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  1. The committee comprises(D)five persons.

  A) absorbs 吸引

  B) concerns 涉及,关注

  C) excludes 排除

  D) involves

  volve 转

  involve v.(1)卷入



  2. We derive(B)knowledge知识 mainly from books

  A) deprive 剥削

  B) obtain 获取

  C) descend 下降

  D) trace 追踪

  descend v. 下降、降落外语教育网版权所有www.for68.com

  ascend v. 上升

  deprive v.

  The rich are depriving the poor in China.

  3. The chairman proposed(C) that we should stop the meeting.

  pose 姿式


  propose v.提建议,提案

  n. proposal 提案

  v. 求婚

  A) stated 说明,陈述

  B) declared 宣称

  C) suggested

  D) announced

  PS→Personal Statement(陈述)

  noun n. 名字

  announce v. 声明,声称

  4. The local government decided to merge(B)the two firms into a big one.

  A) motivate

  B) combine 结合,合并

  C) compact 压缩

  D) nominate命名,提名

  motor n. 摩托车


  motivate→ v. 鼓励,鼓动

  motive n. 动机,目的

  purpose, reason


  5. He emphasized(强调) a feasible(可行的)(B)plan which can be accepted by the both sides.

  A) favorable 有利的

  B) possible 可能的

  C) formal 正式的

  D) genuine 真的

  6. When does the next train depart(C)?

  A) pull up 停下

  B) pull down 拉倒

  C) pull out

  D) pull in 把……推进来

  pull off 脱(帽等)

  pull out 拔出,抽出, 出发=extract=take out

  pull through 使渡过(危险等)=get over

  pull up (使)停下=stop


  12. At the policeman's signal, the vehicle pulled up.外语教育网版权所有www.for68.com

  A. stopped

  B. slowed down 慢下来

  C. sped up 加速

  D. turned up 出现

  7. Because administering(D)the whole company, he sometimes has to work around the clock.

  A) adjusting 调整

  B) evaluating 评估

  C) engaging 订婚

  D) managing

  8. The town is notable(D)for its beautiful scenery in winter.

  A) similar 相似的

  B) prompt 迅速的

  C) profound 深刻的

  D) famous


  note 笔记

  notable 可圈可点(褒义)

  be notable for sth.=be famous for


  11. It was a question of making sure that certain needs were addressed, notably(C) in the pensions area.

  A. noticeably 显著地

  B. remarkably 引人注目地

  C. particularly

  D. significantly 意味深长地

  9. He is assigned(分配) to oversee(A)the production of the assembly lines.

  A) supervise

  B) watch看

  C) suspect怀疑

  D) predict预言







  dictionary 字典

  pre- 表“……之前”

  predict 预言


  10.Soldiers(士兵) have to obey (D)orders(命令).外语教育网版权所有www.for68.com

  A) reply to回复

  B) apply for申请

  C) abide with

  D) comply with

  abide by 服从

  obey≈comply with≈abide by


  14. We have got to abide by the rules.

  A. stick to

  B. persist in

  C. safeguard 保卫

  D. apply 申请,应用

  Obey= abide by =comply with  adhere to

  ≈stick to

  ≈adhere to


  13. Not all members abided by the principle they had agreed on previously.

  A. adhere to

  B. abandoned 放弃,抛弃

  C. applied

  D. adopted 采取,收养

  rule 规则

  principle 原则

  He's applying for a school.

  We have to apply our knowledge to practice. 我们应该把知识和实践结合起来。


  11. The advertising company was surprised by the adverse(D) public reaction(反应) to the poster(海报).

  A) delayed 延迟

  B) quick 迅速的

  C) positive 积极的

  D) unfavorable 不利的外语教育网版权所有www.for68.com

  verse 走,动向



  re-act 反响(reaction)

  favor n. 优待,照顾

  do sb. a favor 帮助某人

  favorable adj. 倾向于某人的(好的)

  unfavorable adj. 不好的,有偏颇的


  12. It is said that the house along the street will soon be demolished(A).

  A) pulled down

  B) rebuilt 重修

  C) renovated 重新布置

  D) whitewashed 涂白


  13. In his two-hour-long lecture he made an exhaustive(A)analysis of the issue.

  A) extremely thorough 非常的彻底

  B) long and strong 强有力的

  C) crazy 疯狂的分析

  D) unconvincing 不足以使人确信的

  exhaust v. 耗尽,用尽

  We've exhausted the oil.

  She looked exhausted(精疲力竭).

  exhaustive adj. 彻底的


  14. These are our motives(A)for doing it.

  A) reasons

  B) arguments 论据

  C) targets 目标

  D) stimulus 刺激物

  motive= purpose=reason=goal=aim

  参考:教材P36 10.

  15. The drinking water is contaminated(B) with impurities.

  A. blackened 使变黑

  B. polluted 污染

  C. darkened 使变暗

  D. mixed 混淆

  参考:教材P35 10.


  impurity 污染物



  2.特征词,能助力(连词, 副词, 形容词)





  第一部分 词汇选项



  1. So far no one has been able to account for the cause of the accident.


  C)describe D)investigate

  2. All those present noticed the minute change in his look.

  A)big B)timely

  C)dramatic D)slight

  3. The war was over, but the whole country was in a state of disorder.

  A)confusion B)disagreement

  C)disappearance D)disaster

  4. The young man was accused of theft in the supermarket.

  A)arrested for B)charged with

  C)paraised for D)described as

  5. The cause of the fire is being investigated.

  A)looked after B)looked through

  C)looked forward to D)looked into

  6. Numerous attempts have been made to hide the truth.

  A)Many B)Successful

  C)Effective D)Unsuccessful

  7. It is obvious that there is difference in the way they view the matter.

  A)natural B)certain

  C)inevitable D)clear

  8. It is odd that so little is known about the talented painter.

  A)surprising B)unreasonable

  C)strange D)unbelievable

  9. Everyone in the class participated in the farewell party.

  A)contributed to B)took pleasure in

  C)took part in D)enjoyed

  10. Since ancient times people have found various ways to preserve meat.

  A)carve B)cook

  C)freeze D)keep

  11. To understand what we are going to talk about today, you have to rely on what you have read previously.

  A)beforehand B)carefully

  C)before D)in advance

  12. At the policeman's signal, the vehicle pulled up.

  A)stopped B)slowed down

  C)sped up D)turned up

  13. Not everyone can perceive the gradual change in the writer's style.

  A)appreciate B)notice

  C)describe D)discover

  14. It was said that after his father's death, he possessed nearly half of his father's wealth.

  A)wasted B)owned

  C)purchased D)sold

  15. They all agreed that the changes that have taken place are substantial.

  A)significant B)superficial

  C)inadequate D)inevitable


  1. America's emphasis on the importance of education for everyone has spurred scientific research.

  A)encouraged B)endangered

  C)endorsed D)enlarged

  2. Photojournalist Margaret White became famous for her coverage of significant events during the Second World War.

  A)baggage B)orphange

  C)reportage D)usage

  3. Below 600 feet ocean waters range from dimly lit to completely dark.

  A)inadequately B)hardly

  C)faintly D)sufficiently

  4. “I'm not meddling”. Mary said midly. “I'm just curious”.

