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Part V Cloze (15 minutes)

Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.


A new study found that inner-city kids living in neighborhoods with more green space gained about 13% less weight over a two-year period than kids living amid more concrete and fewer trees. Such __62__ tell a powerful story. The obesity epidemic began in the 1980s, and many people __63__ it to increased portion sizes and inactivity, but that can't be everything. Fast foods and TVs have been __64__ us for a long time. "Most experts agree that the changes were __65__ to something in the environment," says social epidemiologist Thomas Glass of The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. That something could be a __66__ of the green.

The new research, __67__ in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, isn't the first to associate greenery with better health, but it does get us closer __68__ identifying what works and why. At its most straightforward, a green neighborhood __69__ means more places for kids to play – which is __70__ since time spent outdoors is one of the strongest correlates of children's activity levels. But green space is good for the mind __71__: research by environmental psychologists has shown that it has cognitive __72__ for children with attention-deficit disorder. In one study, just reading __73__ in a green setting improved kids' symptoms.

__74__ to grassy areas has also been linked to __75__ stress and a lower body mass index (体重指数) among adults. And an __76__ of 3,000 Tokyo resident associated walkable green spaces with greater longevity (长寿) among senior citizens.

Glass cautions that most studies don't __77__ prove a causal link between greenness and health, but they're nonetheless helping spur action. In September the U. S. House of Representatives __78__ the delightfully named No Child Left Inside Act to encourage public initiatives aimed at exposing kids to the outdoors.

Finding green space is not __79__ easy, and you may have to work a bit to get your family a little grass and trees. If you live in a suburb or a city with good parks, take __80__ of what's there. Your children in particular will love it – and their bodies and minds will be __81__ to you.

62. A) findings B) theses C) hypotheses D) abstracts

63. A) adapt B) attribute C) allocate D) alternate

64. A) amongst B) along C) beside D) with

65. A) glued B) related C) tracked D) appointed

66. A) scraping B) denying C) depressing D) shrinking

67. A) published B) simulated C) illuminated D) circulated

68. A) at B) to C) for D) over

69. A) fully B) simply C) seriously D) uniquely

70. A) vital B) casual C) fatal D) subtle

71. A) still B) already C) too D) yet

72. A) benefits B) profits C) revenues D) awards

73. A) outward B) apart C) aside D) outside

74. A) Immunity B) Reaction C) Exposure D) Addiction

75. A) much B) less C) more D) little

76. A) installment B) expedition C) analysis D) option

77. A) curiously B) negatively C) necessarily D) comfortably

78. A) relieved B) delegated C) approved D) performed

79. A) merely B) always C) mainly D) almost

80. A) advantage B) exception C) measure D) charge

81. A) elevated B) merciful C) contented D) grateful


62.A findings

63.B attribute

64.D with

65.B related

66.D shrinking

67.A published

68.B to

69.B simply

70.A vital

71.C too

72.A benefits

73.D outside

74.C Exposure

75.B less

76.C analysis

77.C necessarily

78.C approved

79.B always

80.A advantage

81.D grateful

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