehorses/retired horses

  马佳善Basil Marcus

  马季the race season

  马迷racing fans

  马评人/马评家/赛马评述员racing commentator

  马会主席李福深Jockey Club chief steward Alan Li Fook-sum

  马会行政总裁黄至刚Jockey Club chief executive Lawrence Wong Chi-kwong


  A inquiry into the fall held yesterday exonerated the jockeys who rode in the race and said the state of the track played no part.

  马会场外投注站Jockey Club betting centre


  斗蟋蟀的赌客cricket-fighting punters

  将会首度跑二千米will be stepping up to 2,000 meters for the first time

  得到大笔奖金get the payout

  从电话接受赌徒下注took bets from punters mainly by telephone

  排在十一檔 was drawn in barrier 11


  Race 10 will be abandoned.


  透过电话投注via Telebet

  单T/孖T/三TSingle Trio/Double Trio/Triple Trio

  场内孖Ton-course Double Trio

  场外投注站off-course betting centres

  曾胜出二十八场头马had ridden 28 career winners

  曾隶属简炳墀马房had been attached to the stable of Brian Kan Ping-chee

  策骑「汉廷之宝」时堕马came off Happy King

  超级马迷devoted horse-racing lovers

  仅胜靓虾王一个马鼻held Fairy King Crawn by a short-head


  A trip to Dubai at the end of March has long been in Allen's planning for Fairy King Prawn.

  爱尔兰种阉马Irish-bred gelding


  The new racing season was ushered in Sha Tin yesterday with a smaller than expected crowd, a 1.8 per cent drop in turnover and a memorable quartet of winners for South American jockey Robbie Fraud.

  会再度在本土出赛will be racing on home soil again

  董事杯Stewards' Cup


  Electronic Unicorn bounced back from his disappointing fifth in the Hong Kong Mile to finish a lot closer to Fairy King Prawn this time in third, but jockey Steven King was under no illusions about the gulf in class between the pair.

  鼓励顾客减少使用胶袋encouraging customers to use fewer plastic bags

  对于有人呼吁要落实禁止十八岁以下人士购买马票一事作出响应responding to calls for tighter implementation of the ban on ticket sales to under-18s

  网上投注Internet betting


  beat the Tony Cruz-trained Magnifier by a comfortable 1 1/2 lengths, with Electronic Unicorn another half length back in third.

  缔造了她职业生涯中最精彩时刻had recorded the highlight of her career

  赌马式微the demise of racetrack betting


  踏着「鸿运」的后蹄clipped the heels of Big Fortune

  遮打杯Chater Cup

  遭人道毁灭was put down

  靓虾王Fairy King Prawn


  头马纪录winning tally

  头马距离win margin

  头场跑第三finished third in the opening event

  总投注额overall betting turnover

  赛前预测pre-race comments

  赛马日racing day

  赛马日/跑马日race days


  The Jockey Club would offer the government a financial guarantee that tax revenues would, at a minimum, be maintained at $8 billion.


  赢得五百万元奖金would land a $5 million bonus

  (六合彩)特别号码extra number


  There was no first prize winner for the draw for the fifth consecutive time.


  The Mark Six lottery jackpot snowballed to an unprecedented $120 million yesterday as there was no winner of the top prize in Tuesday's draw.


  We expect there will be lots of people going to buy tickets due to the snowballing jackpot.


  There was no first prize winner.

  大联盟发言人黄克廉Alliance convenor Wong Hak-lim


  People who opposed the legislation of soccer gambling should submit ideas to the Government on how to stop illegal betting.

