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1)家庭人数 how many people are there in your family?

there are three people in my family,my father ,my mother and I.

2)家人工作岗位 what job do your parents have?

my mother is a teacher,but now she is retired.my father is a policeman,and he is working in a public security bureau.

3)家人相处情况 do you live with your parent very well?

we care for each other.if someone has a difficult problem,the other two help him.

4)家人对孩子要求过严叙述 because my family has a only child,it is me.parents are very strict with me.they ask me to study hard everyday.they said I should go into a famous university,and if i go into the famous university ,i can find a better job in the future.yeah,they are right.but i am not a superman,and i am a common person.

解决方法 you should have a serious talk with them about the subject.and you should make them know you are a common people,and you want to live a ordinary life.

5)喜欢多子家庭 I like the family with more children.because a child is easy to be spoiled.I often see many children spoiled by their parents.

反驳 there are large amounts of people in china.I think a-child-policy is very good.if the policy will be abandoned,china population will be getting larger and larger.

6)不喜欢单亲家庭 I don't like single-parent family.In order to raise child, a single parent has to work every day,especially night.and they seldom accompany theirs children,theirs children feel very lonely. it easily cause psychological peoblem.

7)无子女家庭 dink family is a tendence.many young couple have no child,because they think raising chldren is a burden.there are more and more young people choosing the way.young couple like enjoying world of two.


A:there are many families choosing divorce.they think it is better to get divorced than stick to an unhappied marriage.however,some family have a child.I think they should think it over before making a decision of divorce.

there are three reason to support my opinion.

first,the love form the mother is different from the love from the father.so,every children has both parents' love.if a child living with a single parent will get unhappied,and they may bring psychological problem.

second,in order to raise children,single parent has to work harder.they have less time being together with theirs children.theirs children feel very sad,they don't feel love,which also cause pshchological problem.

third,if single parent get married again,children will get hurt by having a call a unrelated person "mother"or "father'.and if the new parent don't get along very well with the child,the situation is becoming even worse.

B:I agree with you. I read in the newspaper about case of youth criminal.according to official statis,a large percentage of youngth criminal are from single-family or remarried family.when they are 7 to 17 year old,their family get divorced.so,I think parents should think it over before makeing a decision of divorce.


A:the pciture shows a woman who has already two girls is patting her abadomen and saying "I want to be a boy".

In china there is a traditional custom that they think if I get a boy,I get happy.

I think there are three reasons explaining the phenomenon.

first,if you have a son,when the son grow up and get married,the child whom he have can carry on the family name.

second,if you have a son,when the son get warried,his wife will come into your family.while if you have a daughter,you have to see your daughter going to husband's family.you feel very lonely.

third,in the countryside a man is equal to a labor force,he can help do some housework,such as carrying brick or working in the field,because man is very strong.

however,there are many problems in china.for example, if everyone all like son, most of population are man.when thses men reach married age,they don't look for companion.

of course,we will face other problem.

there are large of people in china. but in 1980 our country adopt many measure to control population growth,such as a-child policy.I think if we want to keep economy growth fast,We must carry on a-child policy.

B:I agree with you.but it is very difficult to carry on a-child policy,especially countryside.many people in the countryside hide fact there is a daughter in their family,their purpose only is to have a boy.I think our government should make a severe laws,and organize more people to countryside inspecting,if they find there are two chuldren in a family,they shouled be pubished severely by law.

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