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作文范文:The impact of the Internet on interpersonal communication
要求:commenting on “Dad:Hi sweetie, how was school, today? Daughter: You can read all about it on my blog, Dad”
In contemporary society, our life is filled with a variety of anecdotes or stories, and the following is no exception: “Dad:Hi sweetie, how was school, today? Daughter: You can read all about it on my blog, Dad.” Funny as it seems, this conversation can be naturally associated with the impacts of Internet on our life: In an era of Internet, the time for interpersonal communication is impaired by online chats or blogs.

Apparently, the impacts of the Internet on interpersonal communication are diverse. For one thing, as a vital invention, Internet brings great convenience to our communication, eliminates the barrier of distance, and helps humans to keep in touch wherever and whenever. For another, it is Internet that does not enables family members, friends or classmates to communicate more in a face-to-face way. One case in point is that youngsters may spend hours chatting with acquaintances through QQ or MSN, but rarely do they talk with other face to face. Unfortunately, it we let this trend to continue as it is, the interpersonal relationship will, definitely, become alienated.

To my understanding, it is advisable for people to communicate more with their families, friends and acquaintances in real life instead of merely through the Internet. Do bear in mind: Internet is just a tool. (213words)


1. B) To cut students’ expenses.
2. C) college facilities could be put to more effective use.
3. A) suppresses creative thinking
4. A) Its students have to earn more credits each year.
5. A) It has been running for several decades.
6. B) More students have Advanced Placement credits.
7. B) Students don’t have much time to roam intellectually.
8. the core curriculum
9. stay competitive and relevant
10. bright, motivated students


11. C) The injury will confine Anna to bed for quite a while.
12. C) She can get a ballet ticket for the man.
13. B) He has to do other repairs first.
14. B) Give his contribution some time later.
15. C) Tell Tony’s mother that she eats no meat.
16. D) The coverage of newspapers.
17. A) Limit the number of participants in the conference.
18. A) The apartment is still available.
19. C) to see if dolphins can communicate with each other.
20. B) Press the right-hand lever first.
21. A) Only one dolphin was able to see the light.
22. C) In a resort town.
23. A) It is an ideal place for people to retire to.
24. C) It is protected as parkland by a special law.
25. A) The beautiful flowers.
26. D) He specialized in interpersonal relationship.
27. B) Black freshman with high standardized scores
28. D) They broke up more often than same-race roommates
29. A) The racial attitudes improved.
30. D) It will help solve the global food crisis.
31. C) It is still far from being sufficient.
32. D) They are not as natural as we believed.
33. D) He was wrongly imprisoned
34. C) The two victims’ identification
35. D) Many factors influence the accuracy of witness testimony.

About 700,000 children in Mexico dropped out of school last year as recession-stricken families pushed kids to work, and a weak economic recovery will allow only a (36)slight improvement in the drop-out rate in 2010, a top education (37)official said.
Mexico's economy suffered more than any other in Latin America last year, (38)shrinking an estimated 7 percent due to a (39)plunge in U.S. demand for Mexican exports such as cars.
The (40)decline led to a 4 percent increase in the number of kids who left (41)primary or middle school in 2009, said Juan de Dios Castro, who (42)heads the nation's adult education program and keeps a close watch on drop-out rates.
"(43)Poverty rose and that is a factor that makes our job more difficult," Castro told Reuters in an interview earlier this month.
(44)Hindered by higher taxes and weak demand for its exports, Mexico's economy is seen only partially recovering this year. As a result, drop-out rates will not improve much, Castro said.
"There will be some improvement, but not significant," Castro said.
(45) Mexico has historically had high drop-out rates as poor families pull kids out of school to help put food on the table, and children often sell candy and crafts in the streets or work in restaurants.
(46)The nation's drop-out problem is just the latest bad news for the long-term competitiveness of the Mexican economy. Mexico's politicians have resisted mending the country's tax, energy and labor laws for decades, leaving its economy behind countries such as Brazil and Chile.


47. Clean technologies like wind and solar(注意首字母大写)
48. Capturing and storing CO2 (注意首字母大写)
49. put it to new use
50. increase their yield of fruits and vegetables
51. the scale of CO2 emissions


52. A) Its negative effects have long been neglected.
53. D) Goals with financial rewards have strong motivational power.
54. A) They resorted to unethical practice to meet their sales quota.
55. C) Its conclusion is not based on solid scientific evidence.
56. A) The link between goal-setting and harmful behavior deserves further study.
57. D) Free market plus government intervention.
58. D) Government regulation hinders economic development.
59. D) Effective measures adopted by the government.
60. C) They give up the idea of smaller government and less regulation.
61. D) Excessive borrowing.


来自2010年10月26日Scientific American: Hearing the Music, Honing the Mind
Music produces profound and lasting changes in the brain. Schools should add classes, not cut them. Nearly 20 years ago a small study advanced the notion that listening to Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major could boost mental functioning. It was not long before trademarked “Mozart effect” products appealed to neurotic parents aiming to put toddlers on the fast track to the Ivy League. Georgia’s governor even proposed giving every newborn there a classical CD or cassette。
The evidence for Mozart therapy turned out to be flimsy, perhaps nonexistent, although the original study never claimed anything more than a temporary and limited effect. In recent years, however, scientists have examined the benefits of a concerted effort to study and practice music, as opposed to playing a Mozart CD or a computer-based “brain fitness” game once in a while.
Advanced monitoring techniques have enabled scientists to see what happens inside your head when you listen to your mother and actually practice the violin for an hour every afternoon. And they have found that music lessons can produce profound and lasting changes that enhance the general ability to learn. These results should convince public officials that music classes are a mere decoration, ripe for discarding in the budget crises that constantly trouble public schools。
Studies have shown that diligent instrument training from an early age can help the brain to process sounds better, making it easier to stay focused when absorbing other subjects, from literature to tensor calculus. The musically adept are better able to concentrate on a biology lesson despite the racket in the classroom or, a few years later, to finish a call with a client when a colleague in the next cubicle starts screaming at an underling. They can attend to several things at once in the mental scratch pad called working memory, an essential skill in this era of multitasking。

62. C)notion
63. D)before
64. C)on
65. B)proposed
66. B)evidence
67. D)original
68. A)however
69. A)effort
70. A)opposed
71. B)once
72. B)techniques
73. D)inside
74. D)lessons
75. A)enhance
76. D)convince
77. A)trouble
78. C)diligent
79. B)process
80. B)concentrate
81. B)or


82. worth $80 without a discount.
83. Facing the brutal competition from other companies (注意第一个单词首字母大写)
84. nearly have nothing in common
85. did I realize that merely depending on good luck cannot lead to success.
86. more species might have gone extinct on Earth

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