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英语四级真题之词汇练习_Unit 3

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    1. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into ________ when judging my examination.
    A) regard B) counting C) account D) observation
    2. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work ________ all their time.
    A) takes away B) takes over C) takes up D) takes in
    3. When I was very young, I was terribly frightened of school, but I soon ________ it.
    A) got off B) got across C) got away D) got over
    4. Many people complain of the rapid ________ of modern life.
    A) rate B) speed C) pace D) growth
    5. American women were ________ the right to vote until 1920 after many years of hard struggle.
    A) ignored B) neglected C) refused D) denied
    6. I always ________ what I have said.
    A) get to B) hold to C) lead to D) see to
    7. He was ________ of having asked such a silly question.
    A) sorry B) guilty C) ashamed D) miserable
    8. The last time we had a family reunion was ________ my brother’s wedding ceremony four years ago.
    A) in B) at C) during D) over
    9. _______ the advances of science, the discomforts of old age will no doubt always be with us.
    A) As for B) Besides C) Except D) Despite
    10. I can’t understand how you ________ these unpleasant surroundings.
    A) put out B) put down C) put up with D) put forward
    11. I am ________ of your stupid conversation.
    A) annoyed B) worried C) angry D) tired
    12. They are building the dam in ________ with another firm.
    A) comparison B) association C) touch D) tune
    13. To be sure, some insects can build complex societies ________ different types of individuals performing different tasks.
    A) taken from B) made of C) composed of D) developed from
    14. The students will put off the outing until next week, ________ they won’t be so busy.
    A) when B) as C) since D) while
    15. If you do not fasten your safety belt, your chances of being ________ will be greater.
    A) beaten B) hurt C) damaged D) stricken
    16. This bird’s large wings ________ it to fly very fast.【外语¥¥教育网
    A) able B) enable C) unsure D) cause
    17. I found my daughter sitting in the kitchen, crying ________.
    A) strongly B) bitterly C) heavily D) deeply
    18. You are getting too old for football. You’d better ________ tennis instead.
    A) take in B) take up C) take for D) take over
    19. When the two young people were married, the ceremony was anything ________ up to data.
    A) but B) beside C) except D) apart from
    20. What ________ to him is whether the job allows him to pursue his studies.
    A) matters B) refers C) happens D) applies
    21. He said that very clearly so that nobody was in any ________ about what was meant.
    A) doubt B) wonder C) question D) consideration
    22. It is predicted that heavy rains are ________ to flood the area in a few days.
    A) frightening B) threatening C) scattering D) warning
    23. In most of the United States, the morning newspaper is ________ by school age children.
    A) directed B) discharged C) derived D) delivered
    24. Language has always been—as the phrase goes—the mirror to society. English is no ______.
    A) explanation B) excuse C) exception D) expectation
    25. Some confusion has ________ about who can join the association.
    A) arisen B) lifted C) raised D) retained【外语¥教育网
    26. It was unwise of him to ________ the unreliable data in his speech.
    A) add to B) refer to C) keep to D) point to
    27. The ceremony was not for the ________ of the dead, but for the comfort of the living.
    A) purpose B) sake C) respect D) impression
    28. It suddenly occurred to Anne that money couldn’t ________ all that Bob had suffered in the past five years.
    A) make up for B) make out C) live up to D) live through
    29. I think the Red Team will win the final game; it’s ________ that they will.
    A) almost surely B) rather possibly C) very likely D) quite certainly
    30. She accused the man ________ breaking into her house.
    A) of B) for C) at D) with

 答案:1-5 CCDCD 6-10 BCBCC 11-15 DBCAB 16-20 BBBAA 21-25 ABDDD 26-30 ACCBC

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