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2007-03-19 14:16中青英语角

  1, It displease my parents when Richard and I stay out late every night. My parents don ' t approve_____.

  A, of me and Richard staying out late every night.
  B, of Richard and me staying out late every night.
  C, of Richard ' s and my staying out late every night.
  D, when Richard and me stay out late every night.

  2, “ As for their going along with us, ” she said, “________ ”.

  A, my husband and myself certainly have no objection.
  B, certainly my husband and I have no objection.
  C, either I or my husband certainly have no objection.
  D, either my husband or I certainly have no objection.

  3, “ any thing wrong? ”“ there was no objection on the part of ________ present ”.

  A, this.
  B, those.
  C, these.
  D, who.

  4, Although oriental ideas of woman ' s subordination to man prevailed in those days, she_______ meet with men on an equal basis.

  A, did not dared.
  B, dared not
  C, dared not to.
  D, did dare not to.

  5, The stars (awaken) a certain reverence in man because, (though) always (present), they are beyond (your) reach.

  6, I had hoped( to have learned )French before my trip (to Paris), but I (did not have) any (extra money) for a course.

  7, “ what is the difference? ”

  “ this furniture is different from______ ”.

  A, that book.
  B, your.
  C, that one.
  D, that.

  8,“ we walked twenty miles today. ”“ I never guessed you could have walked _____ ”.

  A, as.
  B, this.
  C, that.
  d. such.

  9,“ what did Jack do last year? ”. “ I heard ____ taught German. ”.

  a, he.
  B, his.
  c. he is.
  d. him.

  10,“ did you see any foreigner present at the party? ”.

  “ he was the only foreigner ____ I saw at the party. ”.

  a, whom.
  B, that .
  C, who.
  d. which.

  11, (Nobody) who will not try to help the other people (develop) (his )abilities (deserves) to have friends.

  12, (there is ) often disagreement( as ) (to whom) is the (better) Shakespearean actor, Evans or Gielgud.

  13, John was ( the only one ) of the boys (whom) as you know ( was) not (eligible).

  14, The ( irritable) sergeant (was) insistent that nothing (superseded) thedrilling of ( the forty new men.).

  15, (Still holding) the young man's hand, he paused, and then (added deliberately): now I am not the man to let a cause (to be lost) ( for want of )a word.

  16, “What do you think about these pies?”

  “ I would like to have_____”.

  A, some other.
  B, another.
  c. the other.
  d. other.

  17, The FORMation of snow (must be occurring) (slowly), in calm air, and attemperature (near) the ( freezing) point.

  18, Carol said (that) she (went) ( to) the supermarket (before coming) home.

  19, (Weighed) down by a mass of trivial detail, a housewife is fortunate if she (did not) soon (lose ) all her charm and (three-quarters )of her intelligence.

  20, When our neighbor's daughter( caught) her fingers in the car door, she (did not cry) even though it (must) have (hurted) her.

  21, I will employ the man ______ they say is a fluent speaker of English.

  A, who.
  B, that.
  C, which.
  d. whom.

  22, “Then about tolstoy's great novels”.

  “ who_____ has read his great novels can forget their fascination?”

  a, who. B, that.
  c. which
  d. whoever.

  23, Since the earliest ancestors of the whales were land creatures, the ques

  tion has arisen as to how____________.

  A, did the flipper adaptation of the whale originate.
  B, was the flipper adaptation of the whale originated.
  c. the flipper adaptation of the whale originated.
  D, the flipper adaptation of the whale to originate.

  24, Most (aggregate) rocks are fused, and, (as is implied ) by the name, (has originated) (by the aggregation ) of smaller stones.

  25, The Amish, (whose) culture is (unique) American, have (developed) a (distinctive) tradition in organic farming.

  26, By the time smith (graduates) from (dental school), he will be (twenty-six) (years of age).

  27, (standing in the driveway), the house (appeared to be ) much smaller than (it had seemed ) (to us as children) many years ago.

  28, Kevin is (particularly) (fond of) cooking, and he (really) (cooks) delicious meals.

  29, I held an opinion that ( a honest man) who married and brought (up) a large family did more service than (he) who continued (single ) and only talked of the population.

  30, After (the church ) ( the men) stood together ( in the churchyard) (saying) he must be crazy.

  31, “do you need more water in the pan?”

  “no, it has ___________”.

  A, already enough full.
  B, full already enough.
  C, already had enough.
  D, had already enough.

  32, This is ___________ such a thing.

  A, my first time of seeing.
  B, my first time to see.
  C, the first time I have ever seen.
  D, my first time I have ever seen.

  33, “ after that, what happened to him?”

  “ the chance to enter_____ come and he took it.”

  A, to college.
  B, the college.
  c. for college.
  d. college.

  34, There has been (hardly no sign of ) agreement ( as yet) (between ) the management and labor ( in their ) dispute over wages and working conditions.

  35, ________ lessons were not difficult.

  A, our first few short French.
  B, our few first short French.
  c. our few first French short.
  D, few our first French short.

  36, Bill said that he didn't do _______ paper work.

  A, many.
  B, lots of .
  c. a great deal of .
  d. much.

  37, I waited there for thirty minutes; that seemed ________ hours to me.

  A, many.
  B, very much.
   C, as many.
  d. so many.

  38, No one (on ) the committee had flatly made (some ) such allegation, ( though) Wayne Morse did come (close) by declaring that the U.S. had irritated the North Vietnamese.

  39, There (have been ) (many) an argument (about) (its) proper usage.

  40, ( the social studies), (broad speaking), (deal with) man's ( relationship to other men).

  41, Founded ( in ) 1961 ( and employed) an estimated 35,000 people, the organization (has gained) a reputation for brutality.

  42, “john had the piano tuned today.”

  “ was it_______?”.

  A, out of tune badly before.
  B, before badly out of tune.
  C, badly out of tune before.
  D, out of tune before badly.

  43, “leaving for Chicago?”


  A, soon.
  B, lately.
  c. late.
  d. sooner.

  44, “ jane acts quite unfriendly.”

  “ I think she is ________ than unfriendly.”

  A, shyer.
  B, shy.
  C, more shy rather.
  D, more shy.

  45, “would you like me to go to the doctor with you?”

  “no, you_______ with me.”

  A, need not to go.
  B, do not need go.
  c. need not go.
  D, need to not.

  46, No (other )beverage comes (even) close to rivaling coffee as the (more widely) drunk refreshment in the (world).

  47, Strangers (come) into her city (now) notice what a (clean) place ( it is).

  48, Professor Anderson thought that because historical parallels are so ( much) used unprecisely and uncritically it (would) be (better) to avoid them altogether in our themes.

  49,“ I did not go to the party.”

  “did _____ go to the party?”

  a, many john friends.
  B, many john's friends.
  C, my sister boy friend.
  D, a boy friend of my sister's.

  50, “what did you see?”

  “ we saw_____ police there”.

  A, many.
  B, much.
  c. little.
  d. the.

  51, (when) and (by whom) the islands of the west Indies were first settled is a matter (of debating) (among) archaeologists.

  52, (Cliff's and Al's) car (broke down) again, but (luckily) they knew ( how to fix) it.

  53, (from the top ) of the tower, Jacob was able ( to clearly and easily see) the (whole ) city (stretching) out below him.

  54, Joan ( decided) that she did not like the (girl eating) an ice-cream cone on the bus after (she) ( yelled) at her little brother.



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