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2008-09-01 10:56

  Exercise Six (2001.11)

Marketing and Stress

  Marketing is one of the most stressful white-collar jobs and marketing executives are not far below teacher, air traffic controllers and doctors on the list of high-stress occupations. In a recent study, 67% of people in marketing and advertising reported that excessively high stress was a regular part of their working lives; 46% said they often felt crushed by chronic stress, while 34% were suffering so much stress they were seriously thinking of leaving their jobs. __H__.

  The real cause for concern is the condition of chronic stress. __9__. This is the name for a condition in which the individual has become so mentally and physically exhausted that he or she is no longer able to function effectively.

  In marketing, you find people who are deeply dedicated to their jobs and to being successful. __10__. One reason is the intensely competitive nature of marketing 每 striving to stay ahead in a market where you are consistently up against competitors who are striving to stay ahead of you. __11__. This loss of performance is compounded by the fact that marketers have to risk vast sums of money on campaigns or product launches which may or may not prove successful.

  The amount of stress in a job is related to the amount of control an employee feels he or she has. __12__. But stress is also related to the importance we attach to a successful outcome. If someone genuinely does not care if they succeed or fail, their stress remains low. However, the more passionately we care about success, the greater the stress when anything threatens it. Research has shown that the most stressful organizations to work in are those which combine highly competitive culture, demands for total dedication and a low-to-zero tolerance of failure. __13__. When asked, most marketers said that this description perfectly describe the cultures found in most marketing department.

  The final ingredient in the mixture is the combination of bad managers and over-demanding clients. __14__. Some senior mangers see such pressures as a way of getting things done. But surely it would be far better to reduce or eliminate the sources of stress than to have to deal with the consequences.

  A  Despite this commitment, it is very hard for them to remain in control of events, and this threatens their goals and creates insecurity.
  B  Such companies are quick to blame marketers when things go wrong.
  C  This results in a huge number of uncertainties and worries about that competition, which in turn leads to inefficient working.
  D  It is caused by unending pressure to perform at a high level, which can eventually result in Burn Out Stress Syndrome 每 BOSS.
  E  Almost every marketer has dealt with both of them and is make anxious and exhausted by the experience.
  F  Therefore these problems can be seen to increase in proportion to the number of stressful situations.
  G  Uncertainty about job prospects makes matters worse and is another challenge to this sense of security.
  H  Figures such as these suggest that stress is a serious problem.


  Excessively; crushed; chronic; strive; compound; passionately; ingredient;


  What Factors Seem To Essentially Contribute To Burnout Stress?

  1. Expectation of greater workload and longer hours
  2. Loss of individual autonomy, over scheduling, predictable income, loss of trust and respect of your professional role
  3. Pressure to take on more risks as your business system demands compliance and to decrease costs but increase “quality”
  4. Inability to balance personal and professional life
  5. Decreased company or peer socialization and collegiality
  6. Lack of positive and timely feedback from management or the owners of the company
  7. Difficulty in saying “No” (at work, home, church, volunteer activities, or in the community)
  8. Unrealistic expectations from customers or employees

What Can You Do About Burnout Stress

  Try implementing a burnout avoidance program within your company. The components of the program include monitoring employees who look like candidates for early flameouts. You know the ones, burning the candle at both ends and trying to conquer and master all in an unrealistic time frame. Traditionally the workplace has rewarded that type of employee behavior by pats on the backs, promotions or other forms of recognition. The message is subtle but clear: We like that kind of attitude and action. But will it feel so good when the employee flames out?

  As a manager or employer, do you encourage or even insist that employees take time off to vacate and recreate? Do you monitor your own actions to determine if you are setting an example that others will follow?

  We can also learn a lesson about burnout from Mother Nature. She demonstrates the importance of balance. Even she recognizes that plants, trees and animals can't constantly grow and expand. They need an opportunity to rest and to replenish diminished resources. She provides this balance through the seasons of the year to accommodate the needs of nature.

  Burnout is costly, and it is preventable. It takes a personal commitment by the employees, the management and by the company to take proactive steps to prevent or address early signs of burnout. It will take your commitment as a manager and as a person to detect and address those situations that lead up to this stress related syndrome.

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