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2006-08-09 18:57

  催化转化器catalytic converter

  极度濒危critically endangered

  温室效应greenhouse effect (sing); Greenhouse effect is the gradual warming of the air surrounding the Earth as a result of heat being trapped by pollution. Greenhouse effect causes global warming.

  温室气体greenhouse gases

  温室气体排放量greenhouse gas emissions

  烟雾smog (u); Smog is brown unhealthy air caused by smoke from cars and factories in cities.

  粤港环境保护联络小组Hong Kong-Guangdong Environmental Protection Liaison Group

  解决空气污染问题resolve the air pollution issue

  过去十年空气质素变坏air quality has deteriorated over the past decade


  塱原Long Valley

  寿命longevity (u); the longevity of the rabbit

  对环境无害的environmentally friendly/green (a); green products


  Dr Liao admitted that the region's air quality had deteriorated over the past three years despite stepped up efforts by Hong Kong to cut its air pollutants.

  监察水质monitor water quality

  管制野生动物买卖regulates trade in wildlife

  绿化工作greening work

  绿色力量执行总干事文志森Man Chi-sum, chief executive officer of Green Power


  绿色消费green consumption

  绿色营销green marketing

  绿肺green lung

  绿带green belt

  酸雨acid rain (u); Acid rain is rain that contains harmful acid which can damage the environment and is caused by smoke from factories.

  铜锣湾路边监察站Causeway Bay roadside station

  喷雾剂aerosol sprays

  废气exhaust gas/exhaust fumes

  废纸回收商waste paper recyclers

  废纸回收业paper recycling industry

  影响水流affect water currents

  影响居民的生活质素lead to a deterioration in the quality of life for residents

  影响附近居民的健康pose a health risk to nearby residents

  养熊业bear farming

  学校废纸回收计划School Waste Paper Recycling Scheme

  担心扩阔路面工程会破坏郊野公园环境raised concerns about the adverse impact on the country park during the road widening


  浓烟多的汽车smoky vehicles

  静电除尘器electrostatic precipitators


  环保月饼盒environmentally friendly mooncake boxes

  环保用料environmentally friendly material


  Environmental protection is a kind of living attitude. As long as you treat it as a habit, like brushing your teeth, then it'll become a part of your life.

  环保政策不佳的公司/漠视环保的公司companies with bad environmental policies

  环保措施anti-pollution measures

  环保产品green product

  环保产业environmental protection industry

  环保团体environmental groups/green groups

  环保购物袋environmentally friendly shopping bags

  环境污染物environmental contaminants


  环境影响评估条例Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance

  联合国儿童基金United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

  避免使用用完即弃物品avoid one-time usables

  狝猴macaque monkey

  濒临绝种的生物an endangered species

  濒临绝种的动物animal species on the blink of extinction

  濒临绝种动物国际贸易会议the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)

  签署《清新空气约章》,承诺采取行动减少废气排放sign a clean-air charter pledging to take action to reduce emissions

  严格管制海马的国际贸易put strict regulations on any international trade in sea horses

  筹款箱donation boxes

  瘫痪堆填区overload the landfills

  在正常家庭长大grew up in a normal family

  有问题的家庭problem families

  家庭问题family problems

  做家务do domestic chores

  得不到家人和社会尊重don't get respect from their family and society

  (上海)新天地娱乐区the Xintiandi entertainment district


  (酒店)入住率occupancy rates

  入场人数the attendance figures

  力诱迪士尼公司于香港兴建主题公园lured Disney to the SAR


  Visitor arrivals dropped by one-third between mid-March and mid-April.


  About 70 per cent of individual mainland travellers, mostly from the Pearl River Delta, came to Hong Kong for holidays, and the rest to visit relatives.


  More than 1.5 million people had applied to visit Hong Kong as individual tourists.

  不过夜的旅客same-day visitors

  中国国家旅游局China National Tourism Association

  五一黄金周the May Day holidays

  五星级酒店five-star hotels


  Mainlanders now make up more than half of all visitors to the territory.

