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  101.an 11pm light-out rule 11点熄灯

  102.Judge me on the basis of result, and not on style.

  103.You must calculate all the advantages and disadvantage before coming to a discussion.

  104.convenience store 便利店

  105.guarantee financial security

  106.win a place as 占有一席之地

  107.the world beyond the school walls.

  108.market segment 市场份额

  109.The price of sugar soars.

  110.With continued growth it will surpass Japan by 2020.

  111.The long-term trends lend support to the optimistic view.

  112.on the cover of magazine

  113.That is my priority.

  114.We must be more selective in what we choose.

  115.A can make fiction a reality in this decade.

  116.give sb an edge over sb 给予……竞争的优势

  117.A have much in common with successful feature films

  118.A computer game eats up millions of do123rs in research and development-not to mention several years of time.

  119.The document has the planning of technical implementation with which the designers and programmers can get down to work.

  120.A lot of time passes before the script is ready.

  121.It was an enormous task to make the game come alive.

  122.Beyond the programming efforts, such games need fine graphic works.

  123.The things that they catch or miss often determine whether a game will become a top seller or a failure.

  124.In the US, the sale of liquor is restricted to people less than 21 years old.

  125.It is a reminder that, behind their smiles and skills, they are as imperfect as the rest of us.

  126.Tunes fuelling growth in cell phone market.

  127.The mood was light.

  128.greet each other by saying……

  129.There are so many novel things there.

  130.China's Internet population hit 68 million by the end of June.

  131.Netizens between the ages of 18 and 30 are the driving force.

  132.As the number of china's Internet users grows so does the junk mail.

  133.Volunteers help develop backward regions.

  134.have gone through a similar progression.

  135.Following ringer tones(手机铃声) in popularity are games.

  136.We've had a doubling of the number of a every month since 1999.

  137.The coming month promise even more content.

  138.in the very near future

  139.acquire knowledge ("learn knowledge" is wrong!)

  140.We study science to gain insight into the world we live in.

  141.The doctor had great prestige among the members of his profession.

  142.The trend of modern living is away from many customs.

  143.They made a systematic search for the lost car.

  144.I hesitated about taking his side until I know the whole story.

  145.He reacted my question with much surprise.

  146.Her plan was upset by the change of the weather.

  147.You must learn to behave in a mature way.

  148.The economic gap between A and B has been narrowed.

  149.You stood me up. 放我鸽子

  150.China is offering preferential politics to encourage retuning scholars to start their own business.

  151.The government was accused of paying insufficient attention to the growing AIDS crisis.

  152.More than 55% of the people questioned in a recent sina.com survey said that……


  154.As the water unexpectedly hot, he jerked his hand out.

  155.What bliss it is to be able to lie in bed instead of working.

  156.He'll start receiving a pension after he retires.

  157.Old ones are usually more conservative than young people.

  158.Such a movie is not wholesome to children.

  159.Justice must not be denied to anyone, however poor he may be.

  160.endanger one's health

  161.The number of A will be doubled in 1 year.

  162.The company allows us an annual vacation of two weeks.

  163.We read the newspaper to keep up with the current situation.

  164.The only beneficiaries are consumers and retailers.

  165.Price adjustment is a normal market activity.

  166.A happy work environment is a productive work environment.

  167.Those days were terrible because I was under heavy pressure and had no escape if I failed.

  168.bet my future on more study.

  169.A school can only be a temporary buffer against social risks. One day, they have to go out.

  170.Education has become a lengthier process.

  171.But fear of joblessness is not the only thing that sends grads back home.

  172.helpful to keep a line between work and personal life.

  173.professional conflicts of interest.

  174.compete for the same promotion 为同一个竞升职位而竞争

  175.Most importantly, an office relationship might make the loves believe that they have a lot more in common than they actually do.

  176.Sad breakups show that love and work make a disastrous mix.

  177.jet lag 时差

  178.Many students share the same opinion that……

  179.find a job that is related to their professional knowledge

  180.We shouldn't have such high expectations on our future jobs.

  181.slid(slide) from fourth to seventh

  182.Students are no exception.学生没有例外

  183.When you take shoes off plants nearby die and small birds fall to earth unconscious.

  184.Time to do sth

  185.Be most upbeat about future

  186.A is already being feted as the new "king of ……" but time will tell whether he is the real deal.

  187.Today,everyone everywhere recognizes A.

  188.For underneath all the posing and preening is a man who puts his family's desires alongside his own.

  189.have a passion for sth

  190.They remain, underneath all the brashness, traditionalists at heart.

  191.A great many cancers can be cured, but only if properly treated before they begun to spread.

  192.He left his successful business and life of luxury to become a monk.

  193.be appropriate for

  194.relevant evidence

  195.You should not appropriate other people's belongings without their permission.

  196.consider all of the possibilities carefully.

  197.His wages are not adequate to support his family.

  198.A man who is careless in what he does will never succeed.

  199.It's impolite behavior to smoke in……

  200.The ice on the roads is a hazard for driving and walking.

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