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英语四级真题之词汇练习_Unit 20

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    1. Some people believe that since oil is scarce, the ________ of the motor industry is uncertain.
    A) terminal B) benefit C) fate D) estimate
    2. To speed up the ________ of letters, the Post Office introduced automatic sorting.
    A) treatment B) delivery C) transmission D) departure
    3. These overseas students show great ________ for learning a new language.
    A) enthusiasm B) authority C) convention D) faith
    4. The defense lawyer was questioning the old man who was one of the ________ of the murder committed last month.
    A) observers B) witnesses C) audiences D) viewers
    5. Politically these nations tend to be ________, with very high birth rates but poor education and very low levels of literacy.
    A) unstable B) reluctant C) rational D) unsteady
    6. The chairman was blamed for letting his secretary ________ too much work last week.
    A) take to B) take out C) take away D) take on
    7. “You try to get some sleep. I’ll ________ the patient’s breakfast, “said the nurse.
    A) see to B) stick to C) get to D) lead to
    8. The London Marathon is a difficult race.___ ___, thousands of runners participate every year.
    A) Therefore B) Furthermore C) Accordingly D) Nevertheless
    9. The bank refused to ________ him any money, so he had to postpone buying a house.
    A) credit B) borrow C) loan D) lease
    10. The more a nation’s companies ________ factories abroad, the smaller that country’s recorded exports will be.
    A) lie B) spot C) stand D) locate
    11. Being ignorant of the law is not accepted as an ________ for breaking the law.
    A) excuse B) intention C) option D) approval
    12. Within two days, the army fired more than two hundred rockets and missiles at military ________ in the coastal city.
    A) goals B) aims C) targets D) destinations
    13. It is said in some parts of the world, goats, rather than cows, serve as a vital _______ of milk.
    A) storage B) source C) reserve D) resource
    14. “This light is too ________ for me to read by. Don’t we have a brighter bulb some where”; said the elderly man.
    A) mild B) dim C) minute D) slight
    15. We have arranged to go to the cinema on Friday, but we can be ________ and go another day.
    A) reliable B) probable C) feasible D) flexible
    16. We are quite sure that we can ________ our present difficulties and finish the task according to schedule.
    A) get across B) get over C) get away D) get off
    17. ________ recent developments we do not think your scheme is practical.
    A) In view of B) In favor of C) In case of D) In memory of
    18. Jessica was ________ from the warehouse to the accounting office, which was considered a promotion.
    A) delivered B) exchanged C) transferred D) transformed
    19. Mr. Smith asked his secretary to ____ a new paragraph in the annual report she was typing.
    A) inject B) install C) invade D) insert
    20. There’s the living room still to be ________, so that’s my next project.
    A) abandoned B) decorated C) dissolved D) assessed
    21. The old paper mill has been ________ to make way for a new shopping centre.
    A) held down B) kept down C) cut down D) turn down
    22. It may be necessary to stop ________ in the learning process and go back to the difficult points in the lessons.
    A) at a distance B) at intervals C) at case D) at length
    23. You can hire a bicycle in many places. Usually you’ll have to pay a ________.
    A) deposit B) deal C) fare D) fond【外语¥教育网
    24. My grandfather had always taken a ________ interest in my work, and I had an equal admiration for the stories of his time.
    A) splendid B) weighty C) vague D) keen
    25. ________ quantities of water are being used nowadays with the rapid development of industry and agriculture.
    A) Excessive B) Extensive C) Extreme D) Exclusive
    26. John cannot afford to go to university, ________ going abroad.
    A) nothing but B) anything but C) not to speak of D) nothing to speak of
    27. Most laboratory and field studies of human behavior ________ taking a situational photograph at a given time and in a given place.
    A) involve B) compose C) enclose D) attach
    28. If you don’t like to swim, you ________ as well stay at home.
    A) should B) may C) can D) would
    29. Dr. Smith was always ________ the poor and the sick, often providing them with free medical care.
    A) reminded of B) absorbed in C) tended by D) concerned about
    30. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4, 1826, the fiftieth ________ of American Independence.
    A) ceremony B) occasion C) occurrence D) anniversary

     答案:1-5 CBABA 6-10 DADCD 11-15 ACBBD 16-20 BACDB 21-25 DBADA 26-30 CABDD

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