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2007-06-04 11:34

  Elaine chao - the most powerful chinese-american woman in the us

  My parents are wonderfully inspiring people and when I think about how we came to America, I think about their courage and their determination. And so I have great admiration for my parents and for what they've sacrificed for our family. Throughout my career I have had tremendous guidance and counsel from my parents. And they've always reminded me and my sisters of our ethnic heritage and that we should take great pride in our ethnic heritage and that we must never forget where we are from and what our values are. And I have found that to be of tremendous value and of great comfort to me. I feel as if I'm very blessed to understand two worlds. And if I can play a constructive role in helping Americans, white Americans understand the rest of the, the rest of Asian America, and also understand overseas, I think that's, a wonderful thing that a person can do. And 1)conversely when I go backto Asia and I'm able to visit with different people, I'm able to, I hope share with them a viewpoint about America. That's also revealing. I think our world is getting smaller and we need to have much greater understanding of one another.

  I've never really planned my career. I've always just wanted to number one bring honor to my parents and to bring honor to my family and to contribute to my community. So I've never had a grand plan but I've always wanted to do something worthwhile and to help other people and if I can do that, then I feel very satisfied.

  Hillary clinton:new kid on the block

  Yale Student: We've got one of our own Yale Senators right here with us on stage.

  Only the warmest of welcomes from Yale's graduating class, its 300th. Her address combined humor……

  Hillary Clinton: In all the years since I have been at Yale, the most important thing that I have to say today is that hair matters.

  ……politics and 2)reminiscences from her years as a Yale University law student. But her main theme, a 3)plea for students not to 4)turn away from the political process.

  Hillary Clinton: Bring your values and experiences and insights into politics. Dare to help make, not just a difference in politics, but create a different politics.

  Hillary Clinton: President Bush's extremely large tax plan would spend trillions we don't have and may never have. If we reverse the engines of economic growth by adopting President Bush's tax proposal, I fear that we will reverse the progress we've made by increasing interest rates now and by 5)saddling our children with big debts in the future. I know and respect that President Bush supports faith-based programs but his tax plan should not be one of them. Going forward with a huge tax proposal now is like getting a letter from 6)Ed McMan and going out to buy a 7)yacht. A surplus projection is not a promise. And if the past is any guide, it's not even a likely outcome.

  Hillary Clinton(At National Press Club): This is a very creative, imaginative group. No, I have said that I am not running. And I am having a great time being pres……of being a first-term, being a first-term Senator. You are going to get me into so much trouble.

  Putin-a strong hand

  There was none of the usual 11)fanfare accompanying a presidential entrance. The simple, informal handshakes of the three journalists to send the message to the thousands watching online that this Russian leader is relaxed and accessible and not afraid of the world's questions.

  Over 15,000 Internet users had emailed in advance. Thousands more queries came in during the live webcast. Mr. Putin dealt with everything fluently, but 12)gave little ground politically. Onequestion from Denmark challenged his policy over Chechnya.

  Putin(Interpreter's Voice): I want to thank your correspondent for that question because it reflects perfectly the West's complete lack of understanding of what's going on in the 13)Caucasus and in Chechnya in particular. The Russian army and the Russian people've never waged any 14)campaign against the Chechnyan people.

  But it was the personal answers that were most revealing, his passion for sport and his obsession with Russian history. Even the book he is currently reading is about Russia's imperial past. And from behind the 15)steely 16)gaze, there emerged a surprisingly 17)meek husband.

  Putin(Interpreter's Voice): I can't tell my wife what to do. Our relations are such that if I do, I usually find it backfires. She behaves as she sees fit.

  Not so long ago a live webcast like this from the heart of the Kremlin would have been unthinkable. But that's precisely why Mr. Putin wanted to do it, to counter fears that he might be trying to return Russian to the past and to prove he's a thoroughly modern president.

