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2007-03-06 11:11

  Section Two. Questions 13 to 22.

  Section Two. Questions 13 to 17.

  Question Thirteen

  You see, we have to buy the food anyway, so why not find a more economical way to do it? I will read the newspaper to see if anything is on sale that we need. Since we have a fridge, we can buy some items and freeze them for later use.

  Question Fourteen

  I'm going to stay in New York for next week. During my stay, I'll be attending a few parties and social gatherings. Of course, I can't wear the same thing all the time. I need two new suits and garments for the evening.

  Question Fifteen

  I have made a reservation for a flight to New York for next week. And I have to pass on the details of this flight to my American friend so that he can book a room for me during my business visit. So could you tell me what time it is in New York?

  Question Sixteen

  Look at the rear-view mirror and the side-view mirror to make sure that no one is coming. You may turn your head to look back, too. Now the gauge on the dashboard says the engine is war, so you can put it into drive.

  Question Seventeen

  Winter will be here in no time, so we have to know that your radiator fluid can withstand freezing point. This gauge will tell us how low the temperature can go before your car's radiator fluid freezes.

  Section Two. Questions 18 to 22.

  Question Eighteen

  It's amazing to think that the thin thread from cocoons can be woven into such beautiful cloth. This kind of cloth is light and comfortable to wear. So it's often used to make pajamas, shirts, etc. We call it "the Cloth of Kings."

  Question Nineteen

  I think I can pick up some of these items on this Prescription List without your help. Let me see ,two bottles of aspirin ,a roll of adhesive tape ,and a box of Contac.

  Question Twenty

  Black might look too serious for young people of your age. Why don't you try this violet colour in large. You can use the dressing room over there to try it on, if you like. This style suits you.

  Question Twenty-one .

  Vitamin C is certainly one of the most important substances our bodies need. But it's not the only one we need. If you really need to supplement your regular diet ,I suggest you try one of these multivitamins.

  Question Twenty-two

  Only man has the power of speech, and all men have it. The power of speech is one of the most important possessions of the human race. It makes possible the exchange of ideas between men possible as well as the transmission of ideas from father to son.

  Part Three. Questions 23 to 30.

  Interviews conducted by members of the ECE, (Economic Committee of Europe) with enterprises engaged in third-market cooperation have identified several areas in which problems occurred. Many of these problems are characteristic of the particular industrial sector in which the cooperation takes place and cannot be generalized to supply to other sectors.

  When vehicles and machinery made under cooperation arrangements are launched on new

  markets, substantial modifications may have to be made in basic features. Such changes

  may be dictated by a lack of servicing facilities for the prescribed frequency of service for the standard model and an operating environment that is different form that prevailing in either of the partner's home markets. Since acceptance of the product in question by the client depends upon the manufacturer successfully satisfying his specifications, the partners must closely coordinate their ordering procedures in such a way that these changed specifications are communicated in time to the manufacturing plants. If the producing enterprise has a long lead time as a result of internal planning procedures, it may find it difficult to make the necessary changes in the standard model during the time available, to the detriment of its relations with clients in the third market. Clearly, this is an area in which effective managerial techniques can prevent such problems from arising.

  Rapid fluctuations in demand are characteristic of the market for many of the chemical products manufactured under east-west cooperation arrangement. In order to respond to such shifts in demand, the supplying enterprise must remain in close touch with the market, either directly or through its western partner, in order to adjust its production schedules to take these shifts into account. Otherwise it may find itself with large inventories of unsaleable products while its partner may be in the difficult position of hastening to find4nalternativemarket for the amounts no longer required by the target market.

  In the turnkey-plant sector, partner enterpriese often discover that they derive totally different results from using the same local subcontractors. According to several western plant contractors interviewed, while the eastern partner obtained complete satisfaction from local suppliers, the western partner found little cooperation, forthcoming long delivery delays, and other shortcomings. This difference usually arises in the case of developing countries in which the western firm has no experience and the eastern enterprise may have been active for many years. Obviously in such cases it is recommended that the western firm rely on its partner's established links with local suppliers instead of attempting to deal with them on its own.

  Consumer goods make under cooperation arrangements and supplied to third markets often pass through a period of poor buyer acceptance, which is due to inappropriate or insufficient packaging. Since many branded consumer goods are distinguished from one another at the point of sale mainly by their packages ,the key to the successful introduction of a new product in a third market is correct assessement of consumer preferences. This assessment can best be carried out in the market-place by using up-to-date techniques for measuring buyer response to package shape, colour and presentation. Which partner should be responsible for conducting such testing, and who should pay for this costly exercise, should be decided well in advance of the decision to enter the market or to select the type of distribution network for the product in question.

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