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2008-12-05 11:00

  中餐 Chinese Food

   冷菜类 Cold Dishes


  白菜心拌蜇头 :Marinated Jellyfish and Chinese Cabbage in Vinaigrette
  白灵菇扣鸭掌 :Mushrooms with Duck Feet
  拌豆腐丝 :Shredded Tofu with Sauce
  白切鸡 :Boiled Chicken with Sauce
  拌双耳 :Tossed Black and White Fungus
  冰梅凉瓜 :Bitter Melon in Plum Sauce
  冰镇芥兰 :Chinese Broccoli with Wasabi
  朝鲜辣白菜 :Korean Cabbage in Chili Sauce
  朝鲜泡菜 :Kimchi
  陈皮兔肉 :Rabbit Meat with Tangerine Flavor
  川北凉粉 :Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce
  刺身凉瓜 :Bitter Melon with Wasabi
  豆豉多春鱼 :Shisamo in Black Bean Sauce
  夫妻肺片 :Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce
  干拌牛舌 :Ox Tongue in Chili Sauce
  干拌顺风 :Pig Ear in Chili Sauce
  怪味牛腱 :Spiced Beef Shank
  红心鸭卷 :Sliced Duck Rolls with Egg Yolk
  姜汁皮蛋 :Preserved Eggs in Ginger Sauce
  酱香猪蹄 :Pig Feet Seasoned with Soy Sauce
  酱肘花 :Sliced Pork in Soy Sauce
  金豆芥兰 :Chinese Broccoli with Soy Beans
  韭黄螺片 :Sliced Sea Whelks with Hotbed Chives
  老北京豆酱 :Traditional Beijing Bean Paste
  老醋泡花生 :Peanuts Pickled in Aged Vinegar
  凉拌金针菇 :Golden Mushrooms and Mixed Vegetables
  凉拌西芹云耳 :Celery with White Fungus
  卤水大肠 :Marinated Pork Intestines
  卤水豆腐 :Marinated Tofu
  卤水鹅头 :Marinated Goose Heads
  卤水鹅翼 :Marinated Goose Wings
  卤水鹅掌 :Marinated Goose Feet
  卤水鹅胗 :Marinated Goose Gizzard
  卤水鸡蛋 :Marinated Eggs
  卤水金钱肚 :Marinated Pork Tripe
  卤水牛腱 :Marinated Beef Shank
  卤水牛舌 :Marinated Ox Tongue
  卤水拼盘 :Marinated Meat Combination
  卤水鸭肉 :Marinated Duck Meat
  萝卜干毛豆 :Dried Radish with Green Soybean
  麻辣肚丝 :Shredded Pig Tripe in Chili Sauce
  美味牛筋 :Beef Tendon
  蜜汁叉烧 :Honey-Stewed BBQ Pork
  明炉烧鸭 :Roast Duck
  泡菜什锦 :Assorted Pickles
  泡椒凤爪 :Chicken Feet with Pickled Peppers
  皮蛋豆腐 :Tofu with Preserved Eggs
  乳猪拼盘 :Roast Suckling Pig
  珊瑚笋尖 :Sweet and Sour Bamboo Shoots
  爽口西芹 :Crispy Celery
  四宝烤麸 :Marinated Bran Dough with Peanuts and Black Fungus
  松仁香菇 :Black Mushrooms with Pine Nuts
  蒜茸海带丝 :Sliced Kelp in Garlic Sauce
  跳水木耳 :Black Fungus with Pickled Capsicum
  拌海螺 :Whelks and Cucumber
  五彩酱鹅肝 :Goose Liver with White Gourd
  五香牛肉 :Spicy Roast Beef
  五香熏干 :Spicy Smoked Dried Tofu
  五香熏鱼 :Spicy Smoked Fish
  五香云豆 :Spicy Kidney Beans
  腌三文鱼 :Marinated Salmon
  盐焗鸡 :Baked Chicken in Salt
  盐水虾肉 :Poached Salted Shrimps Without Shell
  糟香鹅掌 :Braised Goose Feet in Rice Wine Sauce
  酿黄瓜条 :Pickled Cucumber Strips
  米醋海蜇 :Jellyfish in Vinegar
  卤猪舌 :Marinated Pig Tongue
  三色中卷 :Squid Rolls Stuffed with Bean, Ham and Egg Yolk
  蛋衣河鳗 :Egg Rolls Stuffed with Eel
  盐水鹅肉 :Goose Slices in Salted Spicy Sauce
  冰心苦瓜 :Bitter Melon Salad
  五味九孔 :Fresh Abalone in Spicy Sauce
  明虾荔枝沙拉 :Shrimps and Litchi Salad
  五味牛腱 :Spicy Beef Shank
  拌八爪鱼 :Spicy Cuttlefish
  鸡脚冻 :Chicken Feet Galantine
  香葱酥鱼 :Crispy Crucian Carp in Scallion Oil
  蒜汁鹅胗 :Goose Gizzard in Garlic Sauce
