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  201.The ugly advertisement is a blot on the beautiful landscape.

  202.Very rarely do de123ders become world wide superstars, but A ……

  203.Various controversy have arisen in the university over this question.

  204.At the party, there was food and drink in abundance.

  205.He judges people by mere external clothes rather than internal character.

  206.Teaching little children usually requires infinit patience.

  207.The main street is crowed with vehicles.

  208.I like them as a reminder that the future can be anything we want to make it.

  209.go into the politics

  210.No doubt about it.

  211.With the movies as my tutor I also do sth.

  212.What would Jazz be without ……

  213.It's just a term.

  214.China is not developed to its fullest potential

  215.The broken lock facilitated my entrance into that empty house.

  216.Despite the opposition from his family,he remained resolute in his decision.

  217.The habit of travelling by air is becoming more prevalent each year.

  218.The answer to the question is affirmative.

  219.a petty problem

  220.They deprived the criminal of his right to vote.

  221.She could not restrain her curiosity to see what was in the box.

  222.Will you swear to the truth of your statement?

  223.Scientists are now on the threshold of a better understanding of how the human brain works.

  224.Fame,power,wealth —— all is vanity before death.

  225.I have a sensation that ……


  227.We attr123te Edison's success to intelligence and hard work.

  228.Our friendship began with a casual meeting.

  229.There are hundreds of children who need to be nourished.

  230.a exclusive club

  231.The discipline of his early hardships contr123ted to his cuccess.

  232.Because of advances in medical technology,heart surgery is not as risky as it formorly was.

  233.She took the initiative in getting acquainted with sb.

  234.She has supersition that breaking a mirror brings bad luck.

  235.This one would be even more demanding. 要求更高

  236.bring many benefits and conveniences to people

  237.The establish of more courses that are contr123tory to the shaping of a sound psychology for students in high school derives form the current social demand.

  238.The evcr-increasing improvement in all the realms of human life has necessitated the priority particitation of those who are in possession of adequate expertise, upright conduct and a competent mental condtion.

  239.be beneficial to both A and to society as a whole

  240.enable sb to stand the sundry emotional social strains

  241.exert a huge influence upon……

  242.when the naivety of childhood is left behind and maturity of adulthood is embraced

  243.A is only the preliminary stage in the process of growing up.

  244.Sport is an important part of modern life as well as a commercialized part of modern society.

  245.People engage in sports because they want good health.

  246.They sacrifice too much.

  247.It's not unreasonable that…… ……不无道理

  248.Sb should be more supportive of……

  249.It's a fact that traditional culture is undergoing a decline with the development of science and technology.

  250.It's human nature to continually look for new ways to replace old ones.

  251.dispel the mist and explain many phenomena that we thought of as mysteries in the past

  252.both the senior citizens and the youth

  253.Only this way can the essence the of traditional culture be inherited as it should be.

  254.Zoos provide recreation and refreshment for fatigued urban dwellers.

  255.dreamlands for small children

  256.dragon's descendants 龙的传人

  257.add to their knowledge something they will never acquire in the classroom

  258.research facilities

  259.gradually rises to 10% at 8:00 and maintains the same for the next 2 hours

  260.There is …… increase …… ,however, after that it drops.

  261.During the period from …… to …… , the output increased.

  262.This is not a matter of the-earlier-the-better when we discuss sth.

  263.It's difficult for them to cope with problems that others find easy to handle.

  264.near-sightedness and stunted growth

  265.sb should be on guard against sth.

  266.Many people hold optimistic attitude towards…… ,and are confident of the positive alterations it will bring to the present world.


  268.People who believe in different religions may learn to give understanding to one another.

  269.I hope you will place strong emphasis on living a healthy life in order to be truly happy.

  270.The 'healthy' in question refers to being at the same time mentally and physically healthy.

  271.From this prospective, sb can be considered as……

  272.receive higher education

  273.His work is more meaningful to the society he lives in.

  274.Economists and merchants may serve as perfect examples to verify this point.

  275.One's earning can not be solely determined by his education background.

  276.We should decide how we are to define "personal income" before finally judging who should own more.

  277.He set the tone in the house. 在家里说了算

  278.There is not a great deal of difference between A and B.

  279.The figures bottomed out in ……

  280.This is one of the side effects brought about by this modern world.

  281.Failure to take this responsibility constitutes delinquency as parents.

  282.be eliminated from the chance to get a proper education

  283.The juvenile crime rate will undoubtedly be rapidly brought down and controlled.

  284.The overwhelming burden of educating children falls upon the teachers' shoulders.

  285.job market

  286.I feel that it is not too much to say that modern technology has reduced human beings to being slaves of machines.

  287.care nothing about job satisfaction and enjoying life

  288.but modern society makes this prospect less and less likely

  289.This can serve as an incentive for successful enterprises to attract talented workers.

  290.Fast food, as its name implies, is usually quick to prepare.

  291.It saves your time.So that you can devote more energy to your work and gain competitive edge.

  292.it is less tasty and less nutrition

  293.Traditional foods generally involve elaborate preparations.

  294.Like it or not, it is here to stay.

  295.The co-existance of the two kinds of foods only makes our life more colorful.

  296.People can no longer afforded to be computer-illiterate.

  297.This will put this childern in an unfaorable position in the future job market.

  298.You can still use your mind to think when you have a computer,and the use of computer and training in writing and calculate are not mutually cxclusive.

  299.potential harmful impact on sb

  300.such worries have proved to be unfounded

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