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2007-07-26 09:46

  1,give credibility to                                 =相信

  -did you hear about jam(拥挤,堵塞)  Jim      你听说有关Jim的事了吗

  I wouldn't give that rumor any credibility

  2,give out                                    =分给人们,分发

  -The dormitory laundry service gives out clean sheets each week, doesn't it?

  3,give sb a ride                              =让某人搭车

  -Can I give you a ride over there?

  4,give someone a break                        =行行好吧, 用于口语(与人方便)

  -Give me a break; I am nervous enough as it is?    行行好吧,我已经够紧张的了

  5,give up                                      =放弃,投降,屈服

  -You are not going to give it up, are you?

  -I think I am going to give up playing table tennis I lost again today

  Just because you lost, is there any reason to quit

  6,go ahead                                              =开始做某事

  -Do go ahead before with your dessert?    吃点甜点吧

  7,go around                     =足够分配

  -Are there enough assignment sheets to go around?

  8,go in for                    =从事,致力于          参加,追求

  -What he wants to do is get someone to go in for him just pass back the mid-term exams


  9,go off                     =开始响起来

  -She never wakes up before her alarm goes off

  10,go out of one's way     =  格外努力,比往常多做

  -I was touched that our neighbor brought over a dish when we moved in

  Yes, Miss Smith really goes out of her way for others

  11,go over                =仔细检查,仔细考虑,仔细看

  -Would you have some time this week to go over these questions with me?

  How does tomorrow sound


  -How about seeing the new movie at the North Park Theater tonight

  Sounds great, but I got to go over my notes for tomorrow's mid-term

  12,go through the proper channels =通过适当的途径,方式

  -In order to do that, you have to go through the proper channels

  13,go through   =穿过

  -A policeman saw you go through that read light

  It was yellow; anyway, he turned left at the last corner

  14,go through with          =完成

  -I am getting absolutely nowhere with these physics problems

  How about my go through them with you

  15,good bargain         =很便宜

  -Did you buy any of the sweaters that were on sale?

  Buy any? I got five of them; it was such a good bargain

  16,hand in         =交上

  -I can't remember the due day pro-final for our final paper

  I think it is the last day of the class, but professor merdark said not to wait until the last the minute to hand it in

  17,hand out          =分发

  -The school bus drivers are handing out schedules

  18,hands down       =轻而易举地,容易地

  -Lee won the chess match hands down

  19,hang around      =徘徊,逗留

  -Actually what happens is that the a bunch of his us hang around for a while after class to talk with his our professor and ask him questions?

  20,hang on to       = 牢牢地保住,紧紧地抓住

  -I've decided to hang on to my textbook from last year

  21,hang up           = 挂断电话

  -Did you get cut off?

  No they are asking to hang up and try again later

  22,hardly ever         =几乎从来没有

  -Do you ever get as much as a foot of snow here?       这下过一英尺的雪吗

  Hardly ever

  -We hardly ever see them here

  23,have a way with       =有天赋,能够领导,说服或影响

  -Bonnie really has a way with waltz words          Bonnie真会说话

  24,have one eye on      =看着,想着

  -The lecture this morning was so boring

  I'll say, I had one eye on the clock the whole time

  25,have one's hands full        =非常繁忙

  -Can you take over for me here I have a client coming to see you

  Well, I can't I'm kind of(有点,相当于sort of ) have my hands full

  26,head and shoulders above     =  在某方面强于某人

  -In computer Porcine? Is head and shoulders above the rest of us

  27,help oneself         =自取所需

  -George helped himself to another piece of pie

  28,help sb with sth     =帮助某人做某事

  -I don't imagine that you would have time to help me this

  As it happens, I would

  29,hold down             =胜任       保有(一份工作)

  -Holding down a job, going to class, studying sometimes can become too much for one person

  Take it easy

  30,hold on         =等一等,停一下

  -If I don't find my wallet pretty soon, I am going to have to report it stolen

  Hold on, before you call campus security office, have you checked your car or your jacket pocket everywhere

  31,hold up             =阻碍,中断,耽搁

  -Have the parts we need for the copier复印机 arrived yet

  I ordered them last week, but something's holding them up

  -It's already ten o'clock; I guess Bob and Amy won't be coming to the party

  They called at nine to say that they'd been held up

  -I am really sorry my article didn't make the deadline

  I guess that held up everything, ah

  Well, not exactly, but I wouldn't look for期待 it in this month's newsletter


  -I really like your luggage

  It looks nice but it hasn't held up well

  32,if only           =要是 ……就好了

  -If only this rain would stop

  -If only you'd told me sooner

  -If I only saved more money

  -If only he'd drive more slowly

  -If only I paid attention in class

  33,in a little while               =不久,立刻

  -I'll have this finished in a little while

  34,in charge        =负责,掌管

  -Did he put anyone in charge of fund raising?

