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  A person who treats me well

  I’m a girl, and I want to find someone who’s willing to treat me like a queen. I don’t want a servant for life. I want someone who understands me, loves me and cares for me. I’m choosing a husband, a life partner. I’m not finding an ATM machine. I definitely need someone who is emotionally available to me. That way, I shall feel really secure and loved and that’s what marriage should bring to me. Plus, if a man doesn’t treat you well now, he’s not likely to treat you well later in life. Every time I see the movie “golden pond”, I’m always moved by how many years later after the old couple got married they still loved each other deeply. That’s the kind of relationship I want to be in, and a man that treats me well deserves my treating him well.

  Earning potential

  I think the most important characteristic for a marriage partner is earning potential. We’re talking about living together in marriage, and there’s a certain standard of life that’s important to a successful marriage. You want to be happy spiritually and materially. Just by saying I love you will not change the fact that I’m hungry. So I think having great earning potential is important, at least for a man. It doesn’t mean that the man should be well-established already when I and he get married. But at least, he needs to let me see the light ahead that one day through his hard work I will live a life of comparatively higher standard. And conventionally, a man is still regarded as the main bread-winner of the household, so if he can’t bring home a lot of money, then where will our happiness and life security be?

  Responsibility / honesty

  I think it’s important for a man to be responsible and honest to be my Mr. Right. Because, I want to have a warm heart in my marriage, and I don’t want to feel worried about where my husband is and what he’s doing. I believe to be a man, at least he should be able to give his wife a sense of security. How does he do this? By behaving responsibly and honestly. If my husband ever show the tendency of cheating on me, or if my husband flirt with other women, I will simply be disappointed and maybe if I love him enough, heartbroken. That’s certainly not what I want. I understand it’s not easy to find a 100% honest man, but still I need to live in my dream, hoping that one day the last one will appear in my life.

  Good nature

  Because you’re choosing a marriage partner, not just a date to a party, this person will be with you, in your life for a comparatively longer period time. So what kind of person he or she is will affect your life, your mood, your social circle too. We need someone that’s good, who has a warm heart, a loving and caring person. And one thing, you don’t need to worry about your own safety, because a good person is usually a person of fairness, responsibility and integrity. So being married to such a person, you should be happy too.

  Good looking

  Because in my traditional point of view, marriage is for life, call me old-fashioned, but that’s truly how I feel. So you’re going to spend 40-60 years maybe with this one person closest to you. So when you’re having dinner, he’s sitting across the table from you; when you go out to party, he’s standing right beside you; everyday when you wake up, you wake up next to him. For all the above things, you need someone that’s comfortable to look at. That way you’ll feel life is “handsome” too. Plus, it’s quite good for my ego. Because, look who I got, he’s gorgeous, that means I’m beautiful. Vanity? Yes.But you can’t blame a girl for wanting nice-looking things.



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