  A)gently B)shyly

  C)weakly D)sweetly

  5. In 1861 it seemed inevitable that the Southern states would break away from the Union.

  A)strange B)certain

  C)inconsistent D)proper

  6. Many of novelist Carson McCullers' characters are isolated, disappointed people.

  A)solitary B)gollmy

  C)feeble D)frugal

  7. The workers finally called off the strike.

  A)put off B)ended

  C)cancelled D)participated in

  8. John has made up his mind not to go to the meeting.

  A)wanted B)promised

  C)decided D)agreed

  9. I catch cold now and then.

  A)always B)occasionally

  C)constantly D)regularly

  10. He often finds fault with my work.

  A)criticizes B)prasises

  C)evaluates D)talks about

  11. The little girl grasped her mother's arm as she crossed the street.

  A)understood B)had a hold over

  C)took hold of D)left hold of

  12. In judging our work you should take into consideration the fact that we have been very busy recently.

  A)thought B)mind

  C)account D)memory

  13. I can no longer tolerate his actions.

  A)put up with B)accept

  C)take D)suffer from

  14. The doctors have abandoned the hope to rescue the old man.

  A)left B)given up

  C)turned down D)refused

  15. Have you talked to her lately?

  A)lastly B)shortly

  C)recently D)immediately


  1. Even in a highly modernized country, manual work is still needed.

  A)expressive B)physical

  C)exaggerated D)dubious

  2. Techniques to harness the energy of the sun are being developed.

  A)convert B)store

  C)utilise D)receive

  3. Many residents of apartment complexes object to noisy neighbors.

  A)managers B)occupants

  C)landlords D)caretakers

  4. The steadily rising cost of labor on the waterfront has greatly increased the cost of shipping cargo by water.

  A)continuously B)quickly

  C)excessively D)exceptionally

  5. Hundreds of years ago cloves were used to remedy headaches.

  A)disrupt B)diagnose

  C)evaporate D)cure

  6. John Hanson helped draft instructions for Maryland's delegates to the Stamp Act Congress.

  A)clarify B)formulate

  C)revise D)contribute

  7. Practically all species of animals communicate either through sounds or through a large repertory of soundless codes.

  A)Simultaneously B)Almost

  C)Absolutely D)Basically

  8. Sulphur has occasionally been found in the earth in an almost pure state.

  A)regularly B)accidentally

  C)sometimes D)successfully

  9. When doves are about two weeks old, they are covered with grey feathers and are ready to try their wings.

  A)grow B)warp

  C)hide D)test

  10. I rarely wear a raincoat because I spend most of my time in a car.

  A)normally B)seldom

  C)continuously D)usually

  11. When she was invited to the party, she readily accepted.

  A)willingly B)suddenly

  C)firmly D)quickly

  12. The dentist has decided to extract her bad tooth.

  A)take out B)repair

  C)pull D)dig

  13. You must shine your shoes.外语教育网版权所有www.for68.com

  A)lighten B)clean

  C)wash D)polish

  14. The majority of people around here are decent people.

  A)honest B)rich

  C)good-looking D)high-ranking

  15. A deadly disease has affected these animals.

  A)contagious B)serious

  C)fatal D)worrying


  1. Many fine cooks insist on ingredients of the highest quality.

  A)demand B)rely on

  C)prepare for D)create

  2. Since the Great Depression, the United States government has protected farmers from damaging drops in grain prices.

  A)slight B)surprising

  C)sudden D)harmful

  3. Cement was seldom used in building during the Middle Ages.

  A)crudely B)rarely

  C)originally D)symbolically

  4. Nerve signals may travel through nerve or muscle fibers at speeds as high as two hundred miles per hour.

  A)velocities B)impulses

  C)ratios D)atrocities

  5. The poet William Carlos Williams was a New Jersey physician.

  A)doctor B)professor

  C)physicist D)resident

  6. Medicine depends on other fields for basic information, particularly some of their specialized branches.

  A)conventionally B)obviously

  C)especially D)inevitably

  7. We shall take the treasure away to a safe place.

  A)clean B)pretty

  C)distant D)secure

  8. An important part of the national government is the Foreign Service, a branch of the Department of State.

  A)a unity B)a divisio

  C)an embassy D)an invasion

  9. The child's abnormal behavior puzzled the doctor.

  A)bad B)frightening

  C)repeated D)unusual

  10. There is an abundant supply of cheap labor in this country.

  A)a steady B)a plentiful

  C)an extra D)a meager

  11. In order to improve our standard of living, we have to accelerate production.

  A)step up B)decrease

  C)stop D)control

  12. Gas does accumulate in the mines around here.

  A)increase B)spread

  C)collect D)grow

  13. Our plan is to allocate one member of staff to handle appointments.

  A)assign B)persuade

  C)ask D)order

  14. Her behavior is extremely childish.

  A)simple B)immature

  C)beautiful D)foolish

  15. We also want to use the water to irrigate barren desert land.

  A)hairless B)bare

  C)empty D)bald


  1. They have been living under the most appalling conditions for two years.

  A)dreadful B)bad

  C)unpleasant D)poor

  2. I wasn't qualified for the job really but I got it anyhow.

  A)besides B)anyway

  C)well D)anymore

  3. He achieved success through hard work.

  A)reached B)reaped

  C)attained D)took

  4. The standards set four years ago in Seoul will be far below the athletes' capabilities now.

  A)capacities B)strengths

  C)possibilities D)abilities

  5. The army should have operated in conjunction with the fleet to raid the enemy's coast.

  A)together B)in succession

  C)in alliance D)in connection

  6. His claims seem credible to many people.

  A)workable B)convincing

  C)practical D)reliable

  7. Jack is a diligent worker.

  A)ambitious B)lazy

  C)hardworking D)clever

  8. Society is now much more diverse than ever before.

  A)colorful B)attractive

  C)flexible D)varied

  9. Their interpretation was faulty.

  A)wrong B)ambiguous

  C)unclear D)unbelievable

  10. These old buildings are gorgeous.

  A)ridiculous B)lovely

  C)magnificent D)peculiar

  11. Contact your doctor if the cough persists.

  A)insists B)perseveres

  C)continues D)resists

  12. The powers of the European Commission to regulate competition in the Community are increasing.

  A)fight B)abolish

  C)remove D)control

  13. They scattered after dinner.

  A)separated B)fled

  C)departed D)spread

  14. From my standpoint, you know, this thing is just ridiculous.

  A)position B)point of view

  C)knowledge D)opinion

  15. The story was touching.

  A)inspiring B)boring

  C)moving D)frightening


  1. The old concerns lose importance and some of them vanish altogether.

  A)develop B)disappear

  C)linger D)renew

  2. In the United States educational system, intermediate school is the transitional phase between the primary grades and high school.

  A)stage B)notion

  C)pattern D)alternative

  3. Fluoride deters tooth decay by reducing the growth of bacteria that destroy tooth enamel.

  A)facilitates B)overwhelms

  C)inhibits D)loosens

  4. The firm of Bonnin and Morris in Philadelphia was probably the first American company to manufacture porcelain.

  A)silverware B)crystal

  C)china D)linen

  5. Gunpowder was used extensively in firearms prior to 1990.

  A)in B)around

  C)from D)before

  6. We packed up the things I had accumulated over the last three years and left for good.

  A)close B)near

  C)past D)final

  7. The chemical is lethal to rats but safe to cattle.

  A)toxic B)harmful

  C)deadly D)contagious

  8. She is very conscientious about her work.

  A)worried B)careful

  C)anxious D)nervous

  9. She has consolidated her power.

  A)strengthened B)won

  C)hardened D)united

  10. The drinking water is contaminated with impurities.

  A)blackened B)polluted

  C)darkened D)mixed

  11. Her novel depicts a futuristic America.

  A)writes B)sketches

  C)describes D)indicates

  12. He expressed concern that the ship might be in distress.

  A)despair B)difficulties

  C)need D)danger

  13. They are endeavoring to change society as a whole.

  A)trying B)working

  C)doing D)making

  14. Your eternal boasting annoys everyone.

  A)unchangeable B)everlasting

  C)boring D)monotonous

  15. The other women seemed contented and they even exhibited their bellies with pride.

  A)demonstrated B)uncovered

  C)spread D)showed


  1. Loud noises can be annoying.

  A)hateful B)painful

  C)horrifying D)irritating

  2. Human facial expressions differ from those of animals in the degree to which they can be deliberately controlled and modified.

  A)sufficiently B)noticeably

  C)intentionally D)absolutely

  3. The Constitution's vague nature has given it the flexibility to be adapted when circumstances change.

  A)imprecise B)concise

  C)unpolished D)elementary

  4. The expedition reached the summit at 10:30 that morning.

  A)top of the mountain B)bottom of the mountain

  C)starting point D)site

  5. The latest census is encouraging.

  A)count B)statement

  C)agreement D)estimate

  6. Academic records from other institutions often become part of a university's official file and can neither be returned to a student nor duplicated.

  A)borrowed B)purchased

  C)copied D)rewritten

  7. While serving in the Senate in the early 1970's, Barbara Jordan supported legislation to ban discrimination and to deal with environmental problems.

  A)list B)forbid

  C)handle D)investigate

  8. Gambling is lawful in Nevada.

  A)legal B)irresistible

  C)enjoyable D)profitable

  9. The always mock me because I am ugly.

  A)smile at B)look down on

  C)belittle D)laugh at

  10. These are our motives for doing it.

  A)reasons B)arguments

  C)targets D)stimuli

  11. It was a question of making sure that certain needs were addressed, notably in the pensions area.

  A)noticeably B)remarkably

  C)particularly D)significantly

  12. His new girlfriend had omitted to tell him that she was married.

  A)forgotten B)failed

  C)deleted D)left out

  13. Many of their ideas are being incorporated into orthodox medical treatment.

  A)acceptable B)conservative

  C)western D)conventional

  14. Charges for local telephone calls are outrageous.

  A)unheard of B)unacceptable

  C)unbelievable D)ridiculous

  15. Guests were scared when the bomb exploded.

  A)frightened B)killed

  C)endangered D)rescued


  1. Philip Roth was hailed as major new author in 1960.

  A)published B)challenged

  C)acclaimed D)guided

  2. He was one of the principal organizers of the association.

  A)planners B)employees

  C)actors D)recipients

  3. It is postulated that population trends have an effect on economic fluctuations.

  A)challenged B)assumed

  C)deducted D)decreed

  4. This kind of animals are on the verge of extinction, because so many are being killed for their fur.

  A)drying up B)dying out

  C)being exported D)being transplanted

  5. The train came to an abrupt stop, making us wonder where we were.

  A)slow B)noisy

  C)sudden D)jumpy

  6. During the Second World War, all important resources in the U.S. were allocated by the federal government.

  A)nationalized B)commandeered

  C)taxed D)distributed

  7. The little boy was so fascinated by the mighty river that he would spend hours sitting on its bank and gazing at the passing boats and rafts.

  A)very strong B)very long

  C)very great D)very fast

  8. The stories of Sarah Orne Jewett are considered by many to be more authentically regional than those of Bret Harte.

  A)elegantly B)genuinely

  C)intentionally D)thoroughly

  9. The number of the United States citizens who are eligible to vote continues to increase.

  A)encouraged B)enforced

  C)expected D)entitled

  10. Formulated in 1823, the Monroe Doctrine asserted that the Americas were no longer open to European colonization.

  A)stated firmly B)argued light-mindedly

  C)thought seriously D)announced regrettable

  11. Smoking is not permitted in the office.

  A)probable B)possible

  C)admitted D)allowed

  12. The chairman proposed that we should stop the meeting.

  A)stated B)declared

  C)suggested D)announced

  13. I feel regret about what's happened.

  A)sorry B)disappointed

  C)shameful D)disheartened

  14. She has proved that she can be relied on in a crisis.

  A)lived on B)depended on

  C)lived off D)believed in

  15. John removed his overcoat.

  A)took away B)left aside

  C)took off D)washed off


  1. Although originally a German innovation, kindergarten got its real start in the United States as a movement to provide an improved learning environment for children.

  A)an easy B)a playful

  C)an open D)a better

  2. There is always excitement at the Olympic Games when an athlete breaks a previous record of performance.

  A)beats B)matches

  C)maintains D)announces

  3. The attack on Fort Sumter near Charleston provoked a sharp response from the North, which led to the American Civil War.

  A)demanded B)elicited

  C)extracted D)defied

  4. Illinois has produced writers such as Carl Sandburg, gangsters such as A1 Capone, and architects such as Louis Sullivan.

  A)violent criminals B)politicians

  C)musicians D)industrialists

  5. The towers of a suspension bridge serve as a rigid framework to which the cables are attached.

  A)boundary B)skeleton

  C)enclosure D)material

  6. The use of the chemical may present a certain hazard to the laboratory workers.

  A)protection B)indication

  C)immunity D)danger

  7. Many economists have given in to the fatal lure of mathematics.

  A)error B)function

  C)attraction D)miracle

  8. The development of the transistor and integrated circuits revolutionized the electronics industry by allowing components to be packaged more densely.

