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  (A=Applicant I=Interviewer)

  Dialogue 1

  I: Are you a goal-oriented person?

  A: Yes, I am. I always make a plan before I do anything.

  I: Where do you want to be in 5 years?

  A: I don抰 want to have a specific title. I just want to enjoy what I am doing.

  I: That sounds very reasonable.

  A: It抯 the most important thing to me.

  I: If you are hired, how long do you plan to stay with us?

  A: That obviously depends on how things go —— whether I抦 suited to the firm and the firm to me.

  I: Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you do to achieve them.

  A: I want to put my knowledge and experience to use in a challenging position. In order to achieve this goal, I just want to work step by step.

  I: What is your long-range objective?

  A: I haven抰 thought it over at all.

  I: What do you think is the most important thing when looking for a job?

  A: I think the most important thing is the interest in the job.

  I: 你是一个有明确目标的人吗?

  A: 是的,我是,在做每件事之前我都做一个计划。

  I: 你在五年内希望做到什么位置?

  A: 我并不想要什么特别的头衔,我只想做我喜欢做的事情。

  I: 听起来非常有道理。

  A: 这对我来说是最重要的。

  I: 如果你被录用,计划在我们公司干多久?

  A: 这当然依事情的发展而定,得看我和公司之间是否互相适合。

  I: 能说说你的近期目标以及如何去实现它吗?

  A: 我想把我的知识和经验运用到一个具有挑战性的工作中,为了达到这个目标,我只想一步一步地踏实工作。

  I: 你的长远目标是什么?

  A: 我还没有认真考虑过。

  I: 在找工作时,你认为什么最重要?

  A: 我认为是对工作的兴趣。

  Dialogue 2

  I: Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now?

  A: As I have some administrative experience from my last job, I may use my organizational and planning skills in the future.

  I: How do you plan to accomplish this?

  A: By doing everything necessary and for further study.

  I: How long would you like to stay with this company?

  A: How long I will stay with the company depends on whether the company and I are satisfied with each other.

  I: What do you think of this industry抯 outlook in five years?

  A: I do believe this industry will be developed rapidly in 5 years time.

  I: 你能设想一下五年后你在做些什么吗?

  A: 因为我以前的工作积累了一些管理经验,我希望将来能运用我的组织和计划才能。

  I: 你计划怎样来实现它呢?

  A: 做任何需要做的事情以及继续深入学习。

  I: 你打算在本公司干多长时间?

  A: 我在贵公司干多长时间决定于我和公司之间是否互相满意。

  I: 你认为五年内这个行业前景如何?

  A: 我相信在这五年中,这个行业会迅猛发展的。

  Dialogue 3

  I: How long do you plan to stay here?

  A: To speak frankly, it doesn抰 depend on me.

  I: How so?

  A: I really want to obtain a permanent job. I won抰 leave as long as I have opportunity to apply my knowledge and get on well with my superiors and colleagues.

  I: What抮e your future plans and what kind of expectations do you have of the company?

  A: I know that generally it is possible to move from this position to a management position with two years experience in the company and I would look forward to having the responsibility for training and supervising new members of staff.

  I: What is your typical workday like at your present job?

  A: I arrive at 8 o抍lock every morning, and I make a list of things I must do that day.

  I: What then?

  A: Then I start work on my list.

  I: 你打算在这里工作多久?

  A: 坦白地说,这不是我能决定的。

  I: 为什么?

  A: 我很想拥有一个固定的工作,只要我有施展才能的机会,而且能和上级、同事相处得好,我就不会离开。

  I: 你将来有什么计划?你对公司有什么期望?

  A: 我知道,通常情况下在贵公司具有了两年的工作经验后是有可能从现在的职位升到管理的位置。我希望能承担培训和监督新员工的职责。

  I: 你现在这份工作每天基本上都做些什么?

  A: 我每天早上八点到,然后把我当天要做的事情列出来。

  I: 然后呢?

  A: 然后我就按照列表工作。

  goal-oriented 目标明确的 long-range 长期的

  administrative 管理的 organizational 组织的

  rapidly 迅速地 superior 上级

  supervise 监督,管理,指导 typical 典型的

  在回答“How long will you stay with us?”这个问题时,特别要注意,不要用明确的时间概念来回答“我将在贵公司呆多久”。因为不管怎样回答,都会招致主考官进一步询问“为什么?”所以最保险的回答方式就是“How long I will stay with the company depends on whether the company and I are satisfied with each other.”

  1) I think the most important thing is the interest

  in the job. the opportunity of self-development

  the opportunity of self-remoulding




  2) Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now?

  where you would like to be

  where you want to be




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