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2008-07-17 16:39


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  dam - n. a wall built across a river to hold back flowing water 大坝
  damage - v. to cause injury or destruction 摧毁; n. harm; hurt or injury, usually to things 毁坏
  deaf - ad. not able to hear 聋的
  debate - v. to argue for or against something; n. a public discussion or argument 争论
  debt - n. something that is owed; the condition of owing 债务
  declare - v. to say; to make a statement 声明
  decrease - v. to make less in size or amount 降低
  defeat - v. to cause to lose in a battle or struggle; n. a loss; the condition of having
  lost 打败
  defend - v. to guard or fight against attack; to protect 防卫
  deficit - n. a shortage that results when spending is greater than earnings, or imports are greater than exports 赤字
  define - v. to give the meaning of; to explain 定义
  delay - v. to decide to do something at a later time; to postpone; to cause to be late 延迟
  delegate - n. one sent to act for another; one who represents another 代表
  demand - v. to ask by ordering; to ask with force 要求
  democracy - n. the system of government in which citizens vote to choose leaders or to make other important decisions 民主
  demonstrate - v. to make a public show of opinions or feelings ("The crowd
  demonstrated in support of human rights.") 示威; to explain by using examples ("The teacher demonstrated the idea with an experiment.") 示范
  denounce - v. to accuse of being wrong or evil; to criticize severely 谴责
  deny - v. to declare that something is not true; to refuse a request 否认
  depend - v. to need help and support 依靠
  deplore - v. to regret strongly; to express sadness 表示悲痛
  deploy - v. to move forces or weapons into positions for action 部署(军队)
  depression - n. severe unhappiness; a period of reduced business and economic activity during which many people lose their jobs 衰退
  describe - v. to give a word picture of something; to give details of something 描述
  design - v. to plan or create plans for 设计
  desire - v. to want very much; to wish for 愿望
  destroy - v. to break into pieces; to end the existence of 摧毁
  develop - v. to grow; to create; to experience progress 发展
  device - n. a piece of equipment made for a special purpose 设备
  dictator - n. a ruler with complete power 独裁者
  diet - n. usual daily food and drink 日常饮食
  diplomat - n. a person who represents his or her government in dealing with another government 外交官
  direct - v. to lead; to aim or show the way 指引 ("He directed me to the theater."); ad.
  straight to something; not through some other person or thing 直接的 ("The path is direct.") 
  direction - n. the way (east, west, north, south); where someone or something came from or went to 方向
  dirt - n. earth or soil 泥土
  disappear - v. to become unseen; to no longer exist 消失
  disarm - v. to take away weapons; to no longer keep weapons; to make a bomb harmless by removing its exploding device 解除武装
  discuss - v. to talk about; to exchange ideas 讨论
  disease - n. a sickness in living things, often caused by viruses, germs or bacteria 疾病
  dismiss - v. to send away; to refuse to consider 解散
  dispute - v. to oppose strongly by argument; n. an angry debate 争论
  dissident - n. a person who strongly disagrees with his or her government 不同政见者
  document - n. an official piece of paper with facts written on it, used as proof or support of something 文件
  drown - v. to die under water 溺水
  drug - n. anything used as a medicine or in making medicine; a chemical substance used to ease pain or to affect the mind 药品
  dust - n. pieces of matter so small that they can float in the air 灰尘


  earn - v. to be paid in return for work done 获得
  earthquake - n. a sudden, violent shaking of the earth's surface 地震
  ease - v. to reduce; to make less difficult 减轻
  ecology - n. the scientific study of the environment and links among living and material things 环境
  economy - n. the system by which money, industry and trade are organized 经济
  edge - n. the line where something ends or begins 边缘
  effect - n. the result or change caused by something ("The storm had a serious effect on the economy.") 效果
  effort - n. an attempt; the work necessary to do something 努力
  elect - v. to choose by voting 选举
  electricity - n. a form of energy that flows through wires to provide heat and light, and power to machines 电力
  embassy - n. the offices of an ambassador and his or her assistants 大使馆
  emergency - n. an unexpected and dangerous situation demanding quick action 紧急情况
  emotion - n. a strong feeling such as love, hate, fear or sadness 感情
  employ - v. to give work in return for wages 雇佣
  energy - n. power used to do work, usually with machines; the ability and willingness to be active 能量
  enforce - v. to make something be done 强制执行
  engine - n. a machine that uses energy to cause movement or to do work 引擎
  engineer - n. a person who designs engines, machines, roads, bridges or railroads   工程师
  environment - n. all surrounding things, conditions and influences that affect life; the natural world of land, sea, air, plants and animals 环境
  equal - ad. the same in amount, size, weight or value; having the same rights 对等的
  equipment - n. things, tools or machines needed for a purpose or activity 设备
  escape - v. to get free; to get away from; to get out of 逃离
  especially - ad. more than others ("We liked the food, especially the fish.") 特别是
  establish - v. to bring into existence; to create 建立
  estimate - v. to form an opinion about a value, size or amount using less than complete information 估计
  ethnic - ad. of or concerning people belonging to a large group because of their race, religion, language, tribe or where their ancestors lived 种族的
  evaporate - v. to change from a liquid into a gas 蒸发
  evidence - n. material or facts that prove something; a reason for believing 证据
  evil - ad. not good; extremely bad 邪恶的
  examine - v. to study closely 审视,察看
  exchange - v. to trade 交易; to give or receive one thing for another 交换
  execute - v. to kill 处死
  exile - v. to force a person to leave his or her country; to expel 驱逐; n. a person who is forced to leave his or her country 被驱逐者
  exist - v. to be; to live 存在
  expand - v. to make larger; to grow larger 扩张
  expect - v. to think or believe that something will happen; to wait for an event 期望
  expel - v. to force out; to remove from; to send away 驱逐,开除
  experience - v. to live through an event, situation or condition 经历("She experienced great pain."); n. something that one has done or lived through 经历("The experience caused her great pain.") 
  experiment - v. to test 做实验; n. a test or trial carried out to prove if an idea is true or false, or to discover something 实验
  expert - n. a person with special knowledge or training 专家
  explode - v. to break apart violently with a loud noise, like a bomb 爆炸
  explore - v. to travel in a place that is not well known to learn more about it; to make a careful search; to examine closely 探索
  export - v. to send to another country 出口; n. something sent to another country, usually for sale 出口商品
  express - v. to say clearly 表达
  extend - v. to stretch out in area or length 扩展 ; to continue for a longer time 延长
  extreme - ad. more than the usual or accepted 极端的
  extremist - n. a person with strong religious or political beliefs who acts in an extreme or violent way 极端主义者

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