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When you become a parent, much of your focus shifts from your own future to your kids' fu- ture. But one of the most effective ways to help your children learn to dream big is to ensure that your own dreams don't get pushed aside by everyday demands.

Our everyday experiences provide learning opportunities. When you tap into them, you create a lifelong learning habit that will always keep you growing. Even your most disappointing experi-ences can be turned into breakthroughs. Every dream begins in the imagination. Take a few minutes to sit down with a notebook and think about where you would like to be in 20 years. Write down details about all aspects of your ideal life. Feel free to imagine. Don't worry about whether you know how to get there now--you have 20 years to figure that out. You can also start by picking a year in the future and making a collection of things you'd like in your life by then. Check in on it from time to time to see where you've made progress.

We're often encouraged to work on our weaknesses, but working on your strengths is easier and creates better results. For help of identifying them, ask some friends, or colleagues to write down what they most appreciate about you. They' 11 enjoy doing this, and you' 11 feel great when you read the responses. Once you know your strengths, you can put them to work to help you achieve your dreams.

Confidence is the foundation for all your other abilities. "Progress, not perfection" is a great saying to keep your confidence high. Every night, write down five achievements that happened that day. Big or small, it doesn' t matter. If proper, add ideas for further progress and actions you can take to get started.

Find ways to add what you love to do to your life now. This will give you more energy and keep you connected with your bigger dreams. Making a list of old hobbies is a great way to restore your old passions. Things you' re enthusiastic about come with their own store of energy. Connect-ing with them can give you a push when you most need it.

51. In order to help your children to dream big you must

A. fulfill everyday tasks

B. build your own career

C. keep your own dreams

D. make them look ahead

52. The writer suggests that, to begin your big dream, you should

A. stretch your imagination

B. have a best-laid plan for 20 years

C. recollect all your likes and dislikes

D. engage yourself in lifelong learning

53. According to the writer, to achieve our dreams, we should

A. work on our strengths

B. develop our creativity

C. identify our weaknesses

D. seek advice from friends

54. To keep high confidence, it is important for one to

A. take appropriate actions

B. notice his daily progress

C. try his best in everything

D. form new ideas every day

55. The writer thinks that one can hold fast to his dream by

A. listing the details of his ideal life

B. improving some of his old hobbies

C. adding new ideas to his old dreams

D. energizing himself with old passions


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