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2006-08-09 11:37

  贩毒(追讨得益)条例Drug Trafficking (Recovery of Proceeds) Ordinance


  喜灵洲戒毒所Hei Ling Chau Addition Treatment Centre

  凑钱买一剂海洛英共同享用,并共享一支沾血的针头pooling their coins to share a hit of heroin and a single, bloody needle



  禁毒基金会Beat Drugs Fund Association

  禁毒常务委员会Action Committee Against Narcotics


  The drug was not intended for the Hong Kong market.



  滥用药物的青年人young drug abusers


  药物教育资源中心Drug Education Resource Centre

  药剂及毒药条例Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance


  tapped in the numbers 123456


  不能兑现的支票dud cheques

  中等身材has a medium build

  可能会误堕法网were at risk of committing an offence

  失车missing vehicles/stolen vehicles

  失车个案cases of missing motor vehicles

  在该男子身上搜出were found on the man

  防止虐待儿童会总干事雷张慎佳The director of Against Child Abuse, Priscilla Lui Tsang Sun-kai

  协助及教唆他人犯罪aiding and abetting the offence

  长期受到父母和祖父的身心虐待endured physical and psychological abuse from his parents and grandfather

  阻街cause an obstruction in a public place

  非法摆卖hawk without a licence

  冒警posed as a police officer

  持有不是自己的身份证possessing another person's ID card


  The number recorded might not be enormous but the rate of increase is worth our concern.

  逃税tax evasion

  偷看单位内的情况peeping into a flat

  问候他的家人inquired after the well-being of his family

  从事主户口偷取126,900元siphon a total of $126,900 from his victim's account

  顶撞他们恃强凌弱的行为stood up to their bullying

  搞事/制造事端caused disorder

  当…虐童案遭揭发The alleged abuse came to light when……

  经营无牌宾馆operating unlicensed guesthouses

  电话骚扰making nuisance calls

  电话窃听telephone tapping

  (法例等)需要重新审订needs an overhaul


  (前)大律师公会主席汤家骅Bar Association chairman Ronny Tong SC

  (违反该条法例的)最高判罚为入狱三年carries a maximum sentence of three year's imprisonment

  《虎报》笃数案the Hong Kong Standard circulation fraud case

  《个人资料(私隐)条例》the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance


  "No win, no fee"


  Members accepted that the court was wrong in not seeking an interpretation from the NPC before its final ruling.

  人身保护令、出庭令habeas corpus

  已严重损害对香港法治的信心have caused considerable damage to Hong Kong's confidence in the rule of law

  不能干涉内地法律制度can't interfere in the mainland's legal system

  不想释法don't want a legal interpretation

  不拥载三权分立的概念does not believe in the separation of powers into three branches

  内地法律专家mainland legal experts

  内地专家的法律意见legal opinions expressed by mainland experts

  反对人大释法opposed to Beijing's decision to interpret the Basic Law


  令人忧虑再有释法has raised fears that another interpretation of the Basic Law is in the offing

  加强法治strengthening the "rule of law"

  可免受罚would be spared punishment

  可能会考虑再次释法may consider another interpretation

  可被判监一年would be liable to imprisonment for a year

  司法制度the judicial system

  司法管豁权jurisdiction in criminal matters

  必须遵守本地法律have to comply with local laws

  未能维护司法独立failed to safeguard judicial independence

  正在寻找法律意见was seeking a legal opinion


  Democratic Party chairman Lee Wing-tat called the interpretation deeply regrettable, and feared there would be more interpretations.

  申请法律援助apply for legal aid

  白纸草案white bill

  刑事检控专员江乐士Director of Public Prosecutions Grenville Cross


  As legal proceedings were under way it would be inappropriate to comment.

  在1974年列为法定语文was made an official language in 1974

  在释法时in an interpretation of the territory's constitution

  有一年宽限期have a year's grace

  有违法治精神infringed the spirit of the rule of law

  判决前寻求人大常委会释法seek an interpretation from the Standing Committee before making a judgment


  We will never permit the rule of law to be compromised.

  扭曲基本法以迁就政治目的twisting the Basic Law for political expediency

  没有法律约束力are not legally binding

  没有法律效力的历史文件a historical document with no legal standing


  That will lead to a crisis.


  It suggests that there is a determination to enforce the law.

  防止中国当局夺取香港司法部门对香港案件的司法管豁权prohibits the Chinese authorities from usurping the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong judiciary in Hong Kong cases

  并不容许某事there is no provision for something


  A two-year term was consistent with the Basic Law's legislative intent.

  具域外法律效力has an extra-territorial effect

  制定一条法律enact a law

  和82名法律界代表会面met 82 legal-sector representatives

  奉公守法的市民law-abiding citizens

  放弃香港的普通法原则surrender Hong Kong's common law principles


  But when the legislation came into force in 2003, it was clear that enforcement would be a big problem.


  法治精神the spirit of the rule of law

  法律改革委员会Law Reform Commission

  法律制度legal system

  法律专家legal experts

  法律专业特权legal professional privilege

  法律费用legal fees


  The court is bowing to pressure from Beijing.


  阻吓作用the deterrent effect


  青少年罪犯评估项目小组Young Offender Assessment Panel

  保证法律面前人人平等ensuring that all are equal before the law

  律师行law firm

  按条件收费conditional fees


  Drivers caught using mobile phones can be fined up to $2000 under a law to take effort in April.

  是次判决立了坏先例the conviction would set a bad precedent


  The case cuts to the heart of current debate on freedom and market economies.

  美国司法部US Justice Department

  美国司法部长雷诺Attorney General Janet Reno

  美国联邦法官US federal judge


  Prospects for judicial independence under Hu do not look good.


  But I cannot see how the new chief executive could serve a two-year term without a fresh interpretation of the Basic Law.


  If Beijing opts for an interpretation, it would be the third interpretation of the Basic Law since the handover.

  要求法院判决前向人大寻求释法argues that the case needs to go to the National People's Congress before the Hong Kong court rules on the matter

  迫使他们要在法庭上自辩forced them to represent themselves in court

  首席法官李国能Chief Justice Andrew Li Kwok-nang

  香港人权法案条例the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance


  The government does not legally recognise same-sex marriages.

  书面援权证明written authority


  The Government will ask the Court of Final Appeal to clarify its controversial ruling on the right of abode in a move aimed at ending the constitutional crisis.

  破坏一国两制及司法独立had damaged judicial independence and the SAR's autonomy

  破坏司法独立和法治destroying judicial independence and the rule of law

  侧重物业转让工作are preoccupied with conveyancing

  偷录被告与律师的对话taped a conversation between one of the accused and his solicitor

  国家统一法national unification law

  国际刑事法庭The International Criminal Court

  国籍法Nationality Law

  基本法的立法原意the legislative intent of the Basic Law


  The legislative intent of the Basic Law was clear and there was no need for an interpretation.

  堵塞税务的法律漏洞closing tax-law loopholes


  There are still some unforeseen operational difficulties.

  采取法律行动take legal action


  More Hong Kong people now accept that interpretations from Beijing will be delivered from time to time.

  习惯法customary law


  It would be another bad case of politics being put above the law.


  This will be the third interpretation of the Basic Law by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.


  It put the integrity of the Judiciary in jeopardy.

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