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英语四级真题之词汇练习_Unit 6

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    1. I don’t know whether what she said is true, but I’ll try to ________ it.
    A) conform B) confirm C) confess D) confine
    2. If you suspect that the illness might be serious, you should not ________ going to the doctor.
    A) pick out B) make out C) put off D) give off
    3. My only purpose was to get shelter ________ the snow, to get myself covered and warm.
    A) for B) form C) off D) over
    4. The man to whom we handed the forms pointed out that they had not been ______ filled in.
    A) properly B) regularly C) thoroughly D) consequently
    5. None of the servants were ________ when Mr. Smith wanted to send a message.
    A) allowable B) approachable C) available D) applicable
    6. After a long and exhausting journey they arrived ________.
    A) till the last B) by the end C) at the end D) at last
    7. His understanding made a deep impression ________ the young girl.
    A) in B) on C) for D) to【外语¥教育网
    8. Although the weather was very bad the buses still ran on ________.
    A) list B) schedule C) plan D) arrangement
    9. Jane was hit on the head by the robber and was knocked ________.
    A) mindless B) unconscious C) brainless D) unaware
    10. ________ you decide to take up, you should try to make it a success.
    A) If only B) Unless C) Whatever D) Whenever
    11. This bird’s large wings ________ it to fly very fast.
    A) make B) cause C) enable D) ensure
    12. In most of the United States, the morning newspaper is ________ by school-age children.
    A) directed B) discharged C) derived D) delivered
    13. Though the long-term ________ cannot be predicted, the project has been approved by the committee.
    A) effect B) effort C) affect D) afford
    14. Jane was fairly good at English, but in mathematics she could not ________ the rest of the students in her class.
    A) put up with B) do away with C) keep up with D) run away with
    15. He went ahead ________ all warnings about the danger of his mission.
    A) in case of B) because of C) prior to D) regardless of
    16. Because of the ________ emphasis placed on classroom work, the instructor will report your absences to the adviser.
    A) large B) strong C) hard D) high
    17. I have had great deal of trouble ________ the rest of the class.
    A) coming up against B) making up for C) keeping up with D) living up to
    18. The little man was ________ more than one metre fifty tall.
    A) nearly B) quite C) hardly D) almost
    19. Certain programs work better for some ________ for others.
    A) and B) than C) as D) but
    20. Some plants are so sensitive ________ pollution that they can only survive in a perfectly clean environment.
    A) from B) against C) to D) with
    21. It does not alter the fact that he was the man ________ for the death of the little girl.
    A) accounting B) guilty C) responsible D) obliged
    22. Medical care reform has become this country’s most important public health ________.
    A) question B) stuff C) matter D) issue
    23. Not that John doesn’t want to help you, ________ it’s beyond his power.
    A) but that B) for that C) and that D) in that
    24. I used to smoke ________ but I gave it up three years ago.
    A) seriously B) heavily C) badly D) severely
    25. The doctor told Penny that too much ________ to the sun is bad for the skin.
    A) exposure B) extension C) exhibition D) expansion
    26. He decided to make further improvements on the computer’s design ________ the light of the requirements of customers.
    A) on B) for C) in D) with
    27. If you suspect that the illness might be serious you should not ________ going to the doctor.
    A) put off B) hold back C) put aside D) hold up
    28. If you want to know the train schedule, please ________ at the booking office.
    A) acquire B) inquire C) request D) require
    29. The coming of the railways in the 1830s ________ our society and economic life.
    A) transformed B) transported C) transferred D) transmitted
    30. In preparing scientific reports of laboratory experiments, a student should ________ his findings in logical order and clear language.
    A) furnish B) propose C) raise D) present

 答案:1-5 ADDCA 6-10 BDABC 11-15 BAACD 16-20 BCABC 21-25 CCABA 26-30 CABAD

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