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2012-02-23 16:00

    导语:林书豪是首位进入美国职业篮球联赛(NBA)的美籍华人球员。他在NBA的第一个赛季是从金州勇士队(Golden State Warriors)开始的。下面就随外语教育网小编一起来看看吧O(∩_∩)O~~

  Lin is the first Chinese-American player in the NBA, and spent his first season with the Golden State Warriors, who signed the undrafted Harvard graduate in 2010 to fill out their roster. Hesaw limited minutes with the Warriors, but was cheered in arenas around the country, particularly in cities with large Asian communities, as fans came out in droves to cheer their homegrown star.


  林书豪是首位进入美国职业篮球联赛(NBA)的美籍华人球员。他在NBA的第一个赛季是从金州勇士队(Golden State Warriors)开始的。2010年,勇士队为补充球员签下了这位曾在NBA选秀大会上落选的哈佛毕业生。尽管林书豪在勇士队的上场时间有限,但每次出场总能获得球迷的欢呼。特别是在有着庞大亚洲社区的城市里,球迷们总是成群结队地为这位亚裔球星加油喝彩。

  To be sure, Lin is a different kind of Asian basketball player from Yao Ming. While Yao's size put him in a somewhat self-selecting group--people north of seven feet tall can certainly do a widerange of things, but they're frequently drafted into playing basketball--Lin went from Palo Alto High School to an economics degree at Harvard, but remained committed to making it as aprofessional basketball player. (Yao recently enrolled at Jiaotong University's Antai Economics and Management College as his post-retirement career rolls on.)

  不过,林书豪属于另一种亚洲篮球运动员,与姚明还不太一样。姚明的块头如此之大,似乎就是为打篮球而生的(身高超过2.13米的人当然可以从事很多种职业,不过大多都去打篮球了),而林书豪从美国加州帕洛阿尔托高中(Palo Alto High School)毕业后,进入哈佛大学主修经济并获得学位,在这期间他仍致力于成为一名职员篮球运动员。(退役后的姚明前不久已赴上海交通大学报到,就读该校的安泰经济与管理学院。)

  It hasn't been an easy road for Lin. He has made several trips to the NBA's Development League, a minor league for players who show promise but need seasoning before they can compete at the highest level.

  林书豪的篮球生涯走得颇为辛苦。他曾几次进出NBA发展联盟(Development League)。这是NBA旗下的一个小联盟,专为有潜力但仍需锻炼的球员而设,经过这里的磨练,他们便有能力去打最高水准的比赛。

  It appears to have paid off. After keying the Knicks victory over New Jersey, Lin was named the starter for the Utah game, a position he appears to have a hold on in the shot term, as Baron Davis, signed in December to play the position, lingers on the disabled list due to a herniated disk in his back.

  他的努力似乎已有了回报。林书豪的出色表现帮助纽约尼克斯战胜了篮网队之后,他在对阵犹他爵士队时获得了首发资格。去年12月签约担任控球后卫的拜伦•戴维斯(Baron Davis)由于腰椎间盘突出而长期缺阵,短期来看林书豪似乎填补了这个空白。

  If he can stick with the Knicks, the stars may have aligned for Lin. Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni made a name for himself with a frenetic style of play that puts particular focus on the point guard position.

  如果林书豪能一直效力尼克斯,他可能会成为真正的明星。尼克斯主帅迈克•德安东尼(Mike D'Antoni)曾以疯狂进攻的打法成名,而他的布阵重点就是控球后卫。

  After collaborating with guard Steve Nash for five successful seasons with the Phoenix Suns, D'Antoni moved to New York, where he hasn't won as much but has coached up previouslymiddling point guards into stronger players. Chris Duhon and Raymond Felton both overcame images as limited talents under D'Antoni, blossoming into playmakers. 「外语*教育网编辑整理 www.for68.com

  与后卫史蒂夫•纳什(Steve Nash)在菲尼克斯太阳队(Phoenix Suns)成功合作了五个赛季后,德安东尼移师纽约。在那里,他虽然没有打赢如此多的比赛,但却将一批曾经的二流控球后卫培养成了更强大的球员。在德安东尼的调教下,克里斯•杜洪(Chris Duhon)和雷蒙德•费尔顿(Raymond Felton)均突破了留给外界的才智平平的印象,成长为在场上组织进攻的球员。

  Lin's knack for driving to the basket and finding open teammates makes him a good fit for the D'Antoni mold, but he still has a lot of work to do before he's a proven NBA star.


  The constant running in D'Antoni's offense, dubbed 'Seven Seconds or Less' for the time expected in which the team should shoot the ball, demands great fitness--Lin appeared winded at the end of the Utah game. But he'll likely get stronger the more minutes he plays, and even if Davis returns, spelling the older, recovering player could be productive for Lin, a proven good student who can learn a lot from practicing against a veteran.

  德安东尼有一套被称为"七秒快攻"(Seven Seconds or Less)的进攻战术,要求在七秒钟内完成投篮。为此,球员需要连续奔跑,这就要求他们具备超强的体能。在与犹他爵士队的比赛结束时,林书豪似乎已经累得有点喘不过气来了。不过他上场时间越长,可能就会变得更强,而即使戴维斯回来,对林书豪来说,能与这位年长的还在恢复中的球员交替上场也是个不错的机会。事实已经证明,林书豪是个好学生,他能从与老球员的练习中获益良多。

  And should things not work out for him in New York, he would almost certainly giver former Knick Stephon Marbury a run for his money as the biggest star in China's own basketball league.

  就算在纽约尼克斯队发展不顺,身为头号亚裔球星的林书豪回到中国打职业联赛,其酬劳也几乎可以和曾效力尼克斯的斯蒂芬•马布里(Stephon Marbury)有一拼了。



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