  A)compactly B)inexpensively

  C)quickly D)carefully

  9. The leading astronomers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were fascinated by comets.

  A)intrigued B)infected

  C)inconvenienced D)inclined

  10. In their productions, choreographers of modern dance have introduced humor, protested social injustice, and probed psychological problems.

  A)solved B)explored

  C)involved D)disputed

  11. They agreed to settle the dispute by peaceful means.

  A)solve B)determine

  C)untie D)complete

  12. The children trembled with fear when they saw the policeman.

  A)wept B)cried

  C)ran D)shook

  13. We were shocked to find that Mary didn't know her guest's name.

  A)frustrated B)disturbed

  C)relieved D)surprised

  14. We have got to abide by the rules.

  A)stick to B)persist in

  C)safeguard D)apply

  15. The river widens considerably as it begins to turn east.

  A)extends B)stretches

  C)broadens D)traverses


  1. It was hard to say why the man deserved such shabby treatment.

  A)unforgettable B)unbelievable

  C)unfair D)unthinkable

  2. The curious look from the strangers around her made her feel uneasy.

  A)difficult B)worried

  C)anxious D)unhappy

  3. It is said that the houses along this street will soon be demolished.

  A)pulled down B)rebuilt

  C)renovated D)whitewashed

  4. The advertising company was surprised by the adverse public reaction to the poster.

  A)delayed B)quick

  C)positive D)unfavorable

  5. He began his talk by giving a concise definition of post-modernism.

  A)long and detailed B)short and clear

  C)comprehensive D)professional

  6. The staff of the company are always courteous and helpful.

  A)efficient B)respectable

  C)well-informed D)respectful

  7. The new job will provide you with invaluable experience.

  A)simply useless B)really practical

  C)very little D)extremely useful

  8. The whole idea to build a deluxe hotel here sounds insane to me.

  A)reasonable B)sensible

  C)crazy D)unbelievable

  9. In his two-hour-long lecture he made an exhaustive analysis of the issue.

  A)extremely thorough B)long and boring

  C)superficial D)unconvincing

  10. We all think that the new device he has proposed is ingenious.

  A)effective B)clever

  C)implausible D)original

  11. Reading the job ad, he wondered whether he was eligible to apply for it.

  A)competitive B)diligent

  C)qualified D)competent

  12. He impressed all his colleagues as a vigorous man in the prime of his career.

  A)hot-tempered B)healthy

  C)friendly D)patient

  13. Not all member states abided by the principle they had agreed on previously.

  A)adhered to B)abandoned

  C)applied D)adopted

  14. Examination papers of the class were marked without bias.

  A)immediately B)correctly

  C)fairly D)carefully

  15. The construction of the railway is said to have been terminated.

  A)resumed B)put an end to

  C)suspended D)re-scheduled



  1. B account for是个动词短语,意思是“解释,说明”,和动词explain的意思相当,又如:How do you account for your absence at the meeting?(你开会缺席如何解释?)其他几个动词的意思分别是:assess评估,describe描述,investigate调查。

  2. D minute作名词用是“分钟”,这里是作形容词用,意思是“细小的,细微的”,发音和名词minute也不同。在四个选项中和slight同义。又如:There are minute differences between the two proposals.(这两个提议之间的差别很小。)big, dramatic这两个选项意义恰好和minute相反,timely是“及时的”,和minute的意义不相干。

  3. A disorder是order(秩序)的反义词,意为“无序,混乱”,故应选confusion.Disagreement(不一致),disappearance(消失)均和句子的内容无关,disaster是“灾难”的意思,和disorder的意思有出入。

  4. B to accuse sb. of sth.这个动词短语的意思是“指控某人犯了错误,罪行”,在本句中以被动形式出现,又如:The court accused him of murder(法庭指控他犯有谋杀罪)。四个选项中charged…with和accused…of同义。另外三个选项中,arrested for, praised for都可以替代accused of的位置,但意思分别是“被逮捕”和“受表扬”,显然和句子的原意不一致,described as是“被描述为……”的意思,这里是不能用的。

  5. D 所给的四个选项都是用动词look构成的短语,但其中只有一个的意义相当于动词investigate(调查),那就是look into,其他三个选项的意义分别是:look after照料,look through审核,look forward to期待。

  6. A numerous是个形容词,意思是“许多”,原句的意思是“作了许多尝试来掩盖真相”。在四个选项中只有many和它意义相同。其他三个的意思和numerous毫无相近之处。

  7. D obvious的意思是“显示而易见的,明显的”,在四个选项中只有clear的意思与它最接近。

  8. C 此句的意思是“奇怪的是对那位天才的画家人们了解的这么少”。odd是形容词,意思是“奇怪的”,如:It was odd of him to turn down the proposal.(他拒绝这个建议有点奇怪。)故应选strange.

  9. C participate in是个动词短语,意思是“参加”,和短语take part in同义,又如:The teacher expected all the students to participate in the speech contest.(老师希望所有的学生都参加演讲比赛。)其他三个选项的意思是:contribute to对……做出贡献,take pleasure in乐于做某事,enjoy喜欢。

  10. D preserve是“保存”的意思,preserve meat即“保存肉类”,故应选keep,另外三个动词也都可以用在meat前面,但意思均不是保存,carve meat(把肉分割),cook meat(煮肉),freeze meat(把肉冷冻)。

  11. C previously是副词,意思是“以前、先前”,和作副词用的before同义,又如:I have never heard this language spoken previously.(此前我从来没有听人讲过这种语言。)beforehand和in advance意思相同,都是“事先,预先”的意思,如:The journey is going to be difficult; we must get well prepared beforehand.(此次路途多辛劳,我们得事前作好准备。)Are we to pay him in advance?(我们是否要先预付给他钱?)

  12. A pull up这个动词短语的意思是“(车辆)停下”,所以应选stop这个动词,slow down慢下来,speed up加速,turn up出现。

  13. B perceive这个动词的意思是“感到”,又如:The change in his tone was slight, but most people present perceived it.(他语气的变化虽很细微,但在场的大多数人还是感觉到了。)appreciate是“欣赏,赞赏”的意思,describe描述,discover发现。

  14. B possess这个动词的意思是“拥有,占有”,和own同义,又如:I don't own much wealth but I possess good health.(我们没有多少财富,但我拥有健康)。waste是“浪费”的意思,purchase购买,和buy同义,sell出售。

  15. A substantial的意思是“十足的,坚固的,实质的,本质的”,如:a substantial building, a substantial meal, a substantial victory.原句的意思是“他们都同意所发生的变化是实质性的”。在四个选项中significant的意思与之最相近。superficial表面的,inadequate不足的,inevitable不可避免的。


  1. A spur: 促进,激励。encourage跟它的意思相近:鼓励,促进。Public apathy encourages corruption in government. 公众的冷漠助长政府的腐败。endanger:危及,危害。They claim that the herbicide they are using will not endanger human life.他们声称,他们使用的除草剂不会危害人们的生命。endorse:签名,批准。The application was endorsed by the committee.申请书已由委员会批准。enlarge:扩大,放大。The UN secretary-general yesterday recommended an enlarged peacekeeping force.昨天联合国秘书长提议扩大维和部队。

  2. C coverage:覆盖(的区域、范围)。此处指新闻报道的范围。reportage:新闻报道。注意:reportage在这个句子中可以替代coverage,但并不意味着任何时候都可以替换。baggage:行李(不可数)。A piece of baggage:一件行李。英国英语一般用luggage.orphanage:孤独身份,孤儿院。usage:使用,用法。That phrase has gone out of usage.那短语已不为大家所用。

  3. C dimly昏暗地。lit:此处是light(照亮)的过去分词,也有人把它叫做形容词。A dimly lit lane:一条昏暗的胡同。faintly:暗淡地,微弱地,与dimly意思相近。inadequately不足。hardly几乎不。I can hardly hear him.我几乎听不到他说话。sufficiently:充分地,足够地。

  4. A mildly:温和地;适度地。gently:温和地,有教养地。 “I'm sorry to disturb you”, Mary said gently.玛丽有礼貌地说:“对不起,打扰你了。”shyly:害羞地;胆怯地。The children are smiling shyly.那些儿童腼腆地笑着。weakly:虚弱地,微弱地。She smiled weakly at the reporters.她对记者微笑。sweetly:舒适地;甜蜜地。The girl smiled sweetly at her friends.女孩对她的朋友笑得很甜蜜。

  5. B inevitable:不可避免的,必然要发生的。certain:肯定的,必然的,与inevitable意思相近。It is almost certain that the government will lose the next election.差不多可以肯定,政府在下届选举中要失败。strange:奇怪的。inconsistent:不一致的。proper:合适的,得体的。

  6. A isolated:孤立的,与世隔绝的。solitary跟它的意思比较接近:独居的,单个的。John has been living a solitary life.约翰一直过着独居的生活。又如:She was the most solitary person on earth.她是世界上最孤独的人。gloomy:阴郁的,忧闷的。She is feeling gloomy, so go and cheer her up.她感到忧闷,去安慰安慰她。feeble:虚弱的,无力的。A feeble old man:虚弱的老人。frugal:节俭的。

  7. C call off:停止,取消。cancel:取消。Why was the baseball game cancelled yesterday?为什么昨天的棒球比赛取消了?put off:推迟。They decided to put off the meeting until after Christmas.他们决定会议推迟到圣诞节后举行。end:结束。The government acted to end a bakers' strike in the city.政府采取行动结束城里面包师傅的罢工。participate in:参加。Did you participate in the discussion?你参加讨论了吗?

