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  Questions 1-7

  . Read these sentences and the following business index.

  . Which advisor each sentense (1-7) describe?

  . For each sentence mark one letter (A , B ,C ,D or E) on your Answer Sheet.


  The company invests a large sum of money in high technology.

  Answer: E

  1. It is engaged in the expansion of a telecommunications line.

  2. No other steel industries have such a high rating. .

  3. The company is the chief holder of a British company's shares.

  4. As much as forty million U. S. dollars are invested in Taiwan.

  5. It has business transactions with an American company.

  6. The company gets a very high interest rate from its stocks.

  7. Agreements were signed between two companies about technological cooperation.

  A. Telecom Asia Corporation Limited (Thailand )

  -It serves as international advisor in connection with the debt and equity financing for a US $3 billion telephone line expansion project in Bangkok. (Current)

  B. Singapore Telecom international Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

  - It acquires its 50/00 interest in Cambridge Holding Ltd. ,the controlling shareholder of Cambridge Cable Ltd. of the U. K. (6/1992)

  C. Pohang Iron 6 Steel Co. ,Ltd. (Korea) .

  In connection with its ratings with Standard & Poor's and Moody's investor Services. The company obtained the highest rating of any steei company in the world. (II/1991)

  D. Goldstar Co. ,Ltd. (Korea)

  In its investiment in ,and technology agreements with ,Zenith Electronics of the U. S. -the first transaction of this type in Korea. (2/1991 )

  E. Concord Venture Capital Co. , Ltd.(Taiwan) '

  -Structured ,marketed to investors and made a principal investment in the Fund with total equity of NT $ 940 million(US $ 40 million) to invest in Taiwanese high-technology venture capital opportunities. (I/1991)


  Questions 8-1 2

  . Read this advertisement of a Canadian computer incorporation.

  . Choose the best sentence from the list A-I on page 5 to fill each of the blanks.

  . For each blank (8-12)mark one letter(A -I) on your Answer Sheet.

  . Do not mark any letter twice.

  . One answer has been given as an example.


  Our new and improved Bravo series of personal computers is designed to do calculations in a new way. . …… . ……example . . . . . .

  For example , the new Bravo MT has the same features of Intel's very fast Pentium 60MHz microprocessor. It's all the power you need to run an entire workgroup or the latest graphics-intensive programs, and processes even the most complicated mathematical calculations five times faster than the DX2/66. …… 8…… It's perfect for the power user who demands high performance at an attractive price point.

  Also new from AST is our latest generation of Bravo LC desktops, a value line of energy efficient 486 personal computers. Our entire Bravo LC family ,while still affordable, has new muscle——Intel 486 microprocessors up to 100 MHz and a VESA Local Bus slot. Today, it's fast, tomorrow it could be even faster, if you choose to raise it to Intel's Pentium Over Drive processor. How about more performance in less space? The Bravo LP is a low profile 486 , loaded with award-winning engineering. …… …… 9 …… …… And the graphics RAM can be enlarged to ZMB for 64-bit processing.

  Our new Bravo NB notebook computers, recently named the number one of the 20 world's top notebook computers ,are some of our best examples of the Bravo family. …… ……10 …… …… It is particularly ideal for small businesses ,home offices ,and mobile users.

  With Bravo , there's something for everyone. Including high value , performance , and the most responsive around the-clock phone support anywhere. …… …… 11 …… ……

  By the way ,our 486 Bravos are all approved by the Environmental Protection Agency…… …… 12…… ……For an AST reseller near you ,please call 800 876- 4 AST.

  Example: C

  A. Would you expect anything from the world's fifth largest (and growing )personal computer company?

  B. In addition ,you'll find .yourself in the enjoyment of free maintenance and


  C. If you want speed, power, expandability, and dazzling graphics performance at a very affordable price, you'll find it in our Bravo personal computers.

  D. The MT also comes with two AL-slots for graphic upgrades and installed windows-based software solutions.

  E. So , you'll save energy , money ,and perhaps a few trees.

  F. For instance, innovative security features help you keep your most confidential work to yourself.

  G. As a result, you need a certificate issued by the Environment Protection Agency if you buy a personal computer.

  H. The Bravo NB4/33 is even thinner, lighter ,faster , and more affordable- using very little power with a longer battery life.

  I. Finally, the DX2/66 is inferior to our Bravo MT in speed, function and

  graphics performance.


  Questions 13-20

  . Read this brochure about the Canadian city, Saint John, and answer questions 13 to 20 that follow.

  Canada's Most Cost-Effective City

  In today's business climate, every corporate decision is measured by one standard-how it influences bottom line. So for businesses in Saint John, New Brunswick , important decisions usually comes easier. The reason? Saint John is the country's most cost-effective city.

  Many Companies ,including major telemarketing operations ,are moving in to take advantage of substantially more competitive operating costs for human resources , workers' compensation, telecommunications and business convenience.

  1. In Saint John, city center rents run approximately one-third less than the national average. Downtown Class A office space ranges in price from the low to mid teens. Class B rents for much lower fees. Salaries cost an average of 23 percent less when compared to other major centers. These reduced costs and lower household expenses make for a winning combination where employers and employees both benefit. .

  2. From superhighways to future highways ,Saint John has it all. Leading-edge technology supplied by companies like NBTel will link your firm to the world. Combine this technology with low-cost telecommunications rates and round-the-clock service ,and you have three good reasons why national firms like Northern Telecom ,Canada Trust and Meditrust now call Saint John home.

  3. NBTel's Competitive telecommunications rates can help an employer realize annual savings of 25 percent and more. Lower property and commercial taxes ,Canada's second lowest electric power rates, and no business of salary taxes make. Saint John an ideal cost-saving location. In recent comparative studies to detemine the least expensive city center, Saint John ranked number one compared to 27 U. S. cities.

  4. Saint John means profitability and good business sense. To help companies considering business expansion or relocation ,the newly created Greater Saint John Economic Development Commission is ready to take an active role in your evaluation process. General manager Steve Carson says the Commission's role is simple :We're

  here to make it easier to set up or expand a business in Saint John.

  Questions 13-16

  . For questions 13-1 6,choose the correct title for each paragraph from the box below.

  . For each paragraph (1-4)mark one letter (AG) on your Answer Sheet.

  . Do not mark any letter twice.

  13. Paragraph 1 ……

  14. Paragraph 2 ……

  15. Paragraph 3 ……

  16. Paragraph 4 ……

  A. Low living cost

  B. Good traffic and telecommunication services

  O. Sanit John's cheap rents

  D. Two classes of rents

  E. The number one expensive city center

  F. Encouragement for new business activities

  G. Good business sense

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