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2008-08-29 18:47


  高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜 to hold high the "great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics"

  建设中国特色社会主义 to build socialism with Chinese characteristics

  改革开放 reform and opening-up

  全面建设小康社会to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects

  和谐社会 harmonious society

  解放思想、实事求是emancipate the mind, seek truth from facts

  勇于变革、勇于创新to make bold changes and innovations

  永不僵化、永不停滞to stay away from rigidity or stagnation

  不为任何风险所惧to fear no risks

  不被任何干扰所惑never be confused by any interference

  科学发展观 Scientific Outlook on Development

  正确处理改革发展和稳定的关系to balance reform, development and stability

  高度集中的计划经济highly centralized planned economy

  充满活力的社会主义市场经济robust socialist market economy

  封闭或半封闭的国家closed or semi-closed state


  Reform and opening-up accord with the aspirations of the Party membership and the people and keep up with the trend of the times.


  The path of reforms and opening-up are entirely correct, and their merits and achievements can never be negated. To stop or reverse reforms and opening-up would only lead to a blind alley.

  以邓小平理论和“三个代表”重要思想为指导 to follow the guidance of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the thought of Three Represents

  新时期最突出的标志是与时俱进。Keeping up with the times is the most prominent hallmark in the new period

  经济实力大幅提升。Economic strength increased substantially.

  改革开放取得重大突破。 Major breakthroughs were made in reform and opening-up.

  人民生活显著改善。People's living standards improved significantly.

  社会建设全面展开 Social development proceeded in an all-round way.

  全方位外交 all-directional diplomacy

  党的建设 Party building

  实现人均国内生产总值到2020年比2000年翻两番to quadruple the per capita GDP of the year 2000 by 2020

  优化结构to optimize the economic structure

  提高经济效益to improve economic returns

  降低消耗to reduce consumption of resources

  保护环境to protect the environment

  生态文明 conservation culture

  增长方式 pattern of growth

  消费模式 mode of consumption

  能源、资源节约型及环保型产业结构 energy- and resource-efficient and environment-friendly structure of industries

  可再生能源 renewable energy resources

  建设资源节约型、环保型社会 to build a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society

  循环经济 circular economy

  生态环境质量 ecological and environmental quality

  二氧化硫排放 discharges of sulfur dioxide

  停水 suspension of water supplies

  收入分配制度 income distribution system

  增加转移支付to increase transfer payments

  打破企业垄断to break business monopolies

  创立公平机会to create equal opportunities

  扭转收入差距扩大趋势to reverse the growing income disparity

  公平的收入分配equitable income distribution

  绝对贫困 absolute poverty

  提高低收入群体的收入to raise the income of low- income groups

  社会公平social equity

  合理有序的收入分配模式reasonable and orderly pattern of income distribution

  最低工资 minimum wage

  建立企业职工工资正常增长机制 to set up a mechanism of regular pay increases for enterprise employees

  财产性收入property income

  保护合法收入,调节过高收入,取缔非法收入to protect lawful incomes, regulate excessively high incomes and ban illegal gains

  制定宏伟的经济社会发展目标to chart ambitious goals of economic and social developments

  软实力soft power

  民族凝聚力和创造力 national cohesion and creativity

  综合国力 overall national strength

  保障公民的基本文化权益to guarantee the people's basic cultural rights and interests

  给予正确导向,弘扬社会正气 to give correct guidance to the public and foster healthy social trends

  发展和管理网络文化to develop and manage Internet culture

  培育良好的网络环境to foster a good cyber environment

  公益文化活动nonprofit cultural programs

  文化设施cultural facilities

  大力发展文化产业to vigorously develop the cultural industry

  文化产业基础cultural industry bases

  富有地方特色的文化产业cultural industries with regional features

  建立繁荣的文化市场to create a thriving cultural market

  设立国家荣誉制度,表彰有杰出贡献的文化工作者to establish a national system of honors for outstanding cultural workers

  加快中国特色军事变革to accelerate the revolution in military affairs with Chinese characteristics

  提高军队应对多种安全威胁、完成多样化军事任务的能力to enhance the military's capability to respond to various security threats and accomplish diverse military tasks

  党对军队绝对领导的根本原则the fundamental principle of the Party exercising absolute leadership over the armed forces

  人民军队的根本宗旨the fundamental purpose of the armed forces serving the people

  建设信息化军队to build computerized armed forces

  信息化战争IT-based warfare

  信息化条件下军事训练military training under IT-based conditions

  高素质新型军事人才high- caliber military personnel

  转变战斗力生成模式to change the mode of generating combat capabilities

  中国特色军民融合式发展路子a path of development with Chinese characteristics featuring military and civilian integration

