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  Mall of Few Words

  Everyone chases success,but not all of us want to be famous

  South African writer John Maxwell Coetzee is__(51)for keeping himself to himself

  When the 63-year-old was named the 2003 Nobel Prize winner for literature earlier this month,reporters were warned that they would find him“particularly difficult to___(52)”.

  Coetzee lives in Australia but spends part of the year teaching at the University of Chicago He seemed___(53)by the news that he won the US$1 3 million prize

  “It came as a complete surprise.1 wasn't even aware they were due to make the announcement,he said.His___(54)of privacy led to doubts as to whether Coetzee will attend Pnize-giving in Stockholm,Sweden,on December 10.But despite being described as____(55)to track down,the critics agree that his Writing is easy to get to know

  Born in Cape Town,South Africa,to all English-speaking family,Coetzee___(56)his breakthrough in 1980 with the novel“Waiting for the Barbarians(野蛮人)”He____(57) his place among the world's leading writers with two Booker prize victories,Britain's highest honour for novels He first_____(58)in l983forthe“Life and Times of Michael k”and his second title came in 1999 for“Disgrace”

  A major theme in his work is South Africa's former apartheid(种族隔离)system,which divided whites from blacks____(59)with the problems of violence,crime and racial division that still exist in the country his books have enabled ordinary people to understand apartheid____(60)within.

  'I have always been more interested in the past than the future,“he said in a rare interview.

  'The past___(61)its shadow over the present.I hope I have made one or two people think——(62)about whether they want to forget the past completely.“In fact this purity in his writing seems to be__(63)in his personal life.Coetzee is a vegetarian,a cyclist rather than a motorist and doesn't drink alcohol.But what he has___(64)to literature,culture and the people of South Africa is far greater than the things he has given up.”In looking at weakness and failure in life,“the Nobel prize judging panel said,”Coetzee's work____(65)the divine(神圣的)spark in man.“

  51A looked after   B well known   C locked     D protected

  52 A catch

  B hold

  C run into

  D bump into

  53 A reported

  B influenced

  C distorted

  D shocked

  54 A like

  B devotion

  C love

  D attraction

  55A difficult

  B easy

  C ready

  D complex

  56 A forced

  B made

  C caused

  D did

  57 A gave

  B listed

  C tood

  D arranged

  58 A received

  B obtained

  C won

  D had

  59 A Dealing

  B Handling

  C Solving

  D Removing

  60 A in

  B out

  C of

  D from

  61 A covers

  B displays

  C spreads

  D casts

  62 A once

  B twice

  C three times

  D four times

  63 A written

  B hidden

  C mirrored

  D stricken

  64 A contributed

  B distributed

  C attributed

  D showed

  65 A tell

  B says

  C informs

  D expresses


  51 B  该段中有这样一个短语“particularly difficult to catch”(很难找到他),“well known for keeping himself to himself”是“以与世隔绝为大家熟知”。可以看出,根据下文,用“well known”最为合适。

  52 A  hold:抱住;拿住。run into和bump into都有“撞上”的意思,这是不由一个人的主观意志所能控制的。

  53 D  对第一段做解释时,提到了上下文可以帮助我们做出正确的判断。紧随其后的是“It came as a complete surprise.”(这个奖来得很突然)。“shock”和“surprise”意思很接近,因此选择“shocked”是对的。

  54 c like作“喜欢”解时是动词,而此处需要的是一个名词。devotion后面跟“to”,attraction是“吸引”的意思。填入后意思不太合适。因此只有“love”是正确的选项。

  55 A despite引导的是一个反比,主旬中有一个“easy”,那么它的反义词就是“difficult”。

  56 B    “幻make a breakthrough”等于“t0 break through”。是周定的搭配。

  57 c    “t0 take one's place”是“处于某种位子”,  是固定的说法。

  58 C  这里需要填入的是一个不及物动词,“received”,“obtained”,“had”都是及物动词,只有“won”既可作及物动词,又可作不及物动词。

  59 A  在这四个动词中,只有“deal”可跟“with”搭配。

  60 D  整个句子说的是:在处理这个国家依然存在的暴力,犯罪和种族隔离问题,他的书能使一般人从内部理解种族隔离。“从……角度”常用“from…”。

  61 D  “casts its shadow”是“给……带来影响”,是固定的搭配。

  62 B    “think twice”相当于汉语中的“三思而后行”。正如汉语中不说“二思而后行”一样,英文中也不说“think three times”,这是固定的说法。

  63 c  该句子的意思是,他作品中的纯洁性反映到了他的个人生活中,“mirrored”是“反映”的意思。

  64 A  从下文“far greater than the things he has given up”(比起他放弃的东西要多得多)来看,选择“contributed”是对的。全句说的是:但是,他对文学、文化、南非人民所做出的贡献比起他放弃的东西要多得多。

  65 D  其他三个动词填入后生成的都是不合格的句子。

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