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2006-08-09 19:01

  拒绝续约热刺resisted every offer of a new contract from Spurs

  于上月上任was put in charge last month

  花费七千八百万镑罗致球员spending £78 million on players

  表示有兴趣罗致他expressed an interest in him

  表示希望季尾加盟巴塞隆拿expressed a wish to sign for Barcelona at the end of the season


  Aston Villa's goalkeeper David James had made a dramatic U-turn by stating that he does not want to leave the club.


  Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants Holland international Dennis Bergkamp to sign a new two-year contract by Christmas.


  The fee breaks the British transfer record, set when Newcastle paid Blackburn Rovers £15 billion for Alan Shearer in 1996.

  某人被乙队外借到甲队somebody is on loan to (A Team) from (B Team)


  Fowler's imminent arrival at Elland Road is likely to cast a cloud over the furture of Leeds' temperamental striker Alan Smith.

  要求转会ask for a transfer


  West Ham travel to Leicester with new signing Titi Camara in their squad.

  刚在六个月前和曼联续约五年had signed a new five-year deal with United only six months ago

  射入两球证明自己身价proved his worth with both goals

  曼联领队费格逊Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson



  Campbell, now injured, is keen to win trophies and had publicly questioned Tottenham's ambitions because they have not won anything since the League Cup two years ago and are seen as a mid-table club.

  荷兰籍教练轩迪克Dutch-born coach Guus Hiddink





  Superstriker Ruud van Nistelrooy is joining Manchester United in a £19 million mega-deal.

  开展他为期五年的英格兰国家队领队工作begin a five-year contract in charge of England

  倾个人条件discuss personal terms

  嫌爱华顿开价太高unwilling to meet Everton's valuation

  想证明自己实力want to prove myself


  Everton will repay the developer in instalments.

  新签入的巴西球员伊度new Brazilian signing Edu

  会提早离任拉素教练would be eased out of the exit door at the Olympic Stadium ahead of schedule

  会履行和拉素的合约至七月一日would fulfil his obligations to the Italian champions until July 1

  会履行余下合约至二零零一年would see out his contract until 2001

  准备付出以效力欧洲顶级球会的球员的薪金水平留住该名球星is prepared to match the wage level of Europe's big clubs to hang on to his star player

  跟列斯续约五年signed a new five-year contract with Leeds United

  对该名守门员大表不满has expressed great dissatisfaction with the goalkeeper???

  尽力挽留班比made every attempt to retain the player's services


  Beckham has resolved his differences with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.


  David Beckham's career at Old Trafford hung in the balance.

  与他所属球会PSV就转会费达成协议agreed the fee with his club PSV Eindhoven

  暂代领队caretaker manager

  热刺最高身价球员列布夫Tottenham's record signing Sergei Rebrov

  担任英格兰教练take up the post as England coach

  办妥正式转会手续completing the formalities for the transfer

  获分配九号球衣has been given the number nine shirt


  The end of the transfer window was just three weeks away.

  转会传闻transfer rumours

  怀疑他有离心doubting his loyalty to the club


  力争曼联正选席位fight for his first-team place at Old Trafford

  大受打击suffered a blow

  小腿受伤a calf injury

  已经复操is back in training

  不少好球员可供其调配has got some good players at his disposal

  不在正选之列dropped from the first team

  不受重用的射手out-of-favour striker

  不断受伤患和纪律问题困扰has been plagued by fitness and disciplinary problems

  中场发电机midfield driving force

  五十四分钟入替奥云a 54th-minute replacement for Owen


  We had three players suspended for today's game.

  比赛末段以后备身分入替came on as a substitute late in the game


  He was nine days completely without training.

  代替某人fill in for somebody

  只曾出场六次made just six appearances

  外援foreign players

  未能在列斯联取得一席正选席位failed to hold down a first-team place at Elland Road

  未能摆脱伤患failed to shake off an Achilles injury

  正选席位同样竞争很大competition for places is also high


  We're having to force youngsters in because of our injuries.

  全能中场complete midfielder

  在半场时作出八个调动made eight changes at half-time

  在赛前已有五名正选因伤不能上阵had already lost five of his original squad through injury prior to the game

  安排我打右后卫play me on the right side of their defence

  有八名正选未能上阵is missing eight first-team players


  Taylor was breathing a sign of relief that midfielder Muzzy Izzet's neck injury is not as serious as first feared after he was stretchered off following a collision with Lee Dixon.


