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  