  持久和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity

  遵循联合国宪章宗旨和原则,恪守国际法和公认的国际关系准则,在国际关系中弘扬民主、和睦、协作、共赢精神to uphold the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, observe international law and universally recognized norms of international relations, and promote democracy, harmony, collaboration and win-win solutions in international relations

  均衡、普惠、共赢balanced development, shared benefits and win-win progress

  求同存异seeking common ground while shelving differences

  世界多样性the diversity of the world

  以和平方式解决国际争端to settle international disputes by peaceful means

  高举和平、发展、合作旗帜,奉行独立自主的和平外交政策,维护国家主权、安全、发展利益,恪守维护世界和平、促进共同发展的外交政策宗旨to hold high the banner of peace, development and cooperation, pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, safeguard China's interests in terms of sovereignty, security and development, and uphold its foreign policy purposes of maintaining world peace and promoting common development

  军备竞赛arms race

  损人利己、以邻为壑to seek benefits for itself at the expense of other countries or shift its troubles onto others

  深入贯彻落实科学发展观thoroughly apply “Scientific Outlook on Development”

  重要思想的继承和发展continuation and evolution of the important thoughts

  党的三代中央领导集体 three generations of central collective leadership of the CPC

  马克思主义关于发展的世界观和方法论的集中体现 concentrated expression of the Marxist world outlook and methodology on development

  社会主义初级阶段the primary stage of socialism

  总结我国发展实践to analyze China's own practice

  借鉴国外发展经验to draw on the experience of other countries

  科学发展观第一要义是发展。Scientific Outlook on Development takes development as its essence.

  全面协调可持续发展comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development

  统筹兼顾overall consideration

  社会主义市场经济socialist market economy

  推进各方面体制改革创新to promote institutional reform and innovation in various sectors

  加快重要领域和关键环节改革步伐to accelerate reform in important fields and crucial links

  全面提高开放水平improve opening-up in all respects

  持续增加农民收入continue increasing farmers' income

  收入分配income distribution? mso-ascii-font-family: ' Times: ; mso-hansi-font-family: &apos">基层党组织grass-roots Party organizations

  特邀代表specially invited delegates

  社会主义民主政治socialist democracy

  人大代表依法行使职权deputies to people's congresses exercise their functions and powers in accordance with the law

  密切人大代表同人民的联系 deputies to people's congresses maintain close ties with the general public

  民主集中制democratic centralism

  完善候选人提名制 to improve the system for nominating candidates

  改善民主制度 improve institutions for democracy

  民主选举 democratic election

  决策 decision-making

  保障人民的知情权、参与权、表达权和监督权to guarantee the people's rights to be informed, to participate, to be heard and to oversee

  扩大党内民主 to expand intra-Party democracy

  发展人民民主 to develop people's democracy

  提高党内事物透明度 to increase transparency in Party affairs

  反对、阻止个人或少数人的武断决策to oppose and prevent arbitrary decision-making by an individual or a minority of people

  强化反腐斗争 intensify anti-graft fight

  腐败官员 corrupt officials

  惩治与预防相结合 combining punishment and prevention

  反腐败 crack down on corruption

  长期、复杂而艰巨的斗争 a protracted, complicated and arduous battle

  标本兼治 address both the symptoms and root cause

  高官high-ranking official

  领导岗位 leading positions

  党外人士 non-Communists AMILY: 宋体; mso-ascii-font-family: ' Times: ; mso-hansi-font-family: &apos">无党派人士person with no political affiliation

  多党合作及政治协商制度 system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation

  长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共的原则 the principle of long-term coexistence, mutual oversight, sincere treatment of each other and the sharing of weal and woe

  扩大民主、保证人民当家作主 to expand the people's democracy and ensure that they are masters of the country

  科学及民主决策 scientific and democratic decision-making

  公众听证会 public hearings

  行使民主权利 exercise democratic rights

  “自我管理、自我服务、自我教育、自我监督” practice self-management, self-service, self-education and self- oversight

  各级党组织 Party organizations at all levels

  维护宪法和法律的尊严 to uphold the authority of the Constitution and laws

  加快推进政企分开、政资分开、政事分开、政府与市场中介组织分开to accelerate the separation of the functions of the government from those of enterprises, state assets management authorities, public institutions and market-based intermediaries

