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  Hello everybody! Welcome to Nanjing. My name is Hemeng, you can call me Christine also. It is my honor and privilege to be your tour guide. I will spare no efforts to make you comfortable and happy during this trip. If you have some questions or want some help, please feel free to contact me.

  On our way to the destination, I'd like to give you a brief introduction of Xuanwu Lake.

  Xuanwu Lake is in the central-northeast part of Nanjing, it nears Nanjing Railway Station and Ji Ming Temple. It is surrounded by three mountains in three directions: the Zijing mountain to the east, the Jizhao mountain and Fuzhou mountain to the south and the Mufu mountain to the north. The Ming city wall borders the park to its south and east. The lake covers 472 hectares. Xuanwu Lake is one of Nanjing Zhongshan state-level scenic spots and an important part of the national AAAA class tourist attractions. It is the largest comprehensive park in Nanjing with the function of entertainment, leisure and exercise. So beautiful it is, Xuanwu Lake can be compared with Xihu Lake.

  Now, we arrive at the gate of the park. Please get off the bus one by one, then I will show you around the park. Now, let's begin our trip.

  Xuanwu Lake contains five oasises, namely Huan zhou, Ying zhou, Liang zhou, Cui zhou and Ling zhou. Now we are walking along the circle-shaped road which leads us to the first oasis—— Huan zhou. There are lakeside rocks and rockeries in the oasis, which shows the beauty of garden architecture in southern China. Among those rocks, the “Guanyin and Tongzi”. are the most famous. They are heritages of the zhongshan amir, Xuda ,during the Ming Dynasty. Besides,There are Lama Temple and Nuona pagoda in this part.

  Please follow me! Let's walk across this bridge, and here it is. We are now at Ying zhou. It is an oasis in an oasis and it gained its name for its beatuful cherry flowers growing all around. Every spring flowers bloom, which attracts millions of tourists.

  Let's move to next scenic spot, Liang zhou. During the Liang Dynasty, prince Liangzhaoming built a terrace for reading in this oasis, which gave it its name. It was said that prince Liang gathered thirty thousand books and called for many scholars and talents to write essays. At last, they worked out the first analects of poems and essays which exerted a great impact on the study and development of literature. Unfortunately, prince Liang died of uncured disease early. People named the oasis Liang zhou to honor this hard-working prince. I want to mention that Liang zhou is the most beautiful oasis among the rest four oasises. You can find Lake Temple, Lansheng Tower, Lotus pavilion, Taoran pavilion and other historical sites here. You will appreciate the charms of natural landscape, especially the lotus pond.

  Cui zhou is to the east of Liang zhou. It is characterized by its green pines, cypresses, bamboo and willow. Besides, Music terrace and outdoor theater can be found here.

  What we are seeing now is the central oasis——Ling zhou. It borders Zhongshan mountain in the east, which gives it inviting views. There is a bird park in the oasis and it is the largest bird park in China. More than ten thousand rare birds are protected in this park. You can not only see a large number of beautiful and exotic birds but also watch bird performances in the park. You can even feed some birds in person.

  Now, it's your time! You can walk around the Xuanwu Lake freely and enjoy the scenery as you like. I hope you enjoy your time here! Two hours later, we'll meet at the gate of the park. By the way, please put an eye on your luggage and don't forget the time.

  Thank you!

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