  -I was in charge of grading all the problems sets the words that were assigned as homework

  35,in good shape             =状态良好

  -Before we play again, I am going to buy a good tennis racket

  Your shoes aren't in very good shape either

  36,in no time          =立即,不久

  -He shall be here in no time at all

  37,in spite of          =尽管

  -In spite of himself, he couldn't stop eating

  38,in the dark         =一无所知

  -Do you have any idea what this notice is about?

  I am as in the dark as you are

  39,in the red          =赤字,负债

  -So far the club is about three hundred dollars in the red, and we still have four month to go before membership renewal交会费

  Well, we may have to raise our dues     提高会员费             dues(应付款) due(应得物,)

  40,inside out               =里朝外

  -Here I am, I am lucky I made it to the exam on time

  I can see you are in a hurry; you are wearing your sweater inside out

  41,is ice cold           =理所当然

  -Does Professor Ford always come to class?

  Is ice cold?

  42,It never fails        =总是发生

  -It never fails; plan a big picnic and it sure to rain

  -It never fails it's raining hard outside and I am stark stuck 来自 stick  阻延或推迟 Without an umbrella (困在里面)

  I'd like to let you have mine, but I have to go out soon

  43,it's who you know that counts        =认识的人起作用

  -Did you hear that Greg got a job in his uncle's law office?

  Like they say, it's who you know that counts

  44,keep an eye         =留意

  -One of the members of the dormitory counselor is quitting, do you know of anyone who would be interested in and taking her place?

  I am not sure, but I'll certainly keep an eye on for you

  45,keep from     =抑制,防止

  -No one could keep him from speaking

  46,keep track of        =掌握……的线索,注意动向,通晓世态

  -You certainly have a lot clocks there seems to be one in every room

  My family gives them to me because I have trouble keeping track of the time

  47,knock oneself out        =使自己筋疲力尽

  -Gorier has been knocking herself out on that project

  48,last     = 最不情愿的

  -The last person I want to see is Jeff

  -Would you like to come mountain climbing with us?

  That's the last thing in the world I ever want to do

  -I thought Paul might be able to help me figure out this computer program

  Paul is about the last person I'd ask if I were you

  49,lay off    =临时解雇,暂时辞退

  -I got some bad news today

  The store where I work is laying off staff

  Are they going to let you go?

  50,leave much to be desired       =不令人满意,有待改善

  -Well dietitians(营养学家) work hard to offer students nutritious and well-balanced diet

  Many of our young men and women claimed that brandy Bramley food like most dorm food leaves much to be desired

  51,light up          =突然快活,高兴起来

  -Those flowers light up the whole room

  52,like apples and oranges    =用来表示无法相比的事物

  -Which game do you think is more difficult to learn, chess or bridge

  They are like apples and oranges

  53,line up        =准备停当,计划安排

  -I have this great job lined up to manage the closing door clothing store at them all at the mall


  -Look at all those cars lined up for the ferry (等待摆渡); There must be forty ahead of us

  Yeah, I think it's going to be a while

  54,live by oneself         =独自一人生活

  -Mary said she wanted to live by herself

  55,look for a needle in a hay stack          =大海捞针

  -We are supposed to meet John here at the train station

  That's like looking for a needle in a hay stack  (干草堆)

  56,look forward to      =盼望,期待

  -I am really looking forward to the picnic tomorrow

  If we are lucky we'll have some sun this year for a change

  57,look into         =调查,审查,研究

  -Martin is looking into the possibility of getting alone getting a loan(贷款)

  58,look over         =检查,查看

  -The professor asked us to look over our papers for mistakes

  59,look up to        =把某人当作好榜样模仿 ,    尊重,尊敬

  -Dianna looks up to her teacher

  -I hear your older sister is on the Olympic team and on the honor's list; she must be quite a person

  She sure is, I've always looked up to her

  60,lose one's train of           =忘记

  -When you interrupted me, you make me lose my train of thought

  61,lose track  =忘记,不了解,没有记下来

  -Why were you late for the meeting this afternoon?

