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  above all - most importantly
  account for - explain
  as a matter of fact - in fact ,to speak the truth
  as a rule - generally ;normally
  about to - be ready to;be on the point of doing something
  an old hand - be an experienced persom
  any day now -soon
  approach sb -talk to sb

  be fed up with - be out of patience with
  be on one's own - live independently
  be on the safe side - take no chances
  be out of something - have no longer in supply
  be tired of - be bored with ,frustrated with
  be up to ones'ears - be extremely busy
  be up to someone -be a person's responsibility
  be out for -trying to get
  be out of the question - be unacceptable ,impossible
  bite off more than one can chew - take on more than one can handle
  break down - cease to function
  break the ice - begin to be friendly wuth people one doesn't know
  break the news - inform or give bad news
  brush up on - imporve noe's knowledge of something through study
  bump into - meet unexpectedly
  by and large - in general
  by heart - by memory
  by all means - absolutely ,definitely
  by no means - in no way

  call off -cancel
  cheer up - be happy
  come down with - become sick with
  come into -receive,especially after another's death
  come up with - think of
  count on - depend upon
  count out - eliminate

  die down - become quiet ,become less
  do without - manage without something

  drop by - visit informally; pay a short visit every other - alternate
  fall behind - lag; fail to accomplish something on time
  fall through - fail to happen or be completed
  far cry form - completely different from;a long way
  feel like - have a desire or wish for
  feel up to - feel well enough to or be capabele of
  few and far between - not happening often; rate
  figure out - determine; reason out by thinking
  fill in for -take another's place
  fill - tell what sb. should know
  fish out of water - out of one's element or natural environment
  flying colors -success,victory
  for good - permanently; forever
  for the time being - for now; temporarily

  get away with - escape without punishment
  get rid of - give something away; sell, destroy, or throw away something
  get the ball rolling - start something; make a beginning
  get the hang of - understand; learn
  give a hand - help
  go without saying - understood; clear without needing to be stated
  go off -begin to ring

  hang on - keep hold of; persevere;keep doing something
  hard to come by - difficult to obtain
  have a heart - have kind feelings; be understanding
  have a hunch - have an idea based on feelings rather than reason
  hold off - delay;postpone
  hop to it - get started on something quickly
  hit it off - get along well with someone

  ill at ease - uncomfortable
  in hot water - in trouble
  in the air -uncertain
  in the dark - keep someone without knowdge; information from somenoe
  in the lone run - looking toward the future; eventually
  ins and outs - all the details; the various parts and difficulties to be seen
  iron out - remove the difficulties or find an answer for

  jump to conclusions - arrive too quickly at a decision or opinion

  keep an eye on - watch closely
  keep one'sfingers crossed - wish that nothing goes wrong
  keep on one's toes - be ready for action; prepared
  knock oneself out - make a great effort
  learn the ropes - learn the rules and routines of a place or activity
  little by little -gradually

  make ends meet - to get just enough money for noe's needs
  make out - manage;get along
  mean to - intentional; on purpose
  might as well - to have no strong reson not to

  next to nothing - almost nothing; very inexpensive
  not to mention - in addition

  off balance - unaware; off guard
  on the go - working or doing something all the time
  on pins and needles - nervous; anxious; full of anticipation
  on purpose - deliberately; intentionally
  on the blink - not working properly;broken
  on the right track - thinking or doing something correctly
  on the tip of noe's tongue - to be about to remember somthing
  once in a blue moon - rarely; almost never
  out of it - not involved in

  pick up the tab - pay the bill or the cost of something
  piece of cake - easy
  play by ear - act spontaneously; without planning
  pill it off - accomplish
  pull one's leg - make fun of somenoe in a playgul way; make somenoe believe something that is not ture

  quite a few - many

  raise the roof -angry
  right away - immediately
  run for office - compete for an elected position

  save one's breath - to keep silent because talking would not achieve anyting
  say that again - a saying that means; I agree completely
  stone's throw - short distance
  search me - an answer that means; I don't know
  serves one right - is deserving of
  sleep on it - think about something for a while
  straighten up - clean up; make tidy

  take a break - rest for a while; stop one's work or activity
  think nothing of it - that's all right
  throw cold water on - discourage; lessen enthusiasm for
  to say the least - at the lowest estimate
  touch on - mention a subject briefly

  under the water - not feeling well

  wait around - waiting in vain
  wait on - attend as a servant;serve
  well worth the trouble - it deseres the inconvenience or trouble
  whole new ballgame - an entirely different situation
  with flying colors - succeed very well
  without a hitch - without difficulty or delay

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