  Milosevic:still making history

  This is the first time a former head of state is being brought to trial and brought to justice under an international tribunal, the first time ever. And the former Yugoslavian Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic behaved, well, like a head of state. He 18)thumbed his nose at the tribunal. He said that he did not recognize its jurisdiction. He said that this was a politically motivated trial and he generally defied the entire proceedings here. The point of today's first appearance since his transfer here to the Hague on Thursday night was to have the charges read out against him, to ask him whether he understood the charges and to allow him to enter his plea.

  Milosevic, we have been told by his lawyers last night, would refuse to be defended, would have no 20)defense counsel with him and would want to make a statement having said that he decided and he declared that his transfer here was unconstitutional and illegal and he would not cooperate with this tribunal proceeding. Well, the first question the presiding judge asked was whether he wanted to reconsider the fact that he had no defense counsel.

  Milosevic: I consider this tribunal forced tribunal and 21)indictments forced indictments. It is illegal being not appointed by 22)UN General Assembly so I have no need to appoint counsel to illegal order.

  The next question of course was, “Do you want the indictment read out against you or do you 23)waive that right?” Milosevic at that point said, “That's your problem” and to that there was a general 24)titter of amusement and 25)chuckles in the gallery because those who have been following Milosevic for the last ten to 13 years know that this performance was 26)vintage Milosovic. His jaw was 27)jutting out, heseemed to be playing to the gallery back at home. He kept looking at the public gallery basically right into the court-appointed cameras there and he kept trying to say that this was a politically motivated proceeding. He said the justification for this proceeding was to hide what he called, “war crimes that NATO committed against Yugoslavia.”

  The presiding judge kept trying to move the proceedings along cutting him off when the speeches tended to go on and he said, “We now take your answers to say that you have waived your right. You never entered a plea, the court then under its rule entered a plea of not guilty” on Milosevic's behalf and the four counts of crimes against humanity and the violation of laws and customs of war with which he is accused.

  After that Milosevic again tried to make a 28)closing statement, the closingspeech. He was again cut off and at that point rather dramatically, the court guards lowered the curtains that separate the public gallery the press and others who were watching from the courtroom proceedings. He was surrounded by several 29)burly UN guards and he was escorted out of the courtroom and back to his detention 30)cell in the prison.

  Bush and cheney:a yale graduate and a yale dropout

  (Bush speaking at Yale University)

  Bush: As I recall, one of my academic advisers was worried about my selection of 33)such a specialized course. He said I should focuson English. I still hear that quite often. But my critics don't realize I don't make verbal 34)gaffes. I'm speaking in the perfect forms and rhythms of ancient 35)Haiku. I want the entire world to know this: everything I know about the spoken word, I learned right here at Yale.

  In private and increasingly in public, U.S. allies are impatient and angry over George Bush's tendency to walk away from one international treaty after another.

  Bush: Make no mistake about it, I think it's important to move beyond the ABM treaty.

  Already Bush has pulled the U.S. out of the Kyoto agreement on global warming. He said he's ready to scrap theAnti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, a cornerstone of arms control, opposed a treaty setting up an international criminal court and weakened a UN agreement to stop the flow of small arms to conflict zones.

  Lee Hamilton: I think the Unites States more and more now is being seen as the 38)bully on the block……

  Hamilton, formerly a leading voice on foreign affairs in the US Congress, says Bush is only hurting the US by pursuing 39)go-it-alone policies.

  On 40)Wednesday at a conference in Geneva, the U.S. undermined another international agreement. This one spearheaded by Canada to enforce a treaty banning biological weapons.

  Critics say in the long run the U.S. will pay a price for taking a “my way or the highway” kind of approach to foreign and defense policy. They say that as a superpower with interests all around the world, the U.S. has as much to gain as any country from a global system based on international law and cooperation.

  Most important, congratulations to the class of 2001. To those of you who received honors, awards, and distinctions, I say, well done. And to the C students, I say, you, too can be President of the United States. A Yale degree is worth a lot, as I often remind Dick Cheney, who studied here, but left a little early. So now we know, if you graduate from Yale, you become President. If you drop out, you get to be Vice President.