  With Thierry Henry as the first choice striker up front, Bergkamp will be competing with Kanu and Sylvain Wiltord for the second striker position if he stays.


  Huckerby has started just 14 games and made 42 appearances as substitute for Leeds, scoring six goals, and his exit was speeded up by the arrival of Robbie Keane on loan from Internazionale before Christmas.

  利用高尔的速度use the quickness of Cole

  利物浦为赢波,大踢防守足球Liverpool have adopted a negative style of play to win matches

  坐完波监is available again after suspension


  I don't want to play with a reserve team.


  I decided not to play him.


  I know I shall need a few games to go back into Premiership rhythm.

  把舒利亚列为后备left Shearer on the bench

  把举足轻重的韦拉先列作后备being with the influential Vieira on the bench


  He was not even on the subs' bench for Villa's FA Cup fourth round tie with Leicester City two weeks ago.

  受伤患问题严重困扰had been badly hit by injuries


  Lucas Radebe, in his first match since December 22, started for Leeds alongside fellow centre-half Dominic Matteo in midfield.

  放弃备受争议的轮流上阵策略ditch the controversial rotation system

  初次上阵即告伤出was injured on his debut

  近年饱受伤患困扰had been plagued by injuries in recent years

  长期列他作后备continued to leave him on the substitutes' bench


  Alan Smith starts training on Monday.


  某人有背伤,未知能否上阵somebody is doubtful with a back problem


  There has been criticism this season from Bergkamp for not being an automatic choice in the side.

  为利物浦上阵三十七次,入十球made 37 appearances for Liverpool and scored 10 goals


  El-Hadji Diouf is also missing on African Nations Cup duty with Senegal.


  Greening's ability to play in a forward role had opened up new options.

  缺乏左路球员had a shortage of left-sided players

  将在对富咸一仗停赛is suspended for the game against Fulham

  接受身体检查have a medical

  现正受伤is currently injured


  Bergkamp's infamous fear of flying has made his away appearances in European extremely rare.

  被列作后备was left on the bench

  被罚停赛四场received a four-game ban

  被罚停赛两场was given a two-game ban


  The news has further aggravated manager Arsene Wenger's defensive problems.

  复出make a comeback

  无名英雄unsung heroes

  发现自己不受重用found himself well down the pecking order

  发现自己不受领队候利亚重用found himself out of favour with Anfield boss Gerard Houllier


  Shearer came on later but could not prevent a 2-1 defeat.


  Ferguson brought on Cole in place of Teddy Sheringham at the break.

  开赛后十九分钟入替受伤的夏格维斯coming on as a 19th-minute substitute for the injured Owen Hargreaves

  脚踝受伤而要蹒跚离场limped off with an ankle injury

  预期要养伤三至四周had been expected to be sidelined for three or four weeks

  腿筋受伤suffering from hamstring trouble???


  Jose Mourinho rested five of his regular starters.

  变阵the change in formation

  包围球证besieged the referee

  向艾比报复conducting a personal vendetta against Alpay

  在球门白界上手球handled on the goalline

  在球赛中发生happen on a playing field

  似乎对碧咸动粗appeared to strike out at the new England skipper

  步离球场walks from the field

  没有报复refused to retaliate

  走甩一张红牌escaped a red card

  两度把皮球掷向皮利斯面部twice threw the ball in the face of Robert Pires

  受到挑衅时表现成熟showing maturity in the face of provocation


  明显越位was clearly offside

  很少吹罚seldom blow their whistles

  某人的入球被判无效somebody's goal was disallowed


  留在场中作赛stayed on the pitch

  破坏足球比赛ruining football


  It's bias towards the home team.


  City manager Joe Royle could barely contain his anger at the official's performance.

  败给南韩后怪罪球证blamed the referees for their losses to South Korea

  球不在时发生的事件an off-the ball incident

  粗野地推撞某人manhandle somebody

  脱下球衣,步离球场ripped his shirt off and marched off the pitch

  被史必勾跌was brought down by Gary Speed

  被罚出场see red

  提早入更衣室taking an early shower

  极度混乱的场面scenes of total mayhem

  预期球证会出示红牌expected a red card to be brandished by referee

  对球证权威作出严厉批评launched a scathing attack on referees' supremo


  Slow-motion images revealed he barely touched Beckham.


  Benko sparked bedlam by ruling that defender Abel Xavier had deliberately handled a shot from French substitute Sylvain Wiltord.

  领第二面黄牌离场was sent off for his second yellow card

  质疑球证判决query the decision

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