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2008-11-14 15:53

  You're wearing your best suit. Shoes shined. Resume in hand. You've prepared for any interview question that could come your way.


  But rather than questions, there are awkward pauses. Stony silences. There's a seeming lack of interest in the entire event —— on the interviewer's part.


  Just because someone is interviewing you, doesn't mean they're a good interviewer. Don't let his ignorance sabotage your interview or your chances at landing the position.


  A Day in the Life

  As your bad interview lumbers on, don't wait until your interviewer asks you if you have any questions. Rather, at the first awkward pause, ask him to describe the position for which you're applying in rich detail. What would your key responsibilities be? What is a typical day like? What time does the workday begin and end? Would you need to be available after hours or on weekends? Is there any travel involved?

  当一次糟糕的面试尴尬地进行时,不要等面试者来问你有没有问题要问。而在第一次尴尬的停顿时,就请他详细地谈谈你要申请的职位。 你的主要职责是什么?通常一天的工作是怎样的?工作时间从几点到几点?下班后或周末要加班吗?工作需要出差吗?

  Inquire as to which coworkers you'd be working with. Ask about how people work and projects are managed. Are there many meetings? Do people work on projects in teams? Ask your interviewer what qualities he thinks the ideal candidate for this position would have.


  Toot Your Own Horn

  A poor interviewer will likely omit asking you many of the "right" questions, particularly those about how your experience makes you a great fit for the position.


  So, although it may seem awkward, the only way you'll get to point this out is to just go ahead and do so. Even if there's no good time to do it, just do it anyway. You can preface your comments by saying something to the effect of, "I wanted to take a moment to let you know how my experience really complements this position.“


  Be direct and to the point. Make eye contact at all times. Talk specifically about how you have the skills and knowledge for the position. Do not ramble or your interviewer could lose interest.

  直接了当、捡重要的说。一直保持眼神交流。具体谈谈关于这个职位你拥有的技能和知识。 不要闲聊,不然你的面试官会失去兴趣。


  Enough About Me……

  The best interviews are often those in which you're able to forge a real connection with your interviewer. But if he doesn't know what he's doing, that may seem next to impossible……unless you start asking questions about your interviewer and his career.


  Inquire as to how he came to work at the company, ask him how he likes it. Ask about where he started his career and what attracted him to this particular industry or area of expertise. Try to discover what his professional aspirations are.


  At all times, show enthusiasm and interest in his responses (no matter how boring or brief they may be).


  Show and Tell

  If you still need to buy more face time with your interviewer, ask for a tour of the offices or facility. Again, ask questions along the way, even if it's about how long the company has been at that particular location.


  Try to get your interviewer to introduce you to other people who work there —— those with whom you'll work closely, someone in management, or even just folks you pass during your tour. Now is an ideal time to use the knowledge you have about the company to offer up insightful observations and flattering acknowledgments about the organization and how it's run.


  Finally, be sure to ask your interviewer when he anticipates making a decision. Reiterate your interest in the position and your enthusiasm for the company. Thank him graciously for his time, both in person and in a prompt thank-you letter.


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