  减少和规范行政审批 to reduce the number of matters requiring administrative examination and approval and standardize such procedures

  制约及监督机制 mechanism of restraint and supervision

  “让权力在阳光下运行” power must be exercised in the sunshine

  “台独”势力 the forces of "Taiwan independence

  分裂活动 secessionist activities

  维护中国的主权和领土完整 to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial unity

  构建两岸关系和平发展框架to construct a framework for peaceful development of cross-Straits relations

  和平统一 peaceful reunification

  合法权益 legitimate rights and interests

  一个中国原则 one-China principle

  两岸敌对状态 the state of hostility across the Taiwan Straits

  开创两岸关系和平发展新局面 to usher in a new phase of peaceful development

  优化资本市场结构to improve the structure of capital market

  推进金融体制改革to proceed with financial reform

  多渠道提高直接融资比重 to raise the proportion of direct financing through multiple channels

  加强和改进金融监管 to strengthen financial supervision and controlling

  防范和化解金融风险to forestall and diffuse financial risks

  改善人民币汇率制度to improve RMB exchange rate regime

  扩大国内需求to boost domestic demand

  劳动者素质提高 improvement in the quality of work force

  霸权主义强权政治 hegemonism and power politics

  和平发展 peaceful development

  和平解决国际争端和热点问题 peaceful settlement of international disputes and hotspot issues

  防御性的国防政策a national defense policy that is defensive in nature

  互利共赢的开放战略 a win-win strategy of opening-up

  通行的国际经贸规则internationally recognized economic and trade rules

  扩大市场准入increase market access

  贸易和投资自由化便利化 the liberalization and facilitation of trade and financial systems

  经贸摩擦 economic and trade frictions

  军备竞赛arms race

  永远不称霸 never seek hegemony

  永远不搞扩张 never engage in expansion

  奉行防御性的国防政策 to follow a national defense policy that is defensive in nature

  "FONT-FAMILY: 宋体; mso-ascii-font-family: Arial; mso-hansi-font-family: ' Times: ">反对各种形式的霸权主义和强权政治 to oppose all forms of hegemonism and power politics

  反对一切形式的恐怖主义 to oppose terrorism in any form

  推动国际和地区安全合作 to promote international and regional security cooperation

  推进贸易和投资自由化便利化 to advance the liberalization and facilitation of trade and financial system

  通过磋商协作妥善处理经贸摩擦 to properly resolve economic and trade frictions through consultation and collaboration

  “损人利己” to seek benefits for itself at the expense of other countries or shift its troubles onto others

  缩小南北差距 to narrow the North-South gap

  第一、第二、第三产业primary, secondary and tertiary industries

  社会主义初级阶段primary stage of socialism

  适应新的发展要求 to meet new requirements of development

  总结我国发展实践analyzing China's own practice

  借鉴国外发展经验drawing on the experience of other countries in development

  发展模式 mode of growth

  社会主义市场经济 socialist market economy

  缩小城乡地区间发展差距narrow the urban-rural and interregional gaps in development以人为本 putting people first

  构建社会主义和谐社会 to build a harmonious socialist society

  增强中国的独立创新能力to enhance China's capacity of independent innovation 5pt">innovative country

  加大对独立创新的投入 to increase spending on independent innovation

  突破制约经济社会发展的关键技术to make breakthroughs in key technologies vital to economic and social development

  确立国家创新体制form a national innovation system

  前沿科技frontier technology

  加快努力建设以市场为主导的科技创新机制to step up efforts to establish a market-oriented system for technological innovation

  民族企业 domestic enterprises

  中国名牌 Chinese brand names

  加快转变经济发展方式 to accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development

  推动产业结构优化升级 to promote upgrading of the industrial structure

  统筹城乡发展 to balance urban and rural development

  推进社会主义新农村建设 to push forward the building of a new socialist countryside

  公有制为主体、多种所有制经济共同发展 public ownership is dominant and different economic sectors develop side by side

  毫不动摇地鼓励、支持、引导非公有制经济发展unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector

  平等保护物权 equal protection of property rights

  有序竞争 orderly competition

  生产资料市场 markets for factors of production

  定价机制 pricing mechanism

  推进地区发展平衡 to promote balanced development among regions

  土地发展模式 pattern of land development

  引入竞争机制,深化垄断企业改革 to deepen the reform of monopoly industries by introducing competition

  公共监查 public oversight

  社会公益性技术研究 technological research for public welfare

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