  8. C make up one's mind:打定主意,下定决心。又如:Susan has made up her mind that, come what may, she will stay with John.苏珊决心已下,不管发生什么事,都将跟约翰呆在一起。decide:决定。He decided not to do that.他决定不干那件事。want:想。I can study any subject you want to.我能研究你想研究的任何一个课题。promise:许诺。You've got to promise me that you won't do that again.你得答应我不再干那种事。agree:同意。They might not agree with his opinion.他们可能不同意他的意见。

  9. B now and then:时而,偶尔。occasionally:时而,偶尔。always:经常。We have always done it in this way.我们经常这么干。constantly:不断地。She is constantly changing her mind.她老是改变主意。注意:动词进行体跟constantly, always等表达“反复”意义的副词搭配时动词作具有反复性。这种搭配表达说话人对某人的某种行为的不满,具有强烈的感情色彩。下面这句话是不带感情色彩的客观报道:She constantly changes her mind.她常常改变主意。regularly:经常地;定时地。We do meet now and then, but not regularly.我们确实偶尔见面,但不经常。

  10. A find fault with:找……的岔子,批评。criticize:批评。He seems to enjoy criticizing his colleagues.他似乎把批评他的同事看做是一种乐趣。praise:表扬。Our guests praised the meal as the best they had had for years.我们的客人称赞这顿饭是他们多年来吃过的最好的一顿。evaluate:评估。The scientists are evaluating the data.科学家们正在评估数据。talk about:谈论。That's all settled. It needn't be talked about.此事已彻底解决,无需再谈了。

  11. C grasp:抓住。take hold of:抓住,控制住。Mother took hold of the barking dogs by their collars:母亲抓住了这些汪汪直叫的狗的颈圈,把它们制服了。understand:懂得,理解。I don't understand your attitude at al.我一点也不理解你的态度。grasp也有“懂得”的意思,但在该句中不是这个意思。have a hold over:控制;对……有影响。The officer has kept a firm hold over the soldiers.那个军官一直紧紧地控制着士兵。leave hold of:放开。She left hold of his hand.她放开了他的手。

  12. C take…into consideration:把……考虑进去。take…into account:把……考虑进去。We must take local conditions needs great thought.我们必须把地区性的条件考虑进去。thought:思想,考虑。This problem needs great thought.这个问题需要认真考虑。mind:脑子,思想,考虑。

  Her mind is not entirely on her work.她的心不全在工作上。memory:记忆。The photograph evoked her happy memories.这张照片激起了她幸福的回忆。

  13. A tolerate:忍受。put up with:忍受。If I were you, I wouldn't put up with his behavior any longer.如果我是你,我不会再忍受他的这种行为。accept:接受。I don't think that they would accept my view.我认为他们不会接受我的观点。take有很多的意义。take action:采取行动,采取措施。The government has promised to take swift action on the energy crisis.政府许诺迅速采取措施解决能源危机。suffer from:受……之苦。He suffered from cold and hunger for some time.他一度饥寒交迫。

  14. B abandon:放弃。give up:放弃。She gave up her job to look after her sick mother.为了照顾有病的母亲,她放弃了工作。turn down:不接受。The company turned down the suggestion of shorter hours.公司否决了缩短工作时间的建议。refuse:拒绝,不接受。He refused bribe.他拒绝了贿赂。

  15. C lately:最近;近来。recently:最近;近来。I've only recently begun to learn English.我只是最近才开始学英语。lastly:最后(一点)。He gave many reasons for being late; lastly he said his car had broken down.他先是说了一大堆迟到的理由,最后还说他的车坏了。shortly:一会儿,不久。She kept a diary until shortly before her death.直到去世前不久她才停止记日记。immediately:马上,立即。I'll answer his letter immediately.我会立即给他回信。


  1. B manual(手的;体力的)与physical(身体的;体力的)意思相近。Their physical strength was their pride.健壮的体魄是他们的骄傲。expressive:富于表情的。He had an expressive face.他有一张表情丰富的脸。exaggerated:夸张的。Everyone was listening to his vivid but exaggerated description of the event.每个人都在听他对事件的生动但夸张的描述。dubious:怀疑的。These goods are of dubious origin.这些东西的来路令人怀疑。manual gestures也可以说成hand gestures(手势)。

  2. C harness此处与utilise意思相近:利用。More efficient ways to utilize wind energy and tidal power are being studied.人们正在研究更有效地利用风能和潮汐能量的方法。convert:转换。A solar cell takes radiation from the sun and converts it into electricity.太阳能电池吸收太阳光线,并将其转成电。store:储存。We hope to be able to store solar energy in the summer months and use it in winter.我们希望能够在夏天把太阳能储存起来,在冬天使用。receive:接收,收到。I received a letter from my brother.我收到我弟弟的一封信。

  3. B resident:居民,住户。与occupant(居住者;占用者)意思相近。A 12-year-old boy and a dog were the sole occupants of the big house.这所大房子里只住着一个十二岁的男孩和一条狗。manager:经理;管理人。All the managers agreed that this was a good idea.所有的经理都认为这是个好主意。landlord:房东;地主。The landlord doesn't want to reduce the rent.房东不打算降低房租。caretaker:夜间看管空房子的人。You should inform the caretakers of the changes to the alarm system.你应该让守夜的人知道改变警报系统的事。

  4. A steadily:稳定地。在此句中有“稳步地,不断地”的意思,与continuously(不断地)意思相近。The volcano has been erupting continuously since March.这座火山自三月起一直在不断地喷发。quickly:迅速地。The boss wants us to finish the project more quickly than before.老板要我们比以前更快地完成这个项目。excessively:过度地;过量地。He laughed excessively, making us question his sincerity.他笑得太过分了,使我们怀疑他的真诚。exceptionally:例外地。This October has been exceptionally wet.今年十月雨下得出奇地多。

  5. D remedy:治疗;补救。与cure(治疗)是近义词。Herbal medicine can be used to cure sleeplessness.草药可用来治疗失眠。disrupt:破坏;分裂。They made several attempts to disrupt our meetings.他们屡次谋略破坏我们的集会。diagnose:诊断。Routine tests will diagnose the condition accurately.常规检查会准确地诊断病情。evaporate:蒸发;使脱水。Heat evaporates water.热使水蒸发。

  6. B draft:起草,设计。与formulate(制定)意思相近。We will formulate a policy that will promote rather than hinder peace.我们将制定一项促进和平而不是阻碍和平的政策。clarify:澄清。The committee asked him to clarify his points.委员会要他澄清他的观点。revise:修改,修订。Professor Jones twice asked Tom to revise his essay.琼斯教授两次要汤姆修改他的文章。contribute:作贡献;起作用。Exchange of ideas contributes greatly to mutual understanding.交换看法大大有助于相互了解。

  7. B practically:几乎。与almost(几乎)是同义词。In Oxford Street you can buy almost anything.在牛津街你差不多什么都可以买到。simultaneously:同时地。She holds both views simultaneously.她同时持有这两种观点。absolutely:绝对地。Curing cancer to the current medical knowledge is absolutely impossible.就目前的医学知识来说,治愈癌症绝对不可能。basically:基本地。What he told the investigating committee was basically true.他对调查委员会所说的话基本属实。

  8. C occasionally与sometimes意思相近:有时,偶尔。I drink coffee only occasionally.我只是偶尔才喝咖啡。regularly:定期地,有规律地。The doctor told him to check his blood pressure regularly.大夫要他定期地检查血压。accidentally:意外地,偶然地。I accidentally found the book I had been looking for.我偶然碰到我一直想要的书。successfully: 成功地。We have completed the experiment successfully.我们成功地做完了实验。

  9. D try跟test意思相近:试,尝试。We are not ready to test the new design yet.我们尚未做好对新设计进行试验的准备。grow:成长;生长。It is a very peculiar experience to see one's child grow.看着孩子长大,有一种独特的感受。wrap:包;包裹。He told the shop assistant not to wrap it yet; he wanted to examine it more closely.他告诉售货员先不要包起来,他要仔细看看。hide:藏;隐藏。He told the boss that he had nothing to hide.他对老板说他没有什么可隐瞒的。

  10. B rarely:很少,不常。seldom:很少,不常。She seldom showed her feelings.她很少流露她的感情。rarely and seldom是否定副词。放在句首时引起倒装。Rarely(or Seldom)have I heard such beautiful singing.我很少听到这么优美的歌声。continuously:连续不断地。The river flows continuously along the frontier of the country.这条河沿着国家的边境绵绵不断地流着。usually:通常。Influenza usually breaks out in winter.流感常见于冬天。

  11. A readily:乐意地;迅速地。willingly:乐意地。If you don't come willingly, I shall have to use force.如果你不是心甘情愿地来的话,我将不得不诉诸武力。suddenly:突然。Her expression suddenly altered.她的表情突然变了。firmly:坚固地,坚定地。The front door is locked and all the windows are firmly shut.前门锁着,并且所有的窗户都关得死死的。quickly:迅速地。Her heart began to beat very quickly.她的心脏开始非常迅速地跳动。

  12. A extract:取出;拔出。take out:取出;拔出。The dentist took out five of Mary's teeth.牙医拔掉了玛丽的五颗牙。repair:补。The garage charged me forty dollars to repair the car.修车厂要了我40美元修车费。pull:拉。The horse is pulling a cart.马拉着车。pull out:拔。The dentist pulled out all her bad teeth.牙医拔掉了她所有的坏牙。dig:挖掘。We shall have to dig through the mountains to lay this pipe.为了铺设这条管道,我们得挖通这座大山。

  13. D shine:照亮,发光。polish:擦亮。Each morning he shaves and polishes his shoes.每天早晨,他都刮脸,擦鞋。They need to polish their English.他们需要提高英语水平。lighten:发亮,照亮。The sky lightened after the rain ended.雨过晴天。clean:清除。He cleaned the dirt off the coat.他擦掉了外套上的污垢。wash:洗。He washed the dirt off the coat.他把外套上的污垢洗掉了。

  14. A decent:正派的。honest:诚实;正派。He is honest and never tells lies.他是个从不说谎的老实人。rich:富。One of their aims in life is to get rich.他们生活中的一个目标是致富。good-looking:漂亮。Mary noticed John because he was good-looking.约翰相貌英俊,引起了玛丽的注意。high-ranking:地位高的。He is a high-ranking army officer.他是一位高级陆军军官。

  15. C deadly:致命的。fatal:致命的。His illness was fatal to our plans, i.e., cause them to fail.他生病后我们的计划就落空了。contagious:传染性的。Chicken pox is a contagious disease.水痘是一种传染病。serious:严重的。Doctors said that his conditions were serious but stable.医生说他的情况严重但还稳定。worrying:令人担心的。His conditions are worrying to us.他的情况令我们担忧。