  Well, the U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney is back in hospital in Washington after complaining of new chest pains. Medical staff at the hospital say he's suffering from a partly 42)blocked 43)artery but he didn't have a heart attack. Mr. Cheney suffered a mild heart attack last November and in 1988 he had 44)quadruple 45)bypass surgery to clear 46)clogged arteries.

  The vice president spent the night in hospital after doctors performed an urgent procedure on Monday to clear a partly blocked artery.

  Dr.Jonathan Reiner (47)Cardiologist at George Washington Hospital): The question is how serious are his heart problems? You know the vice president has had 48)coronary disease for several decades now. You know certainly for about 25 years. So he has 49)chronic, chronic coronary artery disease. This is you know what affects millions of people in this country.

  Dick Cheney is one of the most influential and best-connected men in Washington, a driven workaholic, successful businessman, a very successful politician. But his health poses problems. He suffered his fourth heart attack less than a 50)fortnight after being elected vice-president. President Bush 51)deflected questions about Mr. Cheney's latest trip to hospital.

  Bush: ……precautionary measures……

  Dick Cheney is the 52)linchpin of the Bush administration. And the doctors say there's a 40% chance of his heart problems recurring within six months.

  Vice President Dick Cheney returns to work today. He's a tough guy. He's got a new heart device, a 53)defibrillator, which is designed to correct an irregular heartbeat. The implantable 54)cardioverter defibrillator is set to correct a rapid heartbeat and also if necessary to administer an electrical impulses to return the heartbeat to normal. He has a long history, Mr. Cheney does, of coronary disease. He suffered four heart attacks since 1978. He went to the hospital there on Saturday had this done and he's going to report to work here this morning and a lot of us are hoping Mr. Cheney's health remains OK.

  Chirac: tough times ahead

  The French President Jacques Chirac is facing, will face, one of the toughest tests of his political career. In a televised interview on 55)Bastille Day, he will defend himself against an investigation into his personal finances that has shocked the French country.

  The net is closing on the Chirac family with news that Claude Chirac, the president's daughter and media advisor, has been questioned by magistrates over some $400,000 spent on holidays in hard cash over a three-year period when Jacques Chirac was mayor of Paris.

  Judges want to know where this vast mountain of cash came from and they're likely to question the president's wife Bernadette and they're making moves to go after the president himself even though he's head of state and has legal immunity. The question is will he agree to face questioning? Public opinion has shifted dramatically. A poll this week found that some two thirds of French citizens want their president to answer the judges' questions.

  Now Jacques Chirac says that much of this cash came from the special or secret fund which he had access to when he was a minister. The trouble is he left the government some four years earlier. And so the French people are being asked to believe that every night for around four years Jacques Chirac would go to bed with some 200,000 pounds stashed under his mattress. The other problem is: do people really think that the special funds were designed so that ex-ministers and their 56)coterie could travel the world in luxury?

  It's hard to overstate the significance of the 57)tussle now going on between president and his would-be inquisitors. Tomorrow Paris celebrates Bastille Day, a day when France's armed forces parade through the capital. This year Jacques Chirac as never before seems to be in need of their protection.

  Happy events

  Cuban President Fidel Castro marking his 75th birthday in Venezuela with a party hosted by his friend and singing partner President Hugo Chavez. Mr. Castro was toasted with champagne and cake at a celebration that went on for some hours. Venezuela is a 58)staunch supporter of Cuba. Back in Havana, Cubans celebrated Mr. Castro's birthday without him or cake or songs. They had some marching though.

  In Johannesburg a double celebration for Nelson Mandela.

  “Happy Birthday Mr. Mandela, may your dreams all come true, may your face see the sunshine, happy birthday to you……”

  Schoolchildren helped surprise the former South African president who turned 83 years old on Wednesday. The day also marks Mandela's third wedding anniversary.