  I just lost track of time

  62,lose weight        =体重减轻

  -I must have lost some weight, look at baggy(松垂的) in my pants are

  They don't look that loose to me

  63,make a point of       =努力,特别努力,特别注意

  -Next time it snows, I'll make a point of taking a close look

  64,make ends meet         =有足够的钱支付家用

  -They understand how difficult it is to make ends meet when you are a student

  -Did you hear that Messier turn down that job?

  Yeah, the hours were convenient, but she wouldn't have been able to make ends meet

  65,make it       =办成功,做到,到达

  -Here I am, I'm lucky I made it to the exam on time

  I can see you were in a hurry; you are wearing your sweater inside out

  -At the rate of its being used, the copier is not going to make it through the rest of the year

  The year, it's supposed to be good for five

  -The subway is running behind schedule and traffic is backed up for blocks I don't know

  If we will make the sever fifteen show

  It's a beautiful night, let's try to get there on foot, and if we don't make it, let's

  Just have dinner near the theater

  66,make out   =分辨出,看清,听出,弄懂

  -Any messages for me

  Someone did call, but there were so much static(静电噪音), I couldn't make out what he was saying

  -Could you lend me your biology notes?

  Do you think you'll be able to make out my handwriting?

  67,make reservation        =预定

  -Too bad you didn't make a hotel reservation

  68,make sense      =弄懂什么的意思,言之有理

  -Did you like the movie?

  I couldn't make any sense out of it

  -I guess it make sense considering how many students have jobs

  69,make the most of       =充分利用

  -It's much too beautiful a day to waste in doors

  You are right, let's make the most of it

  70,make up       =弥补

  -Suran wanted to take a make-up exam

  -Lora has to make up the examination

  71,make up one's mind         =拿定主意

  -I think you help me make up my mind

  72,meet each other half way       =相互妥协,让步

  -My chemistry project is in trouble because my partner and I had totally different ideas about how to proceed

  You should tried to meet each other half way

  73,mess up       =捣乱,把某事搅和了

  -Su, would you like to be my lab partner with the next experiment

  Sure, I just can't believe you still want to work with me after I messed up last time

  74,mix up       =弄混淆,搞错了

  -I get the time mixed up and went to the wrong class

  -I am surprised to see you in class today, I heard you were sick

  Me, you've got me mixed up with somebody else

  75,moment by moment     =每时每刻

  -As a result, Jazz is a natural expression of the moods and feelings of the artists, a moment by moment

  76,next to        =仅次于

  -Eggs are supposed to be one of the most helpful foods

  Next to potatoes

  77,no way        =表示强烈的否定

  -Do you think Mark will get there in time?

  No way

  78,on account of             =因为,由于

  -Do you think professor smith will cancel class on account of the special conference?

  Not likely

  79,on and off         =不时的,短短续续的

  -Over three hundred and fifty labors and artisans have been working on and off since the money was raised to restore the house's grander grandeur庄严, 富丽堂皇

  -I just heard there are going to be showers on and off all weekend

  There goes the picnic  我们的野餐泡汤了

  80,on campus                =在校内

  -Michel is the most talented actor on campus

  Isn't he though?

  81,on earth              =究竟,到底

  -How on earth can you believe that?

  82,on end     =         连续,没完没了的

  -Did Linda ever finish that introductory chapter?

  I am not sure; she spent hours on end rewriting it

  83,on one's own        =独立的,凭自己的力量

  -She learned to use the computer on her own

  84,on sale           =减价

  -Did you buy any of the sweaters that were on sale?

  Buy any, I got five of them, there were such a good bargain

  85,on the dot        =准时,正点

  -Did you and a man Amanda really meet exactly five minutes to two in front of the theater?

  Yes, we were both there on the dot

  86,on the side       =兼职,副业

  -He has a job on the side preparing a libratory every day for the next experiments

  87,once and for all          =最后一次,干脆

  -I am going to tell that neighbor of mine to turn down that music once and for all

  I see why you are angry, but I've always found that the polite route is the most effective

  88,out of        =缺乏,没有

  -I'd like to buy a copy of professor Franklin's book on shelves shells(贝壳)

  I am very sorry, that you've been out of print for some time now

  -The bookstore is out of textbooks for France 102

  -How can we be out of salt, I bought them only last week

  -The bookstore is out of lined notebook paper  划线的笔记本

  89,out of business          =停止,停产

  -The supermarket down the street is selling everything half price because they are going

  Out of business

  Sounds like an idea time to stock up on coffee

  90,out of earshot       = 不在听力所及范围

  -Hey, Joe, Joe, save your breath

  He's out of earshot

  91,out of it           =神情恍惚,心不在焉

  -Peter's really out of it these days

  Yeah I know, ever since he met Anne, he's been in another world

  92,out of one's mind         =神经失常

  -Gerry says he's planning to take an extra course this term

  He's got to be out of his mind

  93,out of place          =场合不合适,不合时宜,不恰当

  -Just look at that new dormitory, the modern architecture seems so out of place among all the older buildings

  94,out of steam          =没有力气,泄气,渐渐停止

  -Let's jog for another mile

  I'll try, but I am running out of steam

  95,out of the question          =不可能的,办不到的

  -Could I hand in my paper a few days late?

