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英语四级真题之词汇练习_Unit 5

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    1. In the experiment we kept a watchful eye _____ the developments and recorded every detail.
    A) in B) at C) for D) on
    2. There’s little chance that mankind would ________ a nuclear war.
    A) retain B) endure C) maintain D) survive
    3. Nuclear science be developed to benefit the people ________ harm them.
    A) more than B) other than C) rather than D) better than
    4. The French pianist who had been praised very highly ________ to be a great disappointment.
    A) turned up B) turned in C) turned out D) turned down
    5. Many difficulties have ________ as a result of the change over to a new type of fuel.
    A) risen B) arisen C) raised D) arrived
    6. He made such a ________ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new buildings after him.
    A) genuine B) minimum C) modest D) generous
    7. In the advanced course students must take performance tests at monthly ________.
    A) gaps B) intervals C) length D) distance【外语¥教育网
    8. We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are ________.
    A) out of work B) out of stock C) out of reach D) out of practice
    9. Our company decided to ________ the contract because a number of the conditions in it had not been met.
    A) destroy B) resist C) assume D) cancel
    10. She is ________ a musician than her brother.
    A) much of B) much as C) more of D) more as
    11. Having been found guilty, the man was given a severe ________ by the judge.
    A) service B) sentence C) crime D) crisis
    12. ________ is known to the world, Mark Twain is great American writer.
    A) That B) Which C) As D) It
    13. You can’t afford to let the situation get worse. You must take ________ to put it right.
    A) decisions B) directions C) sides D) steps
    14. Before he left for his vacation he went to the bank to ________ some money.
    A) pull B) pick C) gain D) draw
    15. Frankfurt, Germany, is in one of the most ________ populated regions of Western Europe.
    A) densely B) vastly C) enormously D) largely
    16. The police set a ________ to catch the thieves.
    A) plan B) device C) trap D) trick【外语¥教@育网
    17. We have to try every means to ________ the costs of the construction project.
    A) bring off B) bring forth C) bring down D) bring back
    18. The students were participating ________ an international energy-saving competition between towns in New England and Canada.
    A) for B) in C) to D) at
    19. When she was criticized, she claimed that it was outside her ________ of responsibility.
    A) field B) limit C) extent D) range
    20. We welcome rain, but a(an) ________ large amount of rainfall will cause floods.
    A) extensively B) extremely C) specially D) constantly
    21. Beethoven is my favorite musician. I regard him as ________ other musicians.
    A) superior to B) more superior than
    C) more superior to D) superior than
    22. I hope that you’ll be more careful in typing the letter. Don’t ________ anything.
    A) withdraw B) omit C) reduce D) lead
    23. She is a very ________ secretary: she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.
    A) anxious B) effective C) adequate D) efficient
    24. I’ll accept any job ________ I don’t have to get up early.
    A) lest B) as long as C) in case D) though
    25. Once out of the earth’s gravity, the astronauts is ________ by the problem of weightlessness.
    A) affected B) effected C) inclined D) related
    26. Medical research has shown that the widespread of use of cigarettes contributes ________ the increase of cancers.
    A) towards B) for C) with D) to
    27. The computer has brought about surprising technological changes ________ we organize and produce information.
    A) in a way B) in the way C) in that way D) in no way
    28. He is late again today. I’ll ________ that he will not be late tomorrow.
    A) be sure B) hope for C) felt D) to be felt
    29. This popular sports car is now being ________ at the rate of a thousand a week.
    A) turned down B) turned out C) turned up D) turned on
    30. In Britain people drive ________ the left.
    A) at B) on C) to D) in

 答案:1-5 DDCCB 6-10 DBBDA 11-15 BCDDA 16-20 CCBDB 21-25 ABDBA 26-30 DBBBB

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