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  I used to be a faithful TV watcher. Besides the latest information, I 'd love to appreciate beautiful exotic sceneries and enjoy the evening with my favorite singers, actors and hosts. It was the advertisement that frustrated me. Ad is a great annoyance of watching television.In the first place, the ads waste time. Generally speaking, at least 5 or 6 minutes is lost when watching the ads during a single news program, and usually 10 to 15 or even more during a good movie. In the second place, the ads often interrupt the viewer. The viewer may forget the situation of a show because of frequently inserted ads; even worse, the watcher may lose his pleasant mood when the ads come on one after another, which can bring negative psychological influence such as disappointment, depression, anxiety and so on so forth. Besides, the ads make many products look more appealing than they really are, some of which even look so disgusting. For example, an expensive car is made to seem luxurious, or a bad product like deodorant is made to look very good by showing a beautiful amazing lady taking shower! Therefore, the television viewer must be aware and critical of the ad in order to endure them.

  48.Why the author was one of the TV fans in the past?

  A. Because he could stay with his favorite stars the whole evening.

  B. Because he could travel the world without going out.

  C. Because he could get the news which couldn't be found on newspapers.

  D. Because he could make friends on TV.

  49. What feelings may ads bring to the viewers when inserted frequently, according to the author?

  A. disappointed    B. depressed    C. anxious     D. unpleasant

  50.Which statement is not true according to the passage?

  A. Ads are frustrations during watching TV.

  B. Ads occupy too much viewer's time when they watch TV……

  C. Ads often cause interruptions which will destroy the viewer's mood……

  D. Ads present the viewer much information about the best products.

  51. What can we infer from the passage?

  A. Ads time should be reasonably controlled.

  B. More and more people choose not to watch TV.

  C. Programs on TV are not worth watching.

  D. Ads mustn't be showed on TV at all.


  McDonald's is the world single biggest food provider with annual sales of around $12.4bn. And the company's symbol Ronald McDonald is now (or so the company claims) the word's most recognized person after Santa Claus.

  The first McDonald's restaurant was opened in San Bernardino, California, in 1948 by brothers Mac and Richard “Dick” McDonald. Mac ran the restaurant side; Dick was the marketing genius. He had already invented the drive-in laundry and had been the first person to use neon lights in advertising. Now he spotted the gap in the post-war, baby-boom market for cheap, family-orientated restaurants with simple menus, standardized food and efficient service.

  After a slow start, business began to boom. By 1954, the brothers were joined by another entrepreneur, a kitchen equipment salesman called Ray A Kroc who owned the franchise to the Multimixer, milk shake maker used throughout the McDonald's chain. A year later, Kroc had bought the McDonald brothers' chain of 25 franchises for the equivalent of around $70m(£44m). Dick remained with the company until the Seventies, when he and Kroc fell out over Kroc's claim that the chain was his creation.

  Today, an almost Stalinist cult of personality surrounds Kroc (who died in 1984) at McDonald's, while the brothers who gave the company its name have all but been written out of its history. But though Kroc did not found McDonald's, he was certainly responsible for the empire-building philosophy which led to its world domination. He ushered in such essential contributions to international cuisine as the Big Mac (1968) and the Egg McMuffin (1973); and helped launch Ronald McDonald —— “in any language he means fun” —— on to television in 1963.

  Every three hours, a new McDonald's franchise opens somewhere in the world; it can be found in more than 100 countries including India (vegetarian-only to avoid offending the non-beef-eating populace) and Israel (non kosher, despite fierce local objection). McDonald's chain embodied the thrusting, can-do spirit of Fifties America with staff mottoes such as “If you've got time to lean, you've go time to clean.”

  52. McDonald's was founded _____.

  A. by a kitchen equipment salesman .

  B. in California.

  C. by a marketing genius called Dick McDonald.

  D. after the first World War.

  53. What do we know about McDonald's brothers?

  A. They were not McDonald's founders although they named the restaurant.

  B. Their business was still in depression after several years.

  C. They had clear job separation on business.

  D. They sold their restaurant to a salesman in 1954.

  54. Which is not Kroc's contribution to McDonald's ?

  A. He launched the restaurant image Ronald McDonald on to television.

  B. Under his lead, international cuisine as the Big Mac and the Egg McMuffin earned worldwide fame

  C. He spotted the gap in postwar market for cheap, family-orientated restaurants.

  D. He built McDonald's empire with a philosophy which led to its world domination.

  55. Which statement is true according to the passage?

  A. The single biggest food provider was however, not named after its founder

  B. The international cuisine as the Big Mac, a beef hamburger, is provided every chain restaurant in the world.

  C. Employees in McDonald's have no time to lean.

  D. The symbol Ronald McDonald, means fun in any language, is said to the word most recognized person after Santa Claus.

  56. This passage is mainly concerned with _____.

  A. brief history of McDonald's.

  B. McDonald's success……

  C. Ray A Kroc, leader of the McDonald's empire.

  D. McDonald brothers, founder of McDonald's.

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