  黄花素鸡 :Vegetarian Chicken with Day Lily
  姜汁鲜鱿 :Fresh Squid in Ginger Sauce
  桂花糯米藕 :Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Sweet Sticky Rice
  卤鸭冷切 :Spicy Marinated Duck
  松田青豆 :Songtian Green Beans
  色拉九孔 :Abalone Salad
  凉拌花螺 :Cold Sea Whelks with Dressing
  素鸭 :Vegetarian Duck
  酱鸭 :Duck Seasoned with Soy Sauce
  麻辣牛筋 :Spicy Beef Tendon
  醉鸡 :Liquor-Soaked Chicken
  可乐芸豆 :French Beans in Coca-Cola
  桂花山药 :Chinese Yam with Osmanthus Sauce
  豆豉鲫鱼 :Crucian Carp with Black Bean Sauce
  水晶鱼冻 :Fish Aspic
  酱板鸭 :Spicy Salted Duck
  烧椒皮蛋 :Preserved Eggs with Chili
  酸辣瓜条 :Cucumber with Hot and Sour Sauce
  五香大排 :Spicy Pork Ribs
  三丝木耳 :Black Fungus with Cucumber and Vermicelle
  酸辣蕨根粉 :Hot and Sour Fern Root Noodles
  小黄瓜蘸酱 :Small Cucumber with Soybean Paste
  拌苦菜 :Mixed Bitter Vegetables
  蕨根粉拌蛰头 :Fern Root Noodles with Jellyfish
  老醋黑木耳 :Black Fungus in Vinegar
  清香苦菊 :Chrysanthemum with Sauce
  琥珀核桃 :Honeyed Walnuts
  杭州凤鹅 :Pickled Goose, Hangzhou Style
  香吃茶树菇 :Spicy Tea Tree Mushrooms
  琥珀花生 :Honeyed Peanuts
  葱油鹅肝 :Goose Liver with Scallion and Chili Oil
  拌爽口海苔 :Sea Moss with Sauce
  巧拌海茸 :Mixed Seaweed
  蛋黄凉瓜 :Bitter Melon with Egg Yolk
  龙眼风味肠 :Sausage Stuffed with Salty Egg
  水晶萝卜 :Sliced Turnip with Sauce
  腊八蒜茼蒿 :Crown Daisy with Sweet Garlic
  香辣手撕茄子 :Eggplant with Chili Oil
  酥鲫鱼 :Crispy Crucian Carp
  水晶鸭舌 :Duck Tongue Aspic
  卤水鸭舌 :Marinated Duck Tongue
  香椿鸭胗 :Duck Gizzard with Chinese Toon
  卤水鸭膀 :Marinated Duck Wings
  香糟鸭卷 :Duck Rolls Marinated in Rice Wine
  盐水鸭肝 :Duck Liver in Salted Spicy Sauce
  水晶鹅肝 :Goose Liver Aspic
  豉油乳鸽皇 :Braised Pigeon with Black Bean Sauce
  酥海带 :Crispy Seaweed
  脆虾白菜心 :Chinese Cabbage with Fried Shrimps
  香椿豆腐 :Tofu with Chinese Toon
  拌香椿苗 :Chinese Toon with Sauce
  糖醋白菜墩 :Sweet and Sour Chinese Cabbage
  姜汁蛰皮 :Jellyfish in Ginger Sauce
  韭菜鲜桃仁 :Fresh Walnuts with Leek
  花生太湖银鱼 :Taihu Silver Fish with Peanuts
  生腌百合南瓜 :Marinated Lily Bulbs and Pumpkin
  酱鸭翅 :Duck Wings Seasoned with Soy Sauce
  萝卜苗 :Turnip Sprouts
  八宝菠菜 :Spinach with Eight Delicacies
  竹笋青豆 :Bamboo Shoots and Green Beans
  凉拌苦瓜 :Bitter Melon in Sauce
  芥末木耳 :Black Fungus with Mustard Sauce
  炸花生米 :Fried Peanuts
  小鱼花生 :Fried Silver Fish with Peanuts
  德州扒鸡 :Braised Chicken, Dezhou Style
  清蒸火腿鸡片 :Steamed Sliced Chicken with Ham
  熏马哈鱼 :Smoked Salmon
  家常皮冻 :Pork Skin Aspic
  大拉皮 :Tossed Mung Clear Noodles in Sauce
  蒜泥白肉 :Pork with Garlic Sauce
  鱼露白肉 :Boiled Pork in Anchovy Sauce
  酱猪肘 :Pork Hock Seasoned with Soy Sauce
  酱牛肉 :Beef Seasoned with Soy Sauce
  红油牛筋 :Beef Tendon in Chili Sauce
  卤牛腩 :Marinated Beef Brisket in Spiced Sauce
  泡椒鸭丝 :Shredded Duck with Pickled Peppers
  拌茄泥 :Mashed Eggplant with Garlic
  糖拌西红柿 :Tomato Slices with Sugar
  糖蒜 :Sweet Garlic
  腌雪里蕻 :Pickled Potherb Mustard
  凉拌黄瓜 :Cucumber in Sauce

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