  1) conversely ad. 反过来,相反地
  2) reminiscence n. 回忆,怀旧
  3) plea n. 请求
  4) turn away 避开
  5) saddle v. 使负重担,强加
  6) Ed McMan 埃德·麦克曼恩。在美国有一家专门赌博公司Publishers Clearing House,这家公司会给大批人寄信,声称收信人已经被选中,将会赢得大奖。 其实这是一家已收订杂志为主要业务的企业,收信人只有订阅杂志才会有中奖的机会,而中奖的机会只是几百万分之一、甚至几千万分之一,中大奖的机会更是微乎其微。而埃德·麦克曼恩一直以来都是这家公司的形象代言人,很多信都以他的名义发出。希拉里在这里用他的名字是说收到他的信并不代表中奖,是很不可靠的。
  7) yacht n. 游艇
  8) Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty《反弹道导弹条约》。简称ABM,是前苏联和美国于1972年签署的一项双边条约。按照该条约的规定,美国不能发展和部署导弹防御系统。
  9) arsenal n. 军火库
  10) sanction n. 制裁
  11) fanfare n. 响亮的喇叭声;夸耀
  12) give ground 退让,让步
  13) Caucasus n. 高加索。俄罗斯西南部一个地区,位于黑海、亚速海同里海之间,车臣就是在这一地区内。
  14) campaign n. 战役,战争
  15) steely a. 钢铁般的
  16] gaze [geiz] n. 凝视,端详
  17) meek a. 温顺的,亲切的
  18) the tribunal 即United Nations War Crimes Tribunal,联合国战犯法庭,也就是联合国前南战犯法庭,又称“海牙国际战犯法庭”。1993年,联合国安理会决定建立一个国际法庭,主要审判前南斯拉夫境内克罗地亚和波斯尼亚的战争罪犯。法庭设在荷兰的海牙。
  19) thumb one's nose at 对……表示蔑视
  20) defense counsel 辩护律师
  21) indictment n. 起诉,控告 22) UN General Assembly 联合国安理会
  23) waive v. 放弃,不坚持
  24) titter n. 窃笑
  25)chuckle n. 咯咯地笑 26) vintage n. 特点
  27) jut out 向外伸,向外突出
  28) closing statement 最终陈述。指在法庭上双方或其代表律师所作的最后陈述词。
  29) burly a. 高大结实的,魁梧的
  30) cell n. 单人牢房
  31) grueling a. 使人精疲力竭的,折磨的
  32) fumble v. 犯错,笨手笨脚
  33) such a specialized course: 指下一句讲的俳句。
  34) gaffe n. 失言
  35) Haiku n. 俳句。日本一种无韵节的三行诗,每行五或七字,五个音节。
  36) scrap v. 废弃
  37) toss v. 抛
  38) bully n. 恶霸,恃强凌弱 39) go it alone 独自干,独自干活
  40) Wednesday 指7月25日。
  41) alma mater 母校注释:
  42) block v. 阻碍,堵塞
  43) artery n. 主动脉
  44) quadruple a. 四倍的,四重的 45) bypass surgery 心脏搭桥手术 46) clog v. 阻塞
  47) cardiologist n. 心脏病专家 48) coronary artery disease 冠状动脉心脏病
  49)chronic a. 慢性的 50) fortnight n. 两个星期
  51) deflect v. 转移,引开
  52)linchpin 关键人物 53) defibrillator n. 去纤颤器
  54) cardioverter n. 心律转变器
  55) Bastille Day 巴士底日。即7 月14日,法国国庆日,1789年法国大革命时在这一天攻克了当时作为国家监狱的巴士底狱,因此这一天被称为巴士底日。
  56) coterie n. (由兴趣或背景情况相同的人形成、社交往来密切频繁的)小圈子
  57) tussle n. 争议
  58) staunch a. 忠实的,可靠的

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