  反对赌波合法化大联盟Great Coalition to Oppose Legalisation of Soccer Betting

  反对赌博和体育活动挂钩/扯上关系betting should not be linked to sports activities

  反赌波合法化大联盟Alliance Against the Legalisation of Soccer Gambling

  可以合法赌波will be able to gamble legally on soccer

  打击日益猖獗的外围投注counter the growth of offshore betting

  打击猖獗的非法赌波combat rampant illegal bookmaking

  未成年赌博underage gambling

  地下庄家underground bookmakers

  助长赌风promote gambling

  每年可为政府带来约三十八亿元博彩税收入could reap the Government an estimated $3.8 billion in annual levies

  沉迷赌博的赌徒/病态赌徒addicted gamblers


  Two men were arrested and $450,000 in betting slips sized.

  忽略社会成本ignoring the social costs

  非法开赌supervising illegal gambling activities

  非法赌波illegal soccer gambling


  The government first floated the need to legalise soccer betting in 2000 amid growing concerns over illegal gambling and soaring budget deficits.


  Illegal soccer gambling was now raking in at least $20 billion a year and threatened to spiral out of control.


  The illegal market is estimated to be worth $20 billion and the Government would raise $3.8 billion at a levy rate of 19 per cent.


  There is also a strong indication the Government favours granting the soccer gambling licence to the Hong Kong Jockey Club.


  On Friday, the Government unveiled a consultation paper seeking public opinion on whether to legalise soccer betting.


  The paper represents the strongest hint yet that the SAR administration sees legalisation as the only option.


  The Government remained neutral about whether to legalise soccer betting.

  病态赌徒pathological gamblers

  动员三千名教徒向政府请愿,反对赌波合法化mobilise 300,000 churchgoers to petition the Government against legalised soccer gambling

  基督教反赌波合法化大联盟the Christian Anti-Soccer Betting Alliance

  推行赌波合法化legalise betting on soccer games

  嗜赌成性/爱豪赌was a devout gambler

  会助长赌风would induce more people to bet/would encourage more people to gamble

  对付猖獗的非法赌博问题tackle rampant illegal betting

  豪赌的人high rollers

  增加博彩税收入boost betting duty revenue


  赌波football gambling

  赌波合法化lifting the ban on soccer betting


  Legal football betting could trigger a "crisis of morals".


  The launch of soccer betting provided an extra $1 billion in betting duty.


  The chances of legislation being approved were slim.

  质疑赌波合法化后的税收不能弥补因此而起的社会问题,很可能会得不偿失questioned if the additional tax benefits would outweigh resulting social problems


  Police Commissioner Tsang Yam-pui said he hoped illegal football gambling would cool down as a result of the raids.

  让赛马会独家经营赌波grant an exclusive footballing franchise to the Jockey Club


  The Liberal Party believed a gaming facility would create up to 1,000 job opportunities.

  非法赌博活动illegal gaming activities

  麻雀馆mahjong parlours

  赌桌gaming tables

  赌船a gambling cruise ship/gambling boats


  (NBA)一年一度的选秀会the annual draft

  (香港乒乓球好手)桑亚婵Song Ah-sim

  (香港南拳好手)吴小清Ng Siu-ching

  (香港桌球好手)傅家俊Marco Fu Ka-chun

  (香港单车好手)黄金宝Wong Kam-po

  (香港滑浪风帆好手)李丽珊Lee Lai-shan

  (香港滑浪风帆好手)黄德森Wong Tak-sum

  (华籍网球好手)张德培Michael Chang

  (网球)大满贯奖杯Grand Slam


  I have been proud to be a member of the national diving squad.

  一个多用途、世界级的运动场a multi-purpose, world-class stadium


  Wong Zhizhi, 21, became the first Asian player to be drafted into the NBA when he was picked by the Dallas Mavericks.


  With two days to go, Beijing remains the frontrunner in the race for the 2008 Olympic Games, but supporters say the outcome is still unpredictable.

  三级方程式Formula Three


  Expectations were high for a medal at the Sydney Games.

  不只是为奖牌而战,更是为重拾面子playing not just for medals but for a restoration of face

  不被淘汰出局to stay alive in the competition

  不适合主办奥运isn't fit to play host

  中国跳水队China's diving team


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