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2013-08-15 10:52


A family watching a dolphin from their boat were shocked when it dropped them off a cod supper for dinner. 一家人坐船观赏海豚时收到了意外大礼,海豚把一条大鳕鱼送到他们船上当晚餐。

The group were enjoying watching the mammal frolic in the water when it suddenly dived down and caught the cod before placing it near to Lucy Watkins, 14. 正当这家人欣赏海豚在水里嬉戏时,它却突然潜到水下抓住一条鳕鱼,之后竟然把鱼送到了14岁的露西·沃特金斯身边。

The dolphin then then resurfaced and began nudging the fish towards the stunned teenager. Lucy and her grandparents wondered whether they should pick up the fish in case the dolphin wanted it for tea. 不久海豚浮出水面,把鱼推给大为吃惊的露西。露西和她的祖父母都不知道是否应该收下鳕鱼,因为他们不确定这是海豚自己的点心还是给专门送给他们的礼物。

But the dolphin then appeared seconds later with his own fish, this time a seabass, and began tucking in. The family gratefully scooped up the cod, which weighed a massive 10lbs, before taking it home to nearby Combe Martin in Devon to cook for their dinner. 但几秒钟后,海豚重新出现了,还津津有味吃着自己的那份鱼,这回是只石斑鱼。看到此景,露西一家心怀感激地收下了这条重达10磅(约4.5公斤)的大鳕鱼,带回德文郡深谷马丁附近的家中做了一道大餐。

Lucy said: 'He definitely wanted me to have his fish. He first dropped it 20ft away but then pushed it to within 5ft of my kayak.Everyone was watching on the beach and we caused quite a stir when we paddled in with the cod.' 露西说:“它肯定是想请我吃鱼。先开始它把鱼扔到距我20英尺的地方,然后又推进到离小船不到5英尺的地方。所有人都在沙滩上看着,当我们载着鳕鱼划船回来时,还引起了不小的轰动。”

Grandmother Nina added: 'It was as if he was saying to Lucy "Don't worry, now I've got a fish to play with and so have you. This is mine for my tea, you have that one for yours."' 妮娜奶奶说:“它好像是在说‘别担心,我现在已经有一条鱼了,这条是你的。我有我的茶点,你也应该有一份。’”

'He was just so playful and content to be around us. Lucy was dangling her fingers in the water and he seemed to be attracted by that.' “海豚十分贪玩,还很乐意和我们在一起。露西把手指浸在水里来回波动,它可能就是被这个举动吸引了。”

'If I hadn't seen it myself I'd never have believed it. My theory is that he was lonely and wanted human company. He was with us for about two hours.' “要是我没亲眼见到,绝对不会相信刚才发生的事情。我只以为它很孤单,想要人类陪伴。它大概陪了我们两个小时。”

'It seemed rude to refuse him so we took the fish and had cod and chips for supper. It was massive - I've still got half in the freezer.' “要是不接受它的礼物就显得太没礼貌了,所以我们晚上回家做了鳕鱼薯条。但这真是好大一条鱼,现在冰柜里还冻着一半呢。”

Lucy was paddling off Combe Martin Bay with Mike and Nina, both, 52, when they encountered the dolphin. The animal has become so popular with locals who have christened him Dave. 露西那时正和迈克、妮娜在深谷马丁湾里划船,两位老人都是52岁。他们遇到的这只海豚当地人都很熟悉,还给他起名叫戴夫。

Nina, a swimming club coach, said the July 25 sighting was the highlight of Lucy's school holidays. She said: 'We feel so privileged to have been there. Lucy loves dolphins and has always wanted to swim with them. 妮娜是一位游泳俱乐部教练,她说7月25日是露西假期中最有意义的一天。她还表示:“我们很荣幸得到海豚的礼物。露西很喜欢海豚,还总想和它们一起游泳。”

'Well she didn't get to swim with this one, but it is the first time she has seen one out of captivity. With the crystal clear water, it was such an experience.' “虽然这次她没能和海豚游泳,但也是第一次见到海豚捕猎的样子。海水很清澈,这种感觉棒极了。”

A spokesman for Whale and Dolphin Conservation said: 'This is a very interesting account. There are many examples worldwide of dolphins interacting with humans. We would just make our usual appeal for people to generally keep their distance. 鲸鱼与海豚保护组织的发言人说:“这是一个非常有意思的事件。全球有多个海豚和人类交流互动的有趣例子。我们也会像对待人类一样对待海豚,让它们有自己的生活空间。”

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