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2008-07-17 16:39


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  quality - n. that which something is known to have or be ("An important quality of steel is its strength."); amount of value or excellence ("Their goods are of the highest quality.") 质量


  race - v. to run; to take part in a competition to decide who or what can move fastest 竞赛; n. one of the major groups that humans can be divided into because of a common physical similarity, such as skin color 种族
  radar - n. a device that uses radio signals to learn the position or speed of objects that may be too far away to be seen 雷达
  radiation - n. waves of energy from something that produces heat or light; energy from a nuclear substance, which can be dangerous 辐射
  raid - v. to make a sudden attack 袭击; n. a sudden attack carried out as an act of war, or for the purpose of seizing or stealing something 突袭
  realistic - ad. in agreement with the way things are 现实的
  reasonable - ad. ready to listen to reasons or ideas; not extreme; ready or willing to compromise 合理的
  rebel - v. to act against a government or power, often with force; to refuse to obey 反抗; n. one who opposes or fights against the government of his or her country 造反者
  recession - n. a temporary reduction in economic activity, when industries produce less and many workers lose their jobs 衰退
  recognize - v. to know or remember something or someone that was known, known about or seen before 识别; to accept another nation as independent and establish diplomatic ties with its government 承认
  reform - v. to make better by changing; to improve; n. a change to a better condition 改革
  refugee - n. a person who has been forced to flee because of unjust treatment, danger or war 难民
  reject - v. to refuse to accept, use or believe 反对
  relations - n. understandings or ties between nations; members of the same family; people connected by marriage or family ties 关系
  release - v. to free; to permit to go 释放; to permit to be known or made public 发布
  religion - n. a belief in, or the honoring of, a god or gods 宗教
  remain - v. to stay in a place after others leave; to stay the same 保留
  remains - n. a dead body 遗体
  report - v. to tell about; to give the results of a study or investigation 报道; n. the story about an event; the results of a study or investigation; a statement in which the facts may not be confirmed 报道
  represent - v. to act in the place of someone else; to substitute for; to serve as an example 代表
  repress - v. to control or to restrict freedoms by force 压制
  request - v. to ask for; n. the act of asking for 要求
  require - v. to need or demand as necessary 需要
  rescue - v. to free from danger or evil 拯救
  research - n. a careful study to discover correct information 研究
  resign - v. to leave a position, job or office 辞职
  resist - v. to oppose 反对; to fight to prevent 反抗
  resolution - n. an official statement of agreement by a group of people, usually reached by voting 决议
  resource - n. anything of value that can be used or sold 资源
  responsible - ad. having a duty or job to do ("He is responsible for preparing the
  report."); being the cause of ("They were responsible for the accident.") 有责任的
  restrain - v. to keep controlled; to limit action by a person or group 抑制
  restrict - v. to limit; to prevent from increasing or becoming larger 限制
  revolt - v. to protest violently; to fight for a change, especially of government 反抗
  riot - v. to act with many others in a violent way in a public place 骚乱; n. a violent action by a large group of people 暴乱 
  risk - n. the chance of loss, damage or injury 风险
  rob - v. to take money or property secretly or by force; to steal 抢夺
  rocket - n. a device shaped like a tube that moves through air or space by burning gases and letting them escape from the back or bottom, sometimes used as a weapon 火箭,导弹
  rub - v. to move something over the surface of another thing 摩擦
  ruin - v. to damage severely; to destroy 毁坏
  rule - v. to govern or control; to decide 统治; n. a statement or an order that says how something must be done 规则


  sabotage - v. to damage or destroy as an act against an organization or nation ("The rebels sabotaged the railroad.")
  sacrifice - v. to do without something or to suffer a loss for a belief, idea, goal or another person 牺牲
  satellite - n. a small object in space that moves around a larger object; an object placed in orbit around the earth 卫星
  satisfy - v. to give or provide what is desired, needed or demanded 使满意
  security - n. freedom from danger or harm; protection; measures necessary to protect a person or place ("Security was increased in the city.") 安全
  Senate - n. the smaller of the two groups in the governments of some countries, such as in the United States Congress 参议院 
  severe - ad. not gentle; causing much pain, sadness or damage  严重的
  shell - v. to fire artillery 炮轰; n. a metal container that is fired from a large gun and explodes when it reaches its target; a hard outside cover 炮弹
  shelter - v. to protect or give protection to 庇护; n. something that gives protection; a place of safety 庇护所
  shrink - v. to make or become less in size, weight or value 缩减
  skeleton - n. all the bones of a human or other animal together in their normal positions 骷髅
  slide - v. to move smoothly over a surface 滑行
  smash - v. to break or be broken into small pieces by force; to hit or move with force  打碎
  spill - v. to cause or permit liquid to flow out, usually by accident 溢出
  spirit - n. the part of a human that is not physical and is connected to thoughts and emotions; the part of a person that is believed to remain alive after death 精神
  split - v. to separate into two or more parts; to divide or break into parts 分裂
  spy - v. to steal or get information secretly 侦察; n. one who watches others secretly; a person employed by a government to get secret information about another country 间谍
  square - n. a flat shape having four equal sides 四方型
  stab - v. to cut or push into or through with a pointed weapon 刺伤
  starve - v. to suffer or die from a lack of food 挨饿
  statue - n. a form of a human, animal or other creature usually made of stone, wood or metal 塑像
  storm - n. violent weather, including strong winds and rain or snow 风暴
  straight - ad. continuing in one direction without turns 直接的
  stretch - v. to extend for a distance; to pull on to make longer or wider 伸展
  strike - v. to hit with force; to stop work as a way to seek better conditions, more pay or to make other demands 罢工
  structure - n. the way something is built, made or organized; a system that is formed or organized in a special way; a building 结构
  struggle - v. to try with much effort; to fight with 挣扎; n. a great effort; a fight 奋斗
  submarine - n. an underwater ship 潜艇
  substance - n. the material of which something is made (a solid, liquid or gas) 物质
  substitute - v. to put or use in place of another替换; n. a person or thing put or used in place of another 替换者(品)
  subversion - n. an attempt to weaken or destroy a political system or government, usually secretly 颠覆
  succeed - v. to reach a goal or thing desired; to produce a planned result 成功
  suffer - v. to feel pain in the body or mind; to receive or experience hurt or sadness 受苦
  suggest - v. to offer or propose something to think about or consider 建议
  supervise - v. to direct and observe the work of others 监督
  supply - v. to give; to provide 供给; n. the amount of something that can be given or sold to others 供给品
  support - v. to carry the weight of; to hold up or in position; to agree with others and help them reach a goal; to approve 支持
  suppose - v. to believe, think or imagine 假设 ("I suppose you are right."); to expect ("It is supposed to rain tonight.") 
  suppress - v. to put down or to keep down by force; to prevent information from being known publicly 压制
  surplus - n. an amount that is more than is needed; extra; ("That country has a trade surplus. It exports more than it imports.") 过剩
  surrender - v. to give control of oneself or one's property to another or others; to stop fighting and admit defeat 投降
  survive - v. to remain alive during or after a dangerous situation 幸存
  suspect - v. to imagine or believe that a person is guilty of something bad or illegal 怀疑; n. a person believed to be guilty 嫌疑犯
  suspend - v. to cause to stop for a period of time 延缓
  swallow - v. to take into the stomach through the mouth 吞咽
  swear in - v. to put an official into office by having him or her promise to carry out the duties of that office 宣誓就职 ("The chief justice will swear in the president.")  sympathy - n. a sharing of feelings or emotions with another person, usually feelings
  of sadness 同情

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