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2008-07-17 16:39


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  fail - v. to not succeed; to not reach a goal 失败
  fair - ad. just; honest; what is right 公正
  federal - ad. of or having to do with a national or central government 联邦的
  fertile - ad. rich in production of plants or animals; producing much 肥沃的,多产的
  fierce - ad. extremely strong; violent; angry 猛烈的
  financial - ad. of or about the system that includes the use of money, credit, investments and banks 财政的
  fine - n. a payment ordered by a court to punish someone for a crime 罚款; ad. very good 好的; very small or thin 细小的
  fireworks - n. rockets producing bright fire in the sky, used in holiday celebrations 鞭炮
  firm - ad. not easily moved or changed ("She is firm in her opinion.") 坚定的
  fit - v. to be of the correct size or shape ("These shoes fit my feet.") 适合
  fix - v. to make good or right again 修理
  flee - v. to run away from 逃跑
  float - v. to be on water without sinking; to move or be moved gently on water or through air 飘浮
  flood - v. to cover with water 淹没; n. the movement of water out of a river, lake or ocean onto land 水灾
  flow - v. to move like a liquid 流动
  fluid - n. any substance that can flow, such as a liquid 液体
  forgive - v. to pardon; to excuse; to remove guilt 原谅
  former - ad. earlier in time; not now 前任的
  forward - ad. the direction in front of; toward the front 向前的
  freedom - n. the condition of being free 自由
  freeze - v. to cause or to become very cold; to make or to become hard by cold 冰冻
  fresh - ad. newly made or gathered; recent 清新的
  frighten - v. to cause great fear 使惊吓
  fuel - n. any substance burned to create heat or power 燃料
  funeral - n. a ceremony held in connection with the burial or burning of the dead 葬礼


  gain - v. to get possession of; to get more; to increase 获得
  gas - n. any substance that is not solid or liquid; any substance that burns to provide
  heat, light or power 气体
  gather - v. to bring or come together into a group or place 集合; to collect 收集
  govern - v. to control; to rule by military or political power 统治
  government - n. a system of governing; the organization of people that rules a country, city or area 政府
  grain - n. the seed of grass plants used for food, such as wheat, rice and corn; those plants that produce the seeds 谷类
  gray - ad. having the color like that made by mixing black and white 灰色的
  grind - v. to reduce to small pieces by crushing 磨碎
  guarantee - v. to promise a result; to promise that something will happen 保证
  guerrilla - n. a person who fights as part of an unofficial army, usually against an official army or police 游击队
  guilty - ad. having done something wrong or in violation of a law; responsible for a bad action 有罪的


  halt - v. to come or cause to come to a stop; to stop 停止
  headquarters - n. the center from which orders are given; the main offices of a business or organization 司令部
  health - n. the general condition of the body and mind; the condition of being free from sickness or disease 健康
  helicopter - n. a machine without wings that can fly up or down or remain in one place above the ground 直升机
  hijack - v. to seize or take control of a vehicle by force 绑架
  holy - ad. greatly honored in religion 神圣的
  honor - v. to obey; to show strong, good feelings for 尊敬 ("to honor one's parents"); n.
  an award; an act of giving special recognition 尊敬("He received many honors for his efforts to help others.") 
  horrible - ad. causing great fear; terrible 可怕的
  hostage - n. a person captured and held as a guarantee that a demand or promise will be honored 人质
  hostile - ad. ready to fight; ready for war 敌对的 


  identify - v. to recognize someone or something and to say who or what they are 识别
  illegal - ad. not legal; in violation of a law 非法的
  imagine - v. to make a picture in the mind; to form an idea 想象
  import - v. to bring from another country 进口; n. something brought from another country, usually for sale 进口商品
  improve - v. to make better; to become better 提高
  incident - n. an event or something that happens 事故
  incite - v. to urge or cause an action or emotion, usually something bad or violent 煽动
  increase - v. to make more in size or amount 增加
  independent - ad. not influenced by or controlled by another or others; free; separate 独立的
  individual - n. one person 个人
  industry - n. any business that produces goods or provides services; the work and related activity in factories and offices; all organizations involved in manufacturing 工业,产业,行业
  infect - v. to make sick with something that causes disease 传染
  inflation - n. a continuing rise in prices while the value of money goes down 通货膨胀
  influence - v. to have an effect on someone or something; to cause change 影响
  inform - v. to tell; to give knowledge to 告知
  inject - v. to force a fluid into, such as putting medicine or drugs into the body through the skin 注射
  injure - v. to cause harm or damage to a person or animal 伤害
  innocent - ad. not guilty of a crime; not responsible for a bad action 无辜的
  insane - ad. mentally sick 患精神病的
  inspect - v. to look at something carefully; to examine, especially by an expert 视察
  instrument - n. a tool or device designed to do something or to make something 器械
  insult - v. to say something or to do something that makes another person angry or dishonored 侮辱
  intelligence - n. the ability to think or learn; information gathered by spying 智慧
  intelligent - ad. quick to understand or learn 有才智的
  intense - ad. very strong; extremely serious 剧烈的
  interest - n. what is important to someone 利益 ("He acted to protect his interests." "She had a great interest in painting."); a share in owning a business; money paid for the use of money borrowed 利息
  interfere - v. to get in the way of; to work against; to take part in the activities of
  others, especially when not asked to do so 干涉
  intervene - v. to come between; to come between in order to settle or solve 干预,介入
  invade - v. to enter an area or country by force with an army 侵略
  invest - v. to give money to a business or organization with the hope of making more money 投资
  investigate - v. to study or examine all information about an event, situation or charge; to search for the truth 调查,研究
  involve - v. to take part in; to become a part of; to include 包括
  issue - n. an important problem or subject that people are discussing or arguing about 事件

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