  1. A insist on:坚持。与demand(要求:强求)意思比较接近。The Labour Party has demanded an explanation from the government.工党已要求政府作出解释。rely on:依靠。We have to rely on him for the tickets.我们不得不靠他搞票。prepare for:为……做准备。I have been preparing for the final exam.我一直在准备期末考试。create:产生;创建。His work created enormous interest in England.他的作品在英格兰引起很大关注。

  2. D damaging:有损害的。与harmful(有害的)意思相近。The rays of the sun, in excess, can be very harmful.过量的阳光可能会非常有害。slight:少许。He has a slight German accent.他有一点德国口音。surprising:令人吃惊的。It was surprising that the little girl could answer this question.小女孩能回答这个问题,令人吃惊。sudden:突然的。There was a sudden drop in the temperature last night.昨夜气温突然下降。

  3. B seldom:很少;不常。与rarely(难得;不常)意思相近。I rarely get up early on Sundays.星期天我很少早起。crudely:粗糙地;粗野地。Everyone was dressed in crudely sewn shorts and shirts.人人都穿着缝制得很粗糙的短裤和衬衫。originally:原来;创造性地:I stayed longer than I had originally planned.我逗留的时间比原来计划的要长。symbolically:象征性地:The park was decorated symbolically.公园只是象征性地装点了一下。

  4. A spped:速度。与velocity(速度;快速)的意思相近。Scientists spent years studying the velocity of light.科学家们花了许多年研究光速。impulse:冲动。On impulse, I went into the shop and bought this expensive watch.在一时冲动下,我走进商店,买下了这块昂贵的手表。ratio:比,比率。The ratio of pupils to teachers is 30 to 1.学生与教师之间的比例是30比1.atrocity:暴行。They were guilty of the most barbarous and inhuman atrocities.他们犯有最野蛮、最不人道的暴行。

  5. A physician:内科大夫。doctor:大夫。professor:教授。physicist:物理学家。resident:居民。

  6. C particularly和especially意思近似,表示“特别,尤其”。I like the country, especially in spring.尤其是春天,我特别喜欢农村。conventionally:传统地,常规地。People in the countryside still wear their hair short and dress conventionally.乡下人仍然留短发,穿传统的服装。obviously:明显地。inevitably:不可避免地。

  7. D safe和secure意思相近:安全的。She believes that her position is quite secure.她相信她的岗位是相当稳固的。clean:干净的。pretty:漂亮的。distant:远处的。

  8. B branch和division意思相近:分支,分支机构。He's in charge of the State Department's African Affairs Division.他管国务院(美国)非洲事务部。unity:整体,联合。embassy:使馆。invasion:入侵,侵略。

  9. D abnormal:不正常的。unusual:不平常的。He is a scholar of unusual ability.他是个有非凡才能的学者。bad:坏的,不好的。Smoking is certainly bad for your health.抽烟有害你的健康。frightening:惊吓的。It was a very frightening experience but every one of us was courageous.这是一个令人害怕的经历,不过,我们每个人都很勇敢。repeated:重复性的。John apparently did not return the money, despite repeated reminders.尽管不断给约翰送去催单,显然他还没有还钱。

  10. B abundant:大量的,丰富的。plentiful:丰富的。Fish is plentiful in the lake.湖中有大量的鱼。steady:平稳的,持续的。A student doesn't have a steady income.学生没有固定收入。extra:额外的。You'll get extra pay for extra work.额外的工作,我们付额外的报酬。meager:很少,不足。Their food supply is meager.他们食品供应短缺。

  11. A accelerate:加快。step up:加快。Security is being stepped up to deal with the increase in violence.为了对付日益增长的暴力事件,安全工作正在加快。decrease:降低。Population growth is decreasing by 1.4% each year.人口正在以每年1.4%的速度下降。stop:停止。Her heart stopped three times.她的心脏三次停止跳动。control:控制。The federal government tried to control rising health-care cost.联邦政府谋略控制日益增长的医疗费用。

  12. C accumulate:积累,积聚。collect:收集;积聚。Dust collected on the furniture.家具上积了灰尘。increase:增加。Japan's industrial production increased by 20% last year.去年日本工业生产增长了20%.spread:展开;蔓延。Fire spread rapidly after a chemical truck exploded.一辆装载化学物品的卡车爆炸后,火势迅速蔓延。grow:增长;长满。The path grew with weeds.小径长满了野草。

  13. A allocate:分配;分派。assign:分配;指派。The company commander assigned me to stand guard.连长派我去站岗。persuade:劝说。They were eventually persuaded by the police to give themselves up.警察最终成功地说服了他们去投案自首。ask:请求。We asked her to sing.我们请求她唱歌。order:命令。The police ordered them to wait right there.警察命令他们就在那儿等着。

  14. B childish:幼稚。immature:不成熟的。She is emotionally immature.她在情感上尚不成熟。simple:简单的。He lives a very simple life for a man who has become incredibly rich.对于一个已经令人难以置信的富裕的人来说,他的生活是极其简单的。beautiful:美丽。She is a very beautiful woman.她是一个非常美丽的女人。foolish:傻。She is being very foolish about it.在这件事上她很傻。注意该句和下句的区别:She is very foolish.她很傻。用一般现在时,说明傻是她的特征;用现在进行体,说明她在某个具体事情上犯傻,傻并非她的本质。

  15. B barren:贫瘠。bare:赤裸的,光秃的。That probably is the most bare and inhospitable island I've ever seen.那可能是我见过的最荒凉的、最不宜居住的岛屿了。hairless:没有毛发的。His body is smooth and hairless.他的躯体光溜溜的,并且不长毛。empty:空。The room is bare and empty.房间空荡荡的。bald:秃的。She is going bald.她日渐秃顶。


  1. A appalling表示条件之差使人感到吃惊。dreadful有类似的意义。如:My financial situation is dreadful.此句改用appalling也是可以的。Bad, unpleasant和poor都可以跟condition搭配。因此可以说:They have been living under bad conditions for two years. They have been living under unpleasant conditions for two years. They have been living under poor conditions for two years.注意:appalling conditions蕴涵bad(或unpleasant或poor)conditions.但反向的蕴涵是不成立的。用句通俗的话说,是appalling conditions必定是bad(或unpleasant或poor)conditions,但,是bad(或unpleasant或poor)conditions未必都是appalling conditions.也就是说,appalling跟bad, unpleasant和poor在意义上存在着明显的差别。注意:如果用bad或poor替换appalling,生成的都是错误的句子。

  2. B anyhow的一种意思是:不管其他句子所说的,本命题为真。可以看出,该词用在该句中非常合适,因为I wasn't qualified for the job really是“不管其他句子所说的”,I got it这个命题是真的。又如:I am coming anyhow, no matter what others say.其中的no matter what others say是说:不管其他人怎么说。I am coming这个命题是真的。Anyway在绝大多数情况中表达的意义跟anyhow都相同,因而二者常可替换。Anyhow有一种意思是后面所说的支持前面所说的,在这一种意思上,它等于anyhow可由besides替换。但练习题中的anyhow不是这个意思。anyhow也可用来结束会话,这也是well的一个功能。如:Anyhow, thanks a lot. Bye bye.但练习题中的anyhow不是用来结束会话的,因而不能由well替换。

  3. C attain有通过努力取得了某种东西或达到某种状态的意思。如:He attained the position of minister. They were unable to attain their objectives. achieve的意思是通过努力取得或达到某种目标,意思跟attain很接近,因而可由后者替换。reached也有“达到”的意思,但它本身并不含“需要通过努力”,因而它不可替代achieved.下面举一个reach用法的例子:The process of political change in South Africa has reached the stage where it is irreversible. reap是“收获,获得”的意思。The painting depicted a group of peasants reaping a harvest of fruits and vegetables. You'll soon begin to reap the benefits of being fitter. take也有“获得,取得”的意思,但它不能跟success搭配。

  4. D capability:能力,力量。又如:Now we have the capability to defending our country, all thanks to our own efforts. The country has the capability to defeat any aggressor. ability:能力,本领。From each according to his abilities, to each according to his work. ability和capability在意义上有相同的一面,因而在一定语境中可以互换。可以看出,ability和capability在搭配上是有差别的,前者只可跟to搭配,但后者既可跟to又可跟of搭配。二者的形容词分别是able和capable: I ought to be able to live on my salary. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself.注意:capable只能跟of而不能跟to搭配。不难看出,词的意义不决定句法结构。strength:力量;优点。Their military strength has gone down because their air force has proved to be an effective force.此句中的strength可由capacity替代而不改变句子的意义。possibility:可能性。

  5. A in conjunction with:共同。together with具有相同的意思,用together代入后,所生成的也是一个在语法上正确的句子。in succession:接连发生,不跟with,如:He had missed five dinners in succession. in alliance with:结盟。They are now in a position to govern the state in alliance with either the Free Democrats or the Green Party. in connection with:在……一起;相关。13 men were questioned in connection with the murder.

  6. B credible:可信的。convincing:可信的。That is the least convincing excuse that you could offer. convincing可替换credible而不改变句子的意义。workable:可行的,行得通的。Your plan is workable. practical:实际的,现实的。He is weak in practical matters. reliable:靠得住的。John is a reliable man.

  7. C diligent:勤奋的,努力的。hardworking:勤奋的,努力的。Jack was hardworking and energetic. ambitious:雄心勃勃的;有野心的。Chris is so ambitious, so determined to do it all. lazy:懒惰的。I was too lazy to read music. clever:聪明的。She is beautiful and clever.

  8. D diverse:多种多样的;不同的。varied:多种多样的;不同的。It is important that your diet is varied and balanced. colorful:多色的;绚丽的。People in this small town wear colorful clothes. attractive:迷人的;吸引人的。She is both attractive and intelligent. flexible:灵活的。My schedule is flexible.

  9. A faulty:有错误的;模棱两可的。wrong:有错误的;有毛病的。Cheating is always wrong. ambiguous:歧义的;模棱两可的。This sentence is ambiguous. unclear:不清楚。His itinerary is still unclear. unbelievable:不可信的。I find it unbelievable that people can accept this sort of behavior.

