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  301.They don't care about winning or losing.

  302.produce better foodstuffs in terms of quality and quantity

  303.GM(Genetically modified) technology opens a new dimension for scientific research.

  304.bring the whole plant growth process under our control

  305.With careful regulation and control, the advantages wil far outweight the disadvantages.

  306.high tuition fees 复数

  307.make sure that money does not corrupt this international goodwill sports gathering

  308.dissolve tensions between countries and promote harmony between their people

  309.deter would-be crimials


  311.private proerty is inviolable

  312.did a great service for society

  313.He is faced with problem of finding a high-paying job related to his past studies and interest.

  314.pursure sth to the highest extent

  315.For people fresh from universities,experience is what they are in great need of.

  316.Work experience is equivalent to work expertise.

  317.Conversely, aiming at a position beyond one's ability at the beginning of the interview,thought it appears to show ambition,usually proves to be impractical,and is therefore doomed a failure.

  318.This dose involve some expence in terms of good food and medical treatment.


  320.They only eat the leftovers of family meals

  321.Sensational stories such as these cause great uhappiness to the people concerned.

  322.They are highly-skilled professionals who are aware of all the latest development in their fields of interest.

  323.develop many interpersonal skills and become more tolerate,more emotionally mature

  324.They adapt so much to weatern culture that they have problems readjusting when they finally return home.

  325.infrastructure such as road system and electricity supply

  326.Both government and private groups can share in the provision of most services.

  327.sth is not an essential feature of modern education.

  328.I believe that sth can lead to many problems, which might not be solved easily.

  329.Jealousy can be very destructive, especiall at an early age.

  330.There are often many difficult issues to cope with.

  331.Today's youth are better informed than their parents were, and, therefore, might be more capable of making a relationship succeed.

  332.cut short one's lifetime

  333.sth may be right logically,they are certainly wrong morally.

  334.arrange sb's time

  335.handle various unexpected crisis

  336.Whether or not a part-time job is useful for a student's future depends on the type of job chosen.

  337.The tuition fees, not to mention the cost of living, are soaring by the day.

  338.benefit not only A, but also B as well

  339.Nevertheless, along with convenicnces, it has brought mankind new problems to solve.

  340.Internet can vastly improve the efficiency of scientific research.

  341.pronograghic items

  342.It's shortsighted to do A instead of ……

  343.Any country which falls behind in the "information race" will become economically backward.

  344.China is still struggling to achieve modernization.

  345.But I'm far from advocating neglect of culture and art.

  346.enhance their sense of identity and solidarity

  347.make students proud of belonging to their school

  348.Besides, uniforms enhance discipline, which is what most young students lack.

  349.sth result in hostility toward……

  350.military uniforms 军装

  351.People's suitability for a position should be a reflection of their performance in the job.

  352.Workers who can still demonstrate the capacity to carry out their work should not be asked to retire simply because they have reached a certain age.

  353.You may do well to look again at their policies.

  354.While a person can study a foreign language in his or her country, it can not compare with constant use of the language in academic and everyday use.

  355.There is no better opportunity to improve second-language skills than living in the country which it is spoken.

  356.living and studying abroad offers me a new and different perspective of the world

  357.While any anxiety about A is certainly understandable, it is important to remember that the benefits offered by the experience make it well worthwhile.

  358.The media,representing the value of their owners,tend to report wars with a bias.

  359.clothing styles

  360.A popular figure such as Michael Jackson would never be so well known were it hot for the media's extensive reach into every society on the globe.

  361.For a parent with young children,this may be a blessing.

  362.One substantial benefit for sb is that there will be no need to travel to work.

  363.Sth will serve not only to change the way we work but also the way we live.

  364.Sb should engage in educational pursuits in their spare time.

  365.It's not contr123tive to do sth in the process of growing up.

  366.take painting or drawing

  367.The experience of researching and understanding is both useful and thoroghly satisfying.

  368.It's true that in today's competitive age it 's essential for children to be adequately educated in order to be successful in the future.

  369.Playing sports teaches children about cooperation and goals.

  370.a wide range of subjects

  371.The pressure to do well.

  372.It's not common these days for sb to do

  373.the wide gap between these students' unrealistic vision of school life and disappointing reality

  374.With efforts from both A and B, the prospect of their gap being bridged is far from dim.

  375.sb will develop a confident feeling about themselves as capable people.

  376.But more and more argument arises with the increasing use of such things.

  377.Clothing should be able to illustrate a person's individual characteristics.

  378.The impression we make on others is often important, but it can never be important enough to make us willingly undergo discomfort.

  379.The pace of live is becoming faster and faster.

  380.This is a matter of personal choice.

  381.Sth is of great importance for sb

  382.Sb is undergoing fast physical development.

  384.A reasonable amount of exercise guarantees a good appetite and sound sleep at night.

  385.The colorful pictures and vivid characters of PC games are far more exciting than dull black letters in textbooks.

  386.contain violence pornography

  387.PC games have contr123ted a lot to failing eyesight among teenagers in recent years.

  388.use sth in a more rational and controlled way

  389.With one parent at home, the family will enjoy a lot of advantages that it has never experienced before.

  390.There is often something exclusively for adults involved in them, such as the adoption of *ually appealing scenes.

  391.As we know, young people are susceptible to bad influences.

  392.Sb try every means possible to attract people's attention

  393.mislead young people in choosing their lifestyles

  394.Teachers should give priority to practical courses over such traditional ones as history and geography.

  395.These days there is a growing tendency for college students to have difficulties in finding jobs when they graduate.

  396.hold the opinion that lack of practical knowledge contr123te to this situation

  397.emphasis on practical course is demanded by our ever-developing society

  398.If a student has little knowledge of computers or business, he will lag behind the times.

  399.They are either too theoretical or too academic.

  400.There is no denying the fact that……

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