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英语四级真题之词汇练习_Unit 15

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    1. Britain ahs the highest ____ of road traffic in the world—over 60 cars for every mile of road.
    A) popularity B) density C) intensity D) prosperity
    2. How is it ________ your roommate’s request and yours are identical?
    A) if B) so C) what D) that
    3. In my opinion, he’s ________ the most imaginative of all the contemporary poets.
    A) in all B) at best C) for all D) by far
    4. He didn’t have time to read the report word for word: he just ________ it.
    A) skimmed B) observed C) overlooked D) glanced
    5. The leader of the expedition ________ everyone to follow his example.
    A) promoted B) reinforced C) sparked D) inspired
    6. The ________ goal of the book is to help bridge the gap between research and teaching, particularly between researchers and teachers.
    A) intensive B) concise C) joint D) overall
    7. Their products are frequently overpriced and ________ in quality.
    A) influential B) inferior C) superior D) subordinate
    8. The neighborhood boys like to play basketball on that ________ lot.
    A) valid B) vacant C) vain D) vague
    9. These people once had fame and fortune; now ________ is left to them is utter poverty.
    A) all that B) all what C) all which D) that all
    10. To our ________, Geoffrey’s illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared.
    A) anxiety B) relief C) view D) judgment
    11. Many people like white color as it is a ________ of purity.
    A) symbol B) sign C) signal D) symptom
    12. This research has attracted wide ________ coverage and has featured on BBC television’s Tomorrow’s World.
    A) message B) information C) media D) data
    13. I would never have ________ a court of law if I hadn’t been so desperate.
    A) sought for B) accounted for C) turned up D) resorted to
    14. The energy ________ by the chain reaction is transformed into heat.
    A) transferred B) released C) delivered D) conveyed
    15. During the process, great care has to be taken to protect the ________ silk from damage.
    A) sensitive B) tender C) delicate D) sensible
    16. Though _____ in a big city, Peter always prefers to paint the primitive scenes of country life.
    A) grown B) raised C) tended D) cultivated
    17. If people feel hopeless, they don’t bother to ________ the skills they need to succeed.
    A) adopt B) acquire C) accumulate D) assemble
    18. The shop assistant was dismissed as she was ________ of cheating customers.
    A) accused B) charged C) scolded D) cursed
    19. All her energies are ________ upon her children and she seems to have little time for anything else.
    A) guided B) aimed C) directed D) focused【外语¥教育网
    20. Everyone should be _____ to a decent standard of living and an opportunity to be educated.
    A) attributed B) entitled C) identified D) justified
    21. His wife is constantly funding ________ with him, which makes him very angry.
    A) errors B) shortcomings C) fault D) flaw
    22. Vitamins are complex ________ that the body requires in very small mounts.
    A) matters B) materials C) particles D) substances
    23. The police are trying to find out the ________ of the woman killed in the traffic accident.
    A) evidence B) recognition C) status D) identity
    24. All human beings have a comfortable zone regulating the ________ they keep from someone they talk with.
    A) distance B) scope C) range D) boundary
    25. We have planned an exciting publicity ________ with our advertisers.
    A) struggle B) campaign C) battle D) conflict
    26. ________ the help of their group, we would not have succeeded in the investigation.
    A) Besides B) Regardless of C) But for D) Despite
    27. ________ much is known about what occurs during sleep, the precise function of sleep and its different stages remains largely in the realm of assumption.
    A) Because B) For C) Since D) While
    28. John doesn’t believe in ________ medicine; he has some remedies of his own.
    A) standard B) regular C) routine D) conventional
    29. Owing to __ competition among the airlines, travel expenses have been reduced considerably.
    A) fierce B) strained C) eager D) critical
    30. In Africa, educational costs are very low for those who are __ enough to get into universities.
    A) ambitious B) fortunate C) aggressive D) substantial

     答案:1-5 BDDAD 6-10 DBCAB 11-15 ACDBC 16-20 BBADB 21-25 CDDAB 26-30 CDDAB

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