  10. B gorgeous:好极了;美丽的。lovely:可爱的;美丽的。The girl is lovely. ridiculous:可笑的。It was an absolutely ridiculous decision. magnificent:壮丽的;宏伟的。There is a magnificent country house near the river. peculiar:奇特的;奇怪的。This house is peculiar in lots of ways.这些词都可替换,所生成的句子语法上都是正确的。相比之下,lovely最接近gorgeous.

  11. C persist:坚持;持续。continue:持续。She continued the work day after day. insist:坚持;坚持主张。My family insisted that I should not give in, but stay and fight. persevere:坚持。Despite the failure of his early experiments, the scientist persevered in his research. resist:反抗;顶住。The nation was able to resist the invasion. Insist和persist在意义上并不完全相同。insist缺乏“持续”这个义项。persevere也缺少“持续”这个义项。因此,正确的选择是continue.“坚持”与“持续”在意义上似乎很接近,但在语义上的判别是很明显的。“坚持”至少要求有生命的东西作主语,但“持续”就没有这个要求。

  12. D regulate:调整;控制。control:控制。She also had a temper, but she controlled it. fight:搏斗;战斗。More units to fight forest fires are planned. abolish:废除。The whole system should be abolished. remove:除去;消除。Most of her fears have been removed.

  13. A scatter:分散;散布;消散。separate:分散;分离。We didn't separate until nightfall. flee:逃走;消失。The robbers tried to flee, but they were caught. depart:离开;出发。We are ready to depart. spread:展开;散布。The rumour quickly spread through the village. spread与scatter有相同的义项-“散布”。但此处只能是“分散”的意思。

  14. B standpoint:立场;观点。point of view:观点;看法。The novel is shown from the girl's point of view. position:位置;立场。The union may shift its position on the question. knowledge:知识。To my knowledge, he owns three houses, and he may own more. opinion:看法;意见。In my opinion, this book is the best book on the subject.虽然position也有“立场”的意思,但不能说from my position.同样地我们也不能说from my opinion.

  15. C touching:动人的;感人的。moving:动人的;感人的。The beggar told her such a moving story that she almost wept. inspiring:鼓舞人惦的。He made an inspiring speech. boring:令人厌烦的。Not only are mothers not paid but also most of their boring work is unnoticed. frightening:吓人的。He gave us a frightening, but believable account of his childhood.


  1. B vanish与disappear意思相近:消失,失踪。My glasses have disappeared.我的眼镜不见了。develop:发展。We'll stay and see how things develop.我们要留下来,看事态如何发展。linger:徘徊。Winter lingered.冬天迟迟不去。renew:更新;复原。If you wish to renew the contract, you should speak to John.如果你想续签合同,你应该找约翰谈。

  2. A phase(阶段,状态)与stage(阶段,时期)是同义词。The next major stage in computer technology is the so-called fifth generation computer.计算机技术的下一个主要阶段是所谓的第五代计算机。notion:概念,想法。I have no notion of what he means.我不懂他是什么意思。pattern:式样,模型。This is a strange sentence pattern.这是个奇怪的句型。alternative:两者挑一,供选择的方法。We have no alternative in the matter.在这件事上,我们没有挑选的余地。

  3. C deter:阻止;威慑。与inhibit(抑制;阻止)意思相近。The drug with which the animals are fed inhibits their development.给动物吃这种药会抑制它们的生长。facilitate:使便利;促进。Tractors facilitate farming.拖拉机使耕作便利。overwhelm:使不知所措;压倒。The girls are overwhelmed with the joy of seeing their team win.目睹她们的队获胜,姑娘们欣喜若狂。loosen:解开;放松。He took off his jacket and loosened his tie.他脱下夹克,松开领带。

  4. C procelain:瓷器。与china(瓷器)是同义词。silverware:银器。crystal:晶玻璃制品。linen:亚麻(制品)。

  5. D prior to:在……之前,与before(在……之前)意思相同。Steam engine was invented before the Industrial Revolution.蒸汽机发明于工业革命之前。in:(表示时间)在……期间。He was born in 1972.他生于1972年。around:大约。This island was discovered around 1830.这座岛大约发现于1830年。from:从……起。He was in the army from 1982 to 1993.从1982年到1993年他在当兵。

  6. C last:最近的;过去的。与past(最近的;过去的)意思一致。Mr. Hammond said that the trade union movement had changed over the past two years.玛门德先生说在过去的两年里工会运动已发生了变化。close:近的。St. Louis is closer to Chicago than it is to Detroit.圣路易斯离芝加哥比离底特律近。near:接近的。She is near to tears.她快要哭了。final:最后的。Astronauts will make a final attempt today to rescue a communication satellite from its useless orbit.宇航员今天将做最后一次尝试,以挽救一个在无用的轨道上运行的通讯卫星。

  7. C lethal:致命的。与deadly(致命的)是同义词。This is one of nature's deadliest poisons.这是大自然中最致命的毒药中的一种。toxic:有毒的。Excessive vitamin D can be toxic.过量的维生素D可使人中毒。harmful:有害的。The rays of the sun, in excess, can be very harmful.过量的阳光会非常有害。contagious:传染的。Hepatitis A is a contagious disease.甲型肝炎是一种传染病。

  8. B conscientious:认真的;谨慎的。careful:细心的。You've got to be very careful about your tactics.你必须特别小心你的策略。worried:发愁的;焦虑的。She looks tired and worried.她看上去疲惫焦虑。anxious:焦虑的;渴望的。Her parents were anxious about her poor health.她的父母为她健康不佳而发愁。nervous:神经性的;紧张的。She is nervous about staying alone at night.她害怕夜晚独自一人呆着。

  9. A consolidate:合并;巩固。strengthen:巩固;加强。To strengthen his position in Parliament, he held talks with leaders of the Peasant Party.为了加强在国会中的地位,他跟农民党领袖进行了会谈。win:赢得。He won praises of his modesty.他的谦虚赢得了大家的赞誉。harden:使坚硬;加强。Their action can only serve to harden the attitude of rebels.他们的行动指挥促使叛逆者采取更加强硬的态度。unite:联合;合并。The two parties have been trying to unite.两党一直在试图联合起来。

  10. B contaminate:污染,弄脏。pollute:污染。Garbage pollutes our rivers and streams.垃圾污染着河流和小溪。blacken:变黑。The smoke blackened the white walls of the kitchen.烟熏黑了厨房的白墙。darken:变暗;变黑。The sun has darkened our complexion.太阳晒黑了我们的皮肤。mix:混合。Oil doesn't mix with water.油和水不能混合。

  11. C depict:描绘;描写。describe:描绘;描写。She described how she had narrowly escaped death.她描述了她是如何死里逃生的。write:写。Finding someone to write a computer program isn't a problem.找个人来编计算机程序是不成问题的。sketch:素描;简述。He sketched the look of the man in a few sentences.他用几句话描绘出了那个人的模样。indicate:指出;表明。The President's attitude toward the proposals had been indicated in his New Year's address.总统对那些建议有态度已在他的新献词中表明。

  12. D distress:危难;海难。danger:危险。The two countries are trying to reduce the danger of a military confrontation.两国正设法减少军事对抗的危险。despair:绝望。Alone in London, without friends, work or money, Shelley fell into despair.独自一人在伦敦,没有朋友和工作,也没有钱,雪莱陷入了绝望。difficulty:困难。She is always in difficulties.她经常处境困难。need:需要。We should always help those in need.我们应当经常帮助那些需要帮助的人。

  13. A endeavour:设法;努力。try:设法。I'll try very hard to improve my English.我将设法努力提高自己的英语水平。do:做,干。Do the best you can.尽力而为。make:做。I'll make every effort to help you .我将尽全力帮助你。

  14. B eternal:永恒的。everlasting:永远的;永恒的。I'm tired of your everlasting quarrels.我听够了你们没完没了的争吵。unchangeable:不变的。I found the book rather boring.我发现这本书相当乏味。monotonous:单调的。Some of the tasks are desperately monotonous.一些工作极度单调乏味。

  15. D exhibit:表现,显出。show:显示;表现。Show me what you have in your bag.让我看看你的包里有什么。demonstrate:证明;显示。Women are demonstrating for equal rights.妇女在示威游行,要求平等权利。uncover:揭开;暴露。Auditors said that they had uncovered evidence of fraud.审计员说他们发现了欺骗的证据。spread:摊开;伸开。The officer spread a map on the table.那位军官在桌子上铺开了地图。


  1. D annoying和irritating意思最相近,有“使烦恼的”,“使人不愉快的”等意思。hateful有“可恨的”,“心怀不满的”等意思。He is hateful to me.我觉得他可恨。Don't be so hateful.别这么怨天尤人。painful:痛苦的。I don't like his painful look.我不喜欢他那副痛苦的表情。horrifying是“恐怖的”,“使震惊的”的意思。These were horrifying experiences.这些经历不堪回首。

  2. C deliberately和intentionally意思相同;故意,蓄意地。sufficient:足够的,充分的。This is sufficient for my needs.足够我用了。noticeable:明显的,易见的。There is no noticeable difference.二者之间没有显著差异。absolutely:绝对地。He's absolutely correct.他绝对正确。

  3. A vague:模糊的,含糊的。imprecise:不确切的,不明确的。concise:简明扼要的。如:Her letter was concise, omitting everything not pertinent to the job for which she was applying.她的信很简明,省去了所有跟申请就业不相关的东西。unpolished:未经修饰的。She is reading an unpolished poem.她在读一首未经润色的诗。elementary:基本的,初级的。How can you expect to succeed without even the most elementary knowledge of the field?连该领域中的基本知识都没有,你还能成功?

