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Section A

11. A) The man might be able to play in the World Cup.

B) The man’s football career seems to be at an end.

C) The man was operated on a few weeks ago.

D) The man is a fan of world-famous football players.

12. A) Work out a plan to tighten his budget

B) Find out the opening hours of the cafeteria.

C) Apply for a senior position in the restaurant.

D) Solve his problem by doing a part-time job.

13. A) A financial burden.

B) A good companion

C) A real nuisance.

D) A well-trained pet.

14. A) The errors will be corrected soon.

B) The woman was mistaken herself.

C) The computing system is too complex.

D) He has called the woman several times.

15. A) He needs help to retrieve his files.

B) He has to type his paper once more.

C) He needs some time to polish his paper.

D) He will be away for a two-week conference.

16. A) They might have to change their plan.

B) He has got everything set for their trip.

C) He has a heavier workload than the woman.

D) They could stay in the mountains until June 8.

17. A) They have to wait a month to apply for a student loan.

B) They can find the application forms in the brochure.

C) They are not eligible for a student loan.

D) They are not late for a loan application.

18. A) New laws are yet to be made to reduce pollutant release.

B) Pollution has attracted little attention from the public.

C) The quality of air will surely change for the better.

D) It’ll take years to bring air pollution under control.

Questions 19 to 22 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

19. A) Enormous size of its stores.

B) Numerous varieties of food.

C) Its appealing surroundings.

D) Its rich and colorful history.

20. A) An ancient building.

B) A world of antiques.

C) An Egyptian museum.

D) An Egyptian Memorial.

21. A) Its power bill reaches £9 million a year.

B) It sells thousands of light bulbs a day.

C) It supplies power to a nearby town.

D) It generates 70% of the electricity it uses.

22. A) 11,500 B) 30,000 C) 250,000 D) 300,000

Questions 23 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

23. A) Transferring to another department.

B) Studying accounting at a university

C) Thinking about doing a different job.

D) Making preparations for her wedding.

24. A) She has finally got a promotion and a pay raise.

B) She has got a satisfactory job in another company.

C) She could at last leave the accounting department.

D) She managed to keep her position in the company.

25. A) He and Andrea have proved to be a perfect match.

B) He changed his mind about marriage unexpectedly.

C) He declared that he would remain single all his life.

D) He would marry Andrea even without meeting her.

Section B

Passage One

Questions 26 to 29 are based on the passage you have just heard.

26.A) They are motorcycles designated for water sports.

B) They are speedy boats restricted in narrow waterways.

C) They are becoming an efficient form of water transportation.

D) They are getting more popular as a means or water recreation.

27.A) Water scooter operators’ lack of experience.

B) Vacationers’ disregard of water safety rules.

C) Overloading of small boats and other craft.

D) Carelessness of people boating along the shore.

28.A) They scare whales to death.

B) They produce too much noise.

C) They discharge toxic emissions.

D) They endanger lots of water life.

29.A)Expand operating areas.

B) Restrict operating hours.

C) Limit the use of water scooters.

D) Enforce necessary regulations.

Passage Two

Questions 30 to 32 are based on the passage you have just heard.

30.A) They are stable.

B) They are close.

C) They are strained.

D) They are changing.

31.A) They are fully occupied with their own business.

B) Not many of them stay in the same place for long.

C) Not many of them can win trust from their neighbors.

D) They attach less importance to interpersonal relations.

32.A) Count on each other for help.

B) Give each other a cold shoulder.

C) Keep a friendly distance.

D) Build a fence between them.

Passage Three

Questions 33 to 35 are based on the passage you have just heard.

33.A) It may produce an increasing number of idle youngsters.

B) It may affect the quality of higher education in America.

C) It may cause many schools to go out of operation.

D) It may lead to a lack of properly educated workers.

34. A)It is less serious in cities than in rural areas.

B) It affects both junior and senior high schools.

C) It results from a worsening economic climate.

D) It is a new challenge facing American educators.

35. A) Allowing them to choose their favorite teachers.

B) Creating a more relaxed learning environment.

C) Rewarding excellent academic performance.

D) Helping them to develop better study habits.

Section C

I'm interested in the criminal justice system of our country. It seems to me that something has to be done if we’re to (36) ___ as a country. I certainly don't know what the answers to our problems are. Things certainly get (37) ____in a hurry when you get into them. But I wonder if something couldn't be done to deal with some of these problems. One thing I'm concerned about is our practice of putting (38) _____ in jail who haven't harmed anyone. Why not wor out some system (39) _____ they can pay back the debts they owe society instead of (40) ___ another debt by going to prison, and of course, coming under th (41) ____of hardened criminals? I'm also concerned about the short prison sentences people are (42) ______ for serious crimes. Of course, one alternative to this is to (43) ______ capital punishment, but I'm not sure I would be for that. I'm not sure it's right to take an eye for eye. (44) _____. I also think we must do something about the insanity plea. In my opinion, anyone who takes another person’s life intentionally is insane; however, (45) _____. It’s sad, of course, that a person may have to spend the rest of his life, or (46) ______.


11. A 12. D

13.C 14. A

15.B 16.A

17.D 18.C

19.B 20.A

21.D 22.B

23.C 24.A


26. D27. A

28. B29. D

30. D31. B

32. C33. D

34. B35. C

36. survive 37. complicated

38. offenders 39. whereby

40. incurring 41. influence

42. serving 43. restore

44. The alternative to capital punishment is longer sentences but they would certainly cost the tax-payers much money

45. that does not mean that the person isn’t guilty of the crime or that he shouldn’t pay society the debt he owes

46. a large part of it in prison for acts that he committed while not in full control of his mind

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