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  1.sign sb 与(球员明星)签约

  2.be heavily influenced by

  3.His fee was then a British record of $ 28 million.

  4.Despite repeated criticism, A has always been supportive of sb.

  5.A is struggling to fight for……

  6.It's an opportunity for sb to experience the coaching style of ……

  7.De123ce has been a trademark of his team.

  8.But A's problem this past year was more about sth than anything else.

  9.The way you have the best chance to win a championship is to……

  10.The big question still remains, ……

  11.Will workers be OK with having to do more work?

  12.A competent plan that we can follow and be successful with

  13.government policy and market force

  14.As far as saying that I'm going to do sth, there is nothing specific right now.

  15.maximize the potential of sb

  16.focus much of one's attention on

  17.gain reputation as 被(人们)尊为……

  18.His dedication and love for the game earned him the respect of others.

  19.Unlike education or business, football offers a fast route out of grinding poverty.


  21.Analysts said that sport in general has become a social elevator. 提高人的社会地位

  22.bold exploration

  23.need to be developed to meet/satisfy increased demand.

  24.at a primary stage of development


  26.I'm a native of Jiangsu province

  27.lifetime occasion 人生大事(结婚等)

  28.The number of A has been on the rise for the past decade.

  29.choose a happy and easy way to do sth instead of being bound by tradition

  30.Sun Zhongshan paved the way toward a Chinese utopia, but could only show it on paper.

  31.A, to some degree, lack the imagination of westerners.

  32.A believed it could help transform China from a decaying country into a fresh and new one.

  33.Sci-fi peaked in the 1970s. 科幻小说

  34.Many firms use tactics designed to hide their intent to gather and profit from the data they collect.

  35.We have done our part to provide up-to-date info.

  36.With a shared vision for the future, 21st century will prosper.


  38.motivate sb to do

  39.provide easy access to English education for learners

  40.The hosting of the 2008 Olympic games

  41.the outbreak of SARS

  42.exert a lot of pressure on me to do sth

  43.The hope of……was shattered when we heard the news.

  44.I have still got a big future ahead of me.

  45.I are planning on playing football for as long as I continue to enjoy it.

  46.It is never route to win a world title.

  47.premarital * and homo*uality

  48.My whole life is exposed to my parents, I hate this feeling.

  49.Since they have had less freedom, they've gone in pursuit of it.

  50.No doubt, the development of information technology has contr123ted its bit in broadening or bending the minds of the 80's generation.

  51.get in touch via QQ

  52.The Internet is so much more to A than you can imagine.

  53.a aspiring student

  54.After years of ups and downs

  55.It's a lot more mainstream, I think, than people realize.


  57.women outnumber men 2-to-1 with the disease

  58.This in part, prompted her participation in the campaign.

  59.stem the spread of disease

  60.remake its image as a center of international activities

  61.His subtle smile made him curious.

  62.Boys have a strong tendency to fight than girls.

  63.Freedom of action is one of inviolable rules of human behavior.

  64.Their furniture was chosen for utility rather than for elegance.

  65.He welcomes us with artificial smile on his face.

  66.A doctor like him is a disgrace to our hospital.

  67.He was so steadfast to his principles that we couldn't move him.

  68.Her thrift saved her enough money to buy a house.

  69.Her father gave her the alternative of doing A or doing B.

  70.Vegetables are widely known for their health benefits.

  71.Too much alcohol makes all my senses blunt.

  72.The new generation of phones has features that can be used for teaching purpose.

  73.technical foul 技术犯规///free throw 罚球///field goal 进球得分///three-point shot///out-of-bound 界外

  74.Believe you me! 你最好相信我!

  75."settle for sth" means reluctantly accept sth that is not so satisfactory.

  76.credibility problem

  77.The fact has silenced the doubters.

  78.It's staging a remarkable comeback.

  79.At Yahoo, spontaneity is out, order is in.

  80.Wait a few years before we judge them as a group.

  81.Different people have different views.

  82.paint a picture of young people insecure about their future and deciding to do……

  83.The book succeeded in doing a number of things,……

  84.be quickly adopted by the media

  85.It fails to take into account individual traits and differences between people of same age or background.

  86.They are seen to share a general attitude.

  87.Great strides have been made in science since 1950.

  88.We had a very fruitful discussion in the classroom.

  89.in urgent need of medical supplies///overshadow sth

  90.There 's evidence to suggest that the onion has a high level of nutrition.

  91.A is believed to have the ability to prevent disease.

  92.Rest is as crucial as exercise.

  93.Proponents say cyclic fitness duplicates the physiology of how humans evolved.


  95.They will not ,he believes, get the health benefits(such as losing weight) without putting sufficient time into their exercise.

  96.redraw the line between what is private and public

  97.The SARS outbreak deprived A of the chance to display her talent.

  98.But,on second thought, I see that

  99.give more weight to

  100.His "sleepless in the dorm" problem is hardly unique.

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