  4. A 探险队在那天上午10:30分到达了山顶。summit指“山顶”,与top of the mountain意思相近。选项B意思与之相反。选项C指的是“起点”。D则指的是“地点”。

  5. A 最新的人口普查是令人鼓舞的。census指的是an official count of the people who live in a country, including information about their ages, jobs, etc.,即人口普查,与count意思最接近。B的意思是“陈述”,“报告”,“声明”;C的意思是“同意”;D的意思是“估计”,这几个词的词义与census相去甚远。

  6. C duplicate和copy意思近似,表示“复制”。borrow:借。purchase:买。rewrite:改写。

  7. B ban和forbid意思相近,表示“禁止”。list:列出。list a few reasons:列举几条理由。handle:对待,应付。The speaker handled his subject concisely.演讲者对主题作了简要的论述。investigate:调查。

  8. A lawful:合法的。legal:合法的。What I did was perfectly legal.我所做的完全合法。irresistible:不可抵挡的。The music is irresistible.音乐太动听了。enjoyable:有乐趣的。Was it an enjoyable movie?这部电影有意思吗?profitable:有益的;有利可图的。We had a profitable talk.我们的谈话是有益的。

  9. D mock:取笑,嘲笑。laugh at:取笑,嘲笑。It is unkind to laugh at a person who is in trouble.嘲笑有困难的人是不好的。smile at:笑(某人或某事)。What are you smiling at?你在笑什么?look down on:看不起。Small boys usually look down on little girls and refuse to play with them.小男孩常常看不起小女孩,因此不愿意跟她们玩。belittle:贬低;低估。Don't belittle what he has achieved.不要贬低他所取得的。

  10. A motive:动机。reason:理由。There is no reason to doubt his word.没有理由不相信他的话。argument:论据。There are many arguments against smoking.有许多论据可以证明吸烟是有害的。target:目标。The target of the new plan is primary education for all children.新计划要取得的目标是使所有的孩子都得到初等教育。stimulus:刺激。Reduced tariffs are a stimulus to foreign trade.降低关税可以促进外贸。

  11. C notably:值得注意地;特别。particularly:尤其,特别。I often do absent-minded things, particularly when I'm worried.我常干些心不焉的事,特别是当我焦虑的时候。noticeably:显而易见地。Standards of living are deteriorating rather noticeably.生活水平正在明显下降。remarkably:显著地。Working conditions have been remarkably improved.工作条件得到了显著改善。significantly:显著地,在相当大的程度上。Sales levels are significantly lower than last year.销售额比去年大幅下降了。

  12. B omit:疏忽,遗漏。fail:失败;没有能够。He failed to understand the real significance of it.他没有理解它的真正意义。forget:忘记。I forgot to wind my watch last night.昨晚我忘了给手表上发条。delete:消去;删除。The patient's high fever deleted most of his memories.病人的高烧使他的记忆差不多丧失殆尽。leave out:遗漏;省略。She left out an important detail in her account.她在叙述中漏税掉了一个重要的细节。

  13. D orthodox:正统的;传统的。conventional:常见的;传统的。People still wear conventional clothes here.这儿的人仍穿传统的衣服。acceptable:可接受的。Great Britain has three parties-the Conservative, the Liberal and the Labor Party.英国有三个党:保守党,自由党和工党。western:西方的。I don't like Western food.我不喜欢西餐。

  14. B outrageous:凶暴的;令人不能容忍的。unacceptable:不可接受的。Mary left her husband because of his unacceptable behavior.因为丈夫的行为不可接受,玛丽离开了他。unheard of:没有听说过的。You can't do that-it's unheard of.你不可干此事,从未听说有人干过。unbelievable:难以置信的。His guitar solos are just unbelievable.他的吉他独奏曲实在太棒了。ridiculous:可笑的。That hat makes you look ridiculous.你戴上那顶帽子,看上去很滑稽。

  15. A scared:受到惊吓的,恐惧的。frightened:害怕的,受惊的。killed:被杀死。All her five sons were killed in the earthquake.她的五个儿子都在地震中身亡。endanger:使遭到危险,使濒于灭亡。You will endanger your health if you work so hard.你太卖力的话会损害自己的健康的。rescued:被营救的。She was rescued nine days after the plane crash.飞机失事九天后她被人营救。


  1. C hail和acclaim意思相近,表示“向……欢呼”,“将……拥戴为”。又如:He was acclaimed as Britain's greatest modern painter.他被赞誉为英国最伟大的现代画家。challenge:挑战。challenge his theory:向他的理论挑战。publish:出版。guide:指导。

  2. A principal organizer:主要组织者。planner:组织者,策划者。employee:雇员。actor:演员。recipient:接受者。如:She is a welfare recipient.她是接受福利救济的人。

  3. B postulate:假定。与assume(设想;假定)意思相近。I assume you don't drive, Mr. Jones?琼斯先生,我想你不会开车吧?challenge:挑战。His authority was challenged.他的权威性受到了挑战。deduct:减去。Tax will be deducted automatically from your wages.税会自动从你工资中扣除。decree:颁布(法令、政令)。The minister decreed that there would be a full in investigation over this matter.部长下令,将对此进行全面调查。

  4. B extinction:灭绝,绝迹。与die out(绝种)意思相近。The giant panda is in danger of dying out.大熊猫面临绝种的危险。dry up:擦干。Let me wash up these plates and you dry them up.我来洗盘子,你来把它们擦干。export:出口。Many bicycles are exported each year.每年都有许多自行车出口到国外。transplant:移植,迁移。Many vegetables were transplanted to the north, growing in the greenhouse.许多种蔬菜移植到了北方,在温室里生长。

  5. C abrupt:突然的。Following abrupt change of the topple, we started to complain about the quality of food.话题突然一转,我们开始抱怨饭菜的质量。sudden与abrupt的意思近似;突然的。slow:慢。noisy:吵人的。jumpy:跳动的;神经过敏的。She seemed very jumpy recently.她们最近情绪很不稳定。

  6. D allocate:分配,拨给。distribute:分发,分布。Distribute the pictures among the children, will you?请把图片发给孩子们,好吗?nationalize:国有化。The government decided to nationalize the railways and the mines.政府决定将铁路和矿山国有货。commandeer:征用。They were afraid that their land would be commandeered.他们害怕土地会被征用。tax:征税。Cigarettes in this country are heavily taxed.这个国家对香烟征很高的税。

  7. A mighty:强大的,强有力的。We are dealing with forces that are mightier than ourselves.我们正在应付强于我们的势力。strong:强壮的。long:长的。great:大的,伟大的。fast:快。

  8. B authentic:真的,真正的。an authentic manuscript:一部真正的原稿。genuine:真的,真正的。Gloves made of genuine leather:真皮手套。elegant:优雅的,漂亮的。intentional:故意的,有意识的。thorough:彻底的,仔细周到的。

  9. D eligible:有资格的。Those who have a mountain bike are eligible to join the club.拥有山地自行车的人有资格加入俱乐部。entitle:给……权利(或资格)。be entitled to…:有权(或资格)。Everyone is entitled to receive education.人人都有受教育的权利。注意:be entitled to中的to既可能是不定式的to,也可能是介词to.也就是说整个短语除可跟动词原形外,也可以跟名词短语。如:Every child in Britain is entitled to free education.英国的每个孩子都有权享受免费教育。encouraged:此处是encourage(鼓励)的过去分词形式。The children are encouraged to go in for more sports.孩子们受到参加更多体育运动的鼓励。expected:此处是expect(期望)的过去分词形式。We are expected to finish the job before six.他们期望我们6点钟之前做完这项工作。

  10. A asserted:宣称,断言。与stated firmly(坚定地说)意思相近。argued light-mindedly:轻率地争辩。thought seriously:严肃地认为。announced regrettably:令人遗憾地宣布。美洲(America)包括北美洲,中美洲和南美洲。

  11. D permit:允许。allow:允许。They shouldn't allow parking in the street; it's too narrow.他们不该允许在街道上停车,街道太窄了。probable:很可能。It is probable that it will rain tomorrow.明天很可能下雨。possible:可能的。Is such a thing possible?这样的事有可能发生吗?admit:承认。I'm willing to admit that I do make mistakes.我愿意承认我确实会犯错。

  12. C propose:建议;提议。suggest:建议。She suggested that he should adapt himself to his new conditions.她建议他适应新的情况。state:陈述,宣布。You'll have to state what exactly these terms mean.你须说明这些术语的确切意思是什么。declare:宣布。She declared that she didn't want to see him again.她宣布不想再见到他。announce:宣布。They announced that she would give an extra song.他们宣布她会再唱一支歌。

  13. A regret: feel regret about sth.对……感到懊悔。sorry:后悔的。The manager had said that he was sorry and there was nothing he could do about it.经理说过他很遗憾,对此他没有什么办法。I'm sorry to be late.对不起,我来晚了。disappointed:失望的。They were very disappointed at the outcome of the talks.他们对会议的结果深感失望。shameful:可耻的,不光彩的。To steal money from a blind person is a shameful act.偷盲人的钱是可耻的行为。disheartened:泄气。She is easily disheartened by difficulties.面对困难,她很容易泄气。

  14. B rely on:依靠。depend on:依靠,依赖。The town depends almost solely on the tourist trade.小镇的经济主要依靠旅游业。live on:靠……生活。They live on vegetarian food.他们以素食为生。live off:靠……生活。She still lives off her parents.她仍靠父母养活。believe in:对……有信心。If you believe in yourself you can succeed.如果你相信自己,你就会取得成功。

  15. C remove:脱掉;去掉。take off:脱掉,拿下。She took off her spectacles.她摘下了眼镜。take away:拿去,剥夺。They are going to take my citizenship away.他们将剥夺我的公民资格。leave aside:搁置。Let's leave aside the matter for a moment.让我们暂且把此事搁一搁。wash off:把……洗掉。Wash these dirty marks off the wall.把墙上的这些污点洗掉。


  1. D improved: improve的过去分词,在句中起形容词的作用,即修饰learning environment,表示“改进了的,更好的”,与better意思相近。easy:容易的。playful:顽皮的;闹着玩的。open:公开的;开着的。

  2. A break:打破。Carl Lewis has broken the world record in the 100 meters.卡尔·刘易斯打破了100米世界纪录。beat:打;胜过等。beat the record:破记录。如:He is as eager as his brother to beat the record.他和他的兄弟一样急于破记录。match:比得上;与……相配等。No one can match him in singing.论唱歌谁也不如他。maintain:保持。He has maintained his title.他保持了他的称号。announce:宣布,发布。The news was announced by the BBC.英国广播公司发布了这条消息。

  3. B provoke和elicit的意思相近:引起,诱发。The doctor's talk to the patients elicited little response.大夫对病人的话没有引起什么反应。demand:要求。The Labour Party demanded an explanation from the government.工党要求政府作出解释。extract:抽出,提取。extract a bullet from a wound:从伤口中取出子弹。extract juice from sugarcanes:榨甘蔗汁。defy:公然反抗,蔑视。The accused defied the order of the court and kept shouting.被告蔑视法庭的命令,不断喊叫。