  内地自由行旅客solo mainland travellers

  内地旅行社mainland travel agencies

  内地景点scenic spots on the mainland

  公布乐园的入场人次release the park attendance figures

  文化和娱乐设施、文娱设施cultural and entertainment facilities

  文化设施cultural facilities

  水上公园water parks

  水都wet city

  主办平价的旅行团supply cut-price packages

  主题公园/主题乐园theme park

  以傣族的鲜艳服装和古雅村落为赚钱的旅游卖点prizes the bright costumes and quaint villages of the Dai as a lucrative tourism draw

  他们留港时间their length of stay

  去看一场魔术表演go see a magic show

  古物古迹办事处馆长邹兴华Curator with the Antiquities and Monuments Office Chau Hing-wah

  四星级酒店four-star hotel

  外地旅客international tourists

  外地游客foreign tourists

  外访旅行团outbound package tour


  本地旅客domestic tourists



  向世人展现最美好的一面present its best and nicest face to the world

  在某处舞狮a dragon weaves along somewhere


  She said it was surprising that there had been a "V-shaped" rebound after the Sars outbreak, because the industry did not expect such a rapid recovery.

  年宵花市Lunar New Year flower market

  成为能和迪士尼乐园相提并论的景点that has emerged as an attraction on par with Disneyland

  竹篙湾Penny's Bay


  About 2.6 million mainlanders have travelled individually to Hong Kong since the solo travel scheme was implemented a year ago.

  自由行visiting Hong Kong for sightseeing in individual capacity/individual visits

  自由行内地旅客individual mainland visitors

  自由行旅客solo tourists

  行政工作administration tasks


  快将开幕的迪士尼乐园soon-to-open Disneyland

  每晚有北韩歌舞表演offers nightly performances of North Korean songs and dances

  沉浸于basking in

  亚洲的旅游业淡季the off-peak season for Asian tourism

  亚洲旅游中心tourist hub of Asia

  亚洲最受旅客欢迎的城市Asia's number one tourist destination

  依然是最大卖点is still the main drawcard

  供应上等傣族佳肴serves up top-notch Dai food


  取消封山行动call off their planned blockade of the Big Buddha

  和迪士尼人物一起成长grew up with Disney characters

  夜景nighttime view

  承办来港旅行团organising package tours to Hong Kong

  武术表演martial arts demonstration

  玩朴克牌playing cards


  表演及展览场地performing and exhibition venues

  长途旅行long-haul travel

  青少年暑期活动计划Summer Youth Programme

  促进旅游业发展bolstering the development of the tourism sector



  度假村/度假屋/度假别墅resort/holiday bungalows

  度假胜地holiday paradise

  是香港市民集体记忆的一部分were a part of the city's collective memory


  Mr Hong said they had visited Hong Kong several times since the individual traveller policy was implemented last July.

  为香港带来好运bring good fortune to Hong Kong

  美国迪士尼总公司the Walt Disney Company

  计划改建为旅游区an area targeted for redevelopment as a tourist site

  迪士尼代言人张学友Disney pitchman Jacky Cheung

  迪士尼卡通人物Disney characters

  迪士尼效应the Disney effect

  迪士尼乐园幕礼the opening ceremony of Disneyland

  重建大澳成为旅游区计划近月引起争论has been at the controversy in recent months over plans to develop it into a tourist centre

  重开公众泳池reopen public swimming pools

  风摩数以百万计儿童captured the hearts of millions of children

  香港花卉展览Hong Kong Flower Show

  香港青年旅社协会Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association

  香港拯溺总会Hong Kong Life Saving Society

  香港旅行社协会Association of Travel Agents, HK

  香港旅游协会Tourist Association, HK

  香港旅游零售业协会Association of Retailers and Tourism Services

  香港酒店业主联会The Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners

  香港酒店业协会Hong Kong Hotels Association

  香港酒店业协会执行总干事吕尚怀James Lu, executive director of the Hong Kong Hotels Association

  香港国际龙舟邀请赛Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival - International Races

  香港规划及基建展览馆The Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery

  射击场rifle ranges

  展示古时清酒酿造方法showcase ancient sakemaking methods

  旅行代理商注册处the Travel Agents Registry

  旅行社travel agents

  旅行团tour group/travel group

  旅客人数visitor arrivals


  Tourists can come to Hong Kong without signing on to a package tour.

  旅游巴tour bus

  旅游名胜popular tourist spot/attractions

  旅游宣传刊物visitor literature

  旅游设施visitor facilities

  旅游景点tourist attractions/tourist spots

  旅游发展基金Tourism Development Fund

  旅游业赔偿基金the Travel Industry Compensation Fund

  旅游业议会主席侯叔祺Travel Industry Council chairman Simon Hau Suk-kei

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