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2008-07-17 16:39


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  tax - n. the money a person or business must pay to the government so the
  government can provide services 税
  technical - ad. involving machines, processes and materials in industry, transportation and communications; of or about a very special kind of subject or thing 技术的("You need technical knowledge to understand how this system works.") 
  technology - n. the use of scientific knowledge and methods to produce goods and services 技术
  telescope - n. a device for making objects that are far away appear closer and larger 望远镜
  temporary - ad. lasting only a short time 暂时的
  tense - ad. having fear or concern; dangerous; opposite calm 紧张的
  territory - n. a large area of land 领地
  terror - n. extreme fear; that which causes great fear 恐怖行动
  terrorist - n. a person who carries out acts of extreme violence as a protest or a way to influence a government  恐怖主义者
  theory - n. a possible explanation of why something exists or how something happens using experiments or ideas, but which is not yet proven 理论 ("Other scientists are debating his theory about the disappearance of dinosaurs.")
  threaten - v. to warn that one will do harm or cause damage 威胁
  torture - v. to cause severe pain 折磨; n. the act of causing severe pain in order to harm, to punish or to get information from 折磨,拷打
  trade - v. to buy and sell or exchange products or services 交易; n. the activity of buying, selling or exchanging products or services 贸易
  tradition - n. a ceremony, activity or belief that has existed for a long time 传统
  traffic - n. the movement of people, vehicles or ships along a street, road or waterway 交通
  tragic - ad. extremely sad; terrible 悲剧的
  transport - v. to move goods or people from one place to another 运输
  transportation - n. the act or business of moving goods or people 交通
  treason - n. the act of fighting against one's own country or of helping its enemies 叛国罪
  treasure - n. a large collection of money, jewels or other things of great value 财宝
  treaty - n. a written agreement between two or more nations 协定
  trial - n. an examination in a court of a question or dispute to decide if a charge is true 审判
  tribe - n. a group of families ruled by a common chief or leader 部族
  trick - v. to cheat; to fool a person so as to get something or make him or her do something 诡计
  troops - n. a number of soldiers in a large controlled group 军队
  truce - n. a temporary halt in fighting agreed to by all sides involved 休战 
  tube - n. a long, round structure through which liquids or gases can flow; a long, thin container in which they can be kept 管道


  unite - v. to join together 联合
  universe - n. all of space, including planets and stars 宇宙
  unless - conj. except if it happens; on condition that ("I will not go, unless the rain stops.") 除非
  urge - v. to advise strongly; to make a great effort to get someone to do something 敦促
  urgent - ad. needing an immediate decision or action 紧急的


  valley - n. a long area of land between higher areas of land 山谷
  value - n. the quality of being useful, important or desired; the amount of money that could be received if something is sold 价值
  vehicle - n. anything on or in which a person or thing can travel or be transported, especially anything on wheels; a car or truck 交通工具
  version - n. the form of something with different details than earlier or later forms 版本
  veto - v. to reject or refuse to approve 否决
  vicious - ad. bad; dangerous; showing harm or hate 恶意的
  victim - n. someone or something that is injured, killed or made to suffer; someone who is tricked 牺牲品
  violate - v. to fail to obey or honor; to break (an agreement) 违反
  violence - n. the use of force to cause injury, death or damage 暴力
  volcano - n. a hill or mountain around a hole in the earth's surface that can explode, sending hot, melted rock and ash into the air 火山
  vote - v. to choose a candidate in an election 选举; n. a choice or decision expressed by the voice, by hand or by writing 选举


  wages - n. money received for work done 工资
  warn - v. to tell of possible danger; to advise or inform about something bad that may happen 警告
  wealth - n. a large amount of possessions, money or other things of value 财富
  wheat - n. a grain used to make bread; the plant that produces the grain 小麦
  willing - ad. being ready or having a desire to ("They are willing to talk about the problem.") 心甘情愿的
  withdraw - v. to take or move out, away or back; to remove 撤退
  wonder - v. to ask oneself; to question 想知道("She wonders if it is true."); n. a feeling of surprise 惊奇
  wreck - v. to damage greatly; to destroy 毁坏 ; n. anything that has been badly damaged or broken 毁灭
  wreckage - n. what remains of something severely damaged or destroyed 残骸

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