  4. A gangster:匪徒,歹徒。violent criminal:凶犯。politician:政客,政治家。musician:音乐家。industrialist:工业家。

  5. B framework:框架,基本结构。skeleton:骨架,骷髅。His constructions are centered around steel skeletons.他的建筑以钢骨架为中心。boundary:分界线。territorial boundaries:领土边界。enclosure:围绕,围墙。material:材料。

  6. D hazard和danger意思相近:危险;危害。There is a widespread danger of disease in this area.在这个地区疾病有扩散的危险。protection:保护;防护。Insurance is a protection against unforeseeable misfortunes.保险是对不可预见的灾难的一种防护措施。indication:指示;迹象。immunity:免疫力。Scientists are studying why some individuals have natural immunity to the disease.科学家们在研究为什么一些人对这种病有自然的免疫力。

  7. C lure:吸引;诱惑。与attraction(吸引)意思相近。The attraction of the house lies in its simplicity.这所房子的诱人之处在于其简单。error:错误。The doctor committed an appalling error of judgment.这个大夫犯了一个令人震惊的判断错误。function:作用;功能。Scientists have understood only some of the functions of dreaming.科学家们仅仅弄懂了做梦的部分功能。miracle:奇迹。It was a miracle that most the passengers survived the plane crash.大部分乘客从撞机事件中生还,这真是个奇迹。

  8. A densely:密集地;浓厚地。与compactly(紧密地;紧凑地)意思相近。We should store food more compactly in the refrigerator in order to save space.为节省空间,我们应该把食物更紧凑地放在冰箱里。inexpensively:不贵地。Computer equipment can be purchased inexpensively these days.近来可以较便宜地买到计算机设备。quickly:迅速地,快。How quickly can you fix the car?你多快能修好这辆轿车?carefully:仔细地;小心地。If you observe more carefully, you will notice the difference between the two paintings.如果你更仔细地观察,你就会注意到这两幅画的差别。

  9. A fascinate:使……着迷,强烈地吸引住。与intrigue(引起……的兴趣或好奇心)意思相近。The news intrigued all of us.这消息引起了大家的兴趣。infect:传染。The flood left many people infected with cholera.洪水导致许多人染上霍乱。inconvenience:使……不便。I hope I haven't inconvenienced you.希望我没有打扰你。incline:使……倾向于;使……想要。What he said inclines me to think that he will agree to our plan.他的话使我觉得他会同意我们的计划。

  10. B probe:探察;研究。与explore(探究;考察)意思相近。Both parties are exploring ways of settling the dispute.双方都在寻求解决争端的办法。solve:解决。We will solve the problem of water shortage.我们会解决缺水问题的。involve:使卷入;牵涉。dispute:争执;辩论。They disputed how to get the best results.他们争执如何才能得到最好的效果。

  11. A settle:解决。solve:解决。He finally solved the difficulty of transportation.他最终解决了运输问题。determine:决定。Being determines consciousness.存在决定意识。untie:解开。He untied the ropes.他解开了绳子。complete:完成。She completed her degree in two years.她用两年完成了学位。

  12. D tremble:颤抖。shake:摇动;颤抖。She is shaking with anger.她气得发抖。weep:哭泣。She wept when she heard the terrible news.当听到这一可怕的消息时,她伤心地哭了。cry:哭;叫。What's that boy crying about?那个男孩在哭什么?run:跑。The robbers took the money and ran.强盗抢了钱跑了。

  13. D shocked:震惊的。surprised;震惊的。We were surprised at his doing such a thing.他能干出这样的事,令我们很吃惊。frustrated:泄气的。She was frustrated by her poverty.她因为贫穷而泄气。disturbed:打扰的,焦虑不安的。He was disturbed to hear of her illness.当他得知她有病时,深感不安。relieved:宽慰的。She felt relieved to hear you were all right.她听说你很好就放心了。

  14. A abide by:坚持;遵循。stick to:坚持;遵循。He must stick to the contract.他必须遵守合同。persist in:坚持。Why do you persist in writing such things?你为什么老是写这些东西?safeguard:保护。Vaccination safeguards us from smallpox.接种牛疹疫奖勤罚懒可防麻疹。apply:应用;申请。I have applied for a passport.我已申请办理护照。

  15. C widen:变宽;加宽。broaden:变宽;扩大。Trails broadened into roads.小径变成了宽阔的道路。extend:延伸;延长。The builders extended the road for three more miles.筑路人把道路延长了三英里。stretch:舒展;延伸。The forests stretch for hundreds of miles.森林绵延数百英里。traverse:穿过;横贯。The railway traverses hundreds of miles of desert.这条铁路横贯沙漠数百英里。


  1. C shabby:不公正的;破旧的。与unfair(不公正的)意义相同。Her clothes were old and shabby.他过去穿的衣服既旧又破。Unforgettable:不会忘记的。A visit to Beijing is an unforgettable experience.去一次北京是一次不会忘记的经历。Unbelievable: It was an unbelievable moment when Du Li won the gold medal.杜丽获金牌之时大家高兴极了。Unthinkable:不可相信的。This place is going to be unthinkable without you.这里没有你不知道会变成什么样子。

  2. C 不要以为uneasy是easy的反义词,那样的话就会选difficult了。其实uneasy是“局促不安的,忧虑的,担心的”的意思,如:I felt uneasy about asking her for such a big favour.(求她帮我这么个大忙,我感到有点不安。)The very thought of the series of examinations lying ahead made her fell uneasy.(一想到等着她的一系列考试就让她感到心神不定。)

  3. A demolish这个动词的意思就是“拆毁,毁掉,推翻”,故pull down是正确答案。其他几个选项均可和houses搭配,但意义和原句不同。rebuild是“重建”,renovate“修复,整修”,whitewash“粉刷”。

  4. D adverse这个词的意思是“不利的,逆的”,如:adverse wind(逆风),adverse criticism(非难),adverse situation(不利的形势),adverse balance of trade(贸易逆差)。原句的意思是:广告公司对公众对招贴画的不利反应感到惊奇。在四个选项中adverse和unfavorable同义。另外三个选项都可以用于修饰public reaction, delayed是“延误的”,quick“迅速的”,quick“迅速的”,positive“正面的,肯定的”和adverse恰恰相反。

  5. B concise的意思是“简明的”,如:a concise dictionary(一部简明词典)。long and detailed的意思正好相反,又长又详尽;comprehensive是“全面的”,professional“专业的”。

  6. C courteous是“有礼貌的,谦恭的”,在四个选项中只有respectful和它意义相近。respectable和respectful的区别是前者是“可尊敬的”,后者是“恭敬的,尊重别人的”,如:a respectable gentlemen(一位值得尊敬的先生),a respectful bow(充满敬意的一鞠躬)。efficient的意思是“有效率的”,well-informed“有学问的”。

  7. D invaluable这个词从形式上看似乎是valuable(贵重的,有价值的)的反革命义词,其实不然,它的意思恰恰是“无法估计的,十分宝贵的”,故应选extremely useful.其他的搭配还有an invaluable treasure(无价之宝),invaluable advice(很有用的忠告),invaluable heritage(宝贵的遗产)。选项A和invaluable反义,选项B的意思是“确实很实用”,选项C的意思是“几乎没有”。

  8. C 此句的意思是“我认为在这里建一家豪华宾馆的想法简直是荒唐”。Insane是sane的反义词,意思是“精神错乱的,疯狂的”,如:He went insane at last.(他最终发疯了)。故该词和mad, crazy同义。reasonable和sensible的意思都是“合理的,有理的”,故都和insane相反。

  9. A exhaustive是“透彻的,彻底的”的意思,如:exhaustive study(透彻的研究),exhaustive investigation(深入的调查),所以extremely thorough是正确答案。Long and boring(长得令人厌倦),superficial(表面的),unconvincing(不能使人信服的)均不合适。

  10. B ingenious:灵巧的,巧妙的,如:ingenious mind(机灵的头脑),ingenious machine(精巧的机器),ingenious tactics(巧妙的战术)等,故大致上和clever同义。effective是“有效的”,implausible(不合情理的),original(有新意的)。

  11. C 这句话的意思是“他看着招牌广告,心想不知自己是否有资格去应聘”。Eligible的意思是“有资格做……,符合做……的条件”,如:Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to vote.(18岁以上的人都可以参加选举。)Not every resident here is eligible for the medical insurance provided by the community.(并非每一个本地的居民都有资格享受社区提供的医疗保险。)

  12. B vigorous:精力充沛的,有活力的,常用于人,如:a vigorous young man, 也可作“强有力的,强劲的,用力的”解,如:vigorous opponent强劲的对手,vigorous exercises运动量大的锻炼。hot-tempered是“脾气大的,性子烈的”意思,patient作形容词则是“耐心的”意思。

  13. A 本句的意思是“并非所有的成员国都遵循他们先前达成一致的原则。”abide by是个短语,意为“服从,遵守”,adhere to也是一个固定的短语,和stick to同义。abide by常见的搭配还有abide by the rule/the law/decision,如:The players all abided by the referee's decision although it was not really fair.其余的三个选项apply(应用),abandon(抛弃),adopt(采纳)均可以和principle搭配,但词义和abide by不合。

  14. C bias这个名词的意思是“偏袒,偏见”,without bias则是“公平地,公正地”的意思。fairly是形容词fair的副词形式,在这里是“公平地”的意思。当然,fairly也可以作“相当,还”解,表示程度,如:Your English is fairly good.(你的英语还不错。)外语教育网版权所有www.for68.com

  15. B terminate这个动词意为“结束”,可作及物或不及物动词用,如:We have decided to terminate our contract with your company.(我们已决定终止与贵公司的合同。)The forest terminates in a forest.(路的尽头是树林。)put an end to是个动词短语,如:Finally they put an end to the long-standing disputes.(最后他们终于结束了长期的争端。)resume(中断后重又开始),suspend(暂时中断),re-schedule(重新制定时间表)这三个动词都可以和construction搭配,但词义和terminate不相近。


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