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  Some people say that the best way to raise children is to them to be independent thinkers. Other people disagree ??say that children need to be taught discipline in order to let them successful. In other word, children should either be granted freedom, or be given more discipline. I tend to agree with a policy of firm discipline.

  The people whose view places emphasis on encouraging children to think freely hope the child will be able to understand and govern the world. The child is considered as an “equal” to the adult. This view has been popular in the western countries, where corporal punishment of children is now illegal. The concept of “rights” for children is part of a wider political movement that also asserts right for women, animals and environment.

  Discipline is justified because adults are generally wiser than children. Discipline in childhood fosters(养育) the child for the hardship of his future life.


  Confidence is power--the power to attract, persuade, influence, and succeed. Imagine what your life would be like if you had an abundance of self-confidence! Confidence isn't an inherited trait, it' s a learned one. This means that you can have an abundance of self-confidence.

  The very first thing you have to do to create abundant self-confidence is to start thinking with confidence. Pay attention to your internal dialogue, and learn to notice when you allow negativity or doubt to control the course of your thinking.

  Your environment has a tremendous influence on you. The books you read, the people you spend time with, and the music you listen to all influence the way you think and feel about yourself and the world around you.

  If you're in a situation where you're discouraged, such as an unhealthy relationship or a miserable job, you have to change that situation if you want your self-confidence level to grow.

  Create an environment that supports you if your desire to have abundant self-confidence. Spend time with confident people.


  As is apparently betrayed in the bar chart above, at present university students suffer from psychological problems of various kinds, among which spiritual depression, miscellaneous problems,and suicide-committing top the list. What the chart reveals is indeed thought-provoking.

  The implied meaning of the chart above can be briefly stated as follows. On the one hand, university students are encountering more psychological problems than ever before. The fact can be attributed to many factors. Most university students are overloaded with study and haunted by employment pressure. As young and inexperienced people, they are also facing emotional dilemma and trial of human interrelationship. Besides, some students are in a financial predicament. On the other hand, necessary psychological work for university student is a must for the time being. It is quite shocking that at least forty percent of university students suffer from spiritual depression. The very fact should not be neglected. Effective countermeasures must be taken to reverse the current grim situation. In sum, the psychological problems should be put on our agenda.

  In my view, great efforts must be made so as to ensure the healthy growth of university students. To begin with, we must have a good underst anding the necessity of psychological instruction and guidance among university students. What’s more, government departments at different levels and related organizations should make joint efforts to create a more relaxing environment for university students. Only in this way can university students develop well both physically and psychologically.


  The two pictures look so similar at one glance, but they are totally different. In the first picture, a peasant boy, carrying a heavy bundle of rice straw is out of breath under the great pressure. His hope is to have a school to attend. In the second picture, a student is on his way home from school, a heavy bag of books on his back. What he wishes is that he didn’t have to go to school any more. How can the two boys at the same age have such different ideas about attending school?

  The two pictures show some problems in the present education system in China. In the poor countryside, especially in some western parts of China, the education is also poor. There are no buildings for classrooms, let alone good teachers. Children there cannot have regular education. They are sometimes forced to leave their studies because their families cannot afford the necessary fees. However, the situation is totally different in the cities. Almost all the children in the cities can have regular education. They can enjoy the bright classrooms and adequate facilities. But they have their own problems. What they face is the endless homework, which puts so much pressure on them that some students don’t want to continue their studies.

  Given the problems above, our government has taken some measures. “The Hope Project” has been in operation to ensure that children in the poor areas can achieve education. Some strategies have also been put into force to reduce the pressure on the students. Teachers are asked not to give too much homework. Emphasis should be put on the improvement of the quality of the students. However, there is a long way to go in the improvement of our education conditions. The whole society should be mobilized to make some contributions to our education.


  As is illustrated in the picture, a student is excessively fond of computer game so that he can not see anything suddenly. Accordingly, the fact that students being on the rise spent their spare time playing computer games such as CS has aroused great concern and should be given enough consideration. There is no doubt that its symbolic meaning that it is imperative to prevent them from indulging in CS ought to be taken seriously.

  To account for the above-mentioned case, several effects arisen from CS should be put forward. To begin with, taking to CS too much impair players’ health especially eyes, just like being revealed in the picture. In addition, the growing number of students neglect their studies, idle away their time and even commit crimes thanks to CS, which is threatening situation we are unwilling to see. No better illustration of this idea can be thought than the example as mentioned below, a student, who had wanted to play CS but had little money, made a reckless move to waylay and rob. CS, in some sense, is just like Pandora’s box, which gives rise to some undesirable results unexpectedly. Therefore, no issue is as crucial to individual and national survival and prosperity as bringing CS under control in China.

  From what have been argued above, it is necessary that some effective steps be carried out to check CS. On one hand, it is dem anding for the government to make law to ban CS full of sex and violence on sale. On the other hand, we should assume our responsibilities  and spare no effort to bring home people the awareness of harms concerning CS. Only by undergoing these measures, can we make our youths live in healthy life style, which has just gone to the heart of building up the cordial society.


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