  I am afraid that's out of the question

  96,out of this world          =非常好

  -Have you tried Susan's apple pie?

  I got the last piece, and it was out of this world

  97,pass up              =错过

  -I was going to ?念错了 work on my thesis a lot in July, but I 'm sure my advisor wouldn't want me to pass up this opportunity

  98,pay off             =证明是成功的,有好处的或值得的

  -What a wonderful performance, the marching band has never sounded better

  Thanks; I guess all those hours of practice are finally paying off

  99,pick up         =1,中途搭人或带货

  -Have you picked up your ID card from the office yet?

  No the camera for taking photos was broken

  -Should we ask Paul to pick up our clothes at the dry cleaners?

  Why not, it's right on his way home

  -Professor Corks said you could pick up your term paper today at her office

  So she's graded it

  -I hope you had a chance to pick up those financial aid papers

  I thought I get day to do it later

  -I thought you were picking David up at the airport

  How could air on Tuesday night

  -I'd like to pick this film up by four-tomorrow afternoon

  I can have it for you at two if you like

  -I'm going to the vegetable stand(蔬菜店) today, can I pick up anything for you

  No thanks; I just came back from the market myself

  -We've got a whole hour before the Browns come to pick us up

  Yeah, but we better get moving

  -I am going to the snack bar for a couple of coffee

  Would you like me to bring you back something?

  Not from the snack bar, but could you pick up a paper for me

  = 2,拾起,捡起

  -One team will pick up litter in the picnic area and jogging trail and one will dig out

  Garbage found in the sallow shallow (浅的) waters of the lake itself


  -I know Lorry play the piano but I didn't know she plays the Guitar

  Neither did I, It seems she just picked it up on her own over the summer

  100,play by ear          =随机应变,看情形而定

  -Muddy, are you drawing doing something special for your presentation in political science


  Not really, because the class so often turns into a discussion, I've decided to play by


  101,point out    =指出,提起注意,说明

  -The first thing I'd like to point out is that the workbook contains of a very large

  amount of material far more than you could ever handle in a single semester

  102,pull away        =开始走或行使

  -Wasn't that the city bus that that'd just pulled away?

  103,push one's luck         =愚蠢的冒险,靠运气成功

  -If professor Thomason was willing to give us a three-day extension to finish the project, maybe he'll give us a few more days

  Let's not push our luck, marry, ok

  104,put away           =把……收起来,放好

  -Is there a bus I can get to the station?

  There is, but you can't rely on it, I 'all give you a ride if you can wait while I put

  These things away

  105,put on       =排练,创作,安排

  -I think I'll put on some music now

  What do you have, I am a classical music fan

  106,put up          =做,从事,进行

  -The city is going to tear down those old houses and put up a new shopping center


  -My company is flying me out to Hawaii on business next week

  That's great, where are they putting you up

  107,put up with      =迁就,忍受

  -From now on, I refuse to put up with your silliness

  108,race through          =快速奔跑

  -Kevin race through the station, afraid he'd missed the train

  109,race the roof          = 喧闹或鼓掌欢呼等,声音震耳欲聋

  -I borrowed Peter's favorite pen, and now I've lost it

  When he finds out, he will really raise the roof

  110,really nothing to it     = 没什么大不了

  -I can run this projector, that's really nothing to it

  111,return with regrets   =婉言拒绝

  -I return to the party invitation with regrets

  112,ring a bell     =令人想起某件事,听起来耳熟

  -That name just doesn't ring a bell with me

  113,run into     =陷入,受到影响

  -If you run into any problem, please feel free to stop in 顺便访问

  114,run out of       =用光,耗尽

  -Remember to bring along two or three pens in case you ran out of ink

  -Cathy is running out of time on her project

  -It looks as though we've run out of computer paper

  116,run up against    =遇到某人或某事

  -Have you run up against any problem in getting you visa renewed?

  Not yet

  117,rush hour         =交通高峰期

  -Why don't we drive down town now?

  Wouldn't it be better to wait until rush hour?

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