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英语四级真题之词汇练习_Unit 8

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    1. There are other problems which I don’t propose to ________ at the moment.
    A) go into B) go around C) go for D) go up
    2. It is quite necessary for a qualified teacher to have good manners and ________ knowledge.
    A) extensive B) expansive C) intensive D) expensive
    3. I felt somewhat disappointed and was about to leave, ________ something occurred which attracted my attention.
    A) unless B) until C) when D) while
    4. A love marriage, however, does not necessarily ________ much sharing of interests and responsibilities.
    A) take over B) result in C) hold on D) keep to
    5. The ability to store knowledge makes computers different form every other machine ________ invented.
    A) ever B) thus C) yet D) as
    6. I’m not sure whether I can gain any profit from the investment, so I can’t make a(n) ________ promise to help you.
    A) exact B) defined C) definite D) sure
    7. The sports meet, originally due to be held last Friday, was finally ________ because of the bad weather.
    A) set off B) broken off C) worn off D) called off
    8. After the robbery, the shop installed a sophisticate alarm system as an insurance ________ further losses.
    A) for B) from C) against D) towards【外语¥教育网
    9. A healthy life is frequently thought to be ________ with the open countryside and homegrown food.
    A) tied B) bound C) involved D) associated
    10. In Britain today women ________ 44% of the workforce, and nearly half the mothers with children are in paid work.
    A) build up B) stand for C) make up D) conform to
    11. ________ might be expected, the response to the question was very mixed.
    A) As B) That C) It D) What
    12. Features such as height, weight, and skin color ________ from individual to individual and from face to face.
    A) change B) vary C) alter D) convert
    13. I make notes in the back of my diary ________ thing to be mended or replaced.
    A) by B) in C) with D) of
    14. A well-written composition ________ good choice of words and clear organization among other things.
    A) calls on B) calls for C) calls up D) calls off
    15. It has been revealed that some government leaders ________ their authority and position to get illegal profits for themselves.
    A) employ B) take C) abuse D) overlook
    16. We were struck by the extent ________ which teachers’ decisions served the interests of the school rather than those of the students.
    A) to B) for C) in D) with
    17. Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ________.
    A) intention B) attempt C) purpose D) desire
    18. The store had to ________ a number of clerks because sales were down.
    A) lay out B) lay off C) lay aside D) lay down
    19. All the students in this class passed the English exam ________ the exception of Li Ming.
    A) on B) in C) for D) with
    20. Writing is a slow process, requiring ________ thought, time, and effort.
    A) significant B) considerable C) enormous D) numerous
    21. Lightning is a ____ of electrical current from a cloud to the ground or from one cloud to another.
    A) rush B) rainbow C) rack D) ribbon
    22. New York ____ second in the production of apples, producing 850,000,000 pounds this year.
    A) ranked B) occupied C) arranged D) classified
    23. By success I don’t mean ________ usually thought of when that word is used.
    A) what is B) that we C) as you D) all is
    24. I caught a ________ of the taxi before it disappeared around the corner of the street.
    A) vision B) glimpse C) look D) scene
    25. Students or teachers can participate in excursions to lovely beaches around the island at regular ________.
    A) gaps B) rate C) length D) intervals
    26. Physics is ________ to the science which was called natural philosophy in history.
    A) alike B) equivalent C) likely D) uniform
    27. The new appointment of our president ________ from the very beginning of next semester.
    A) takes effect B) takes part C) takes place D) takes turns
    28. The president made a ________ speech at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, which encouraged the sportsmen greatly.
    A) vigorous B) tedious C) flat D) harsh
    29. It is useful to be able to predict the extent ________ which a price change will affect supply and demand.
    A) from B) with C) to D) for
    30. Finding a job in such a big company has always been ________ his wildest dreams.
    A) under B) over C) above D) beyond

     答案:1-5 AACBA 6-10 CDCDC 11-15 ABDBC 16-20 ABBDB 21-25 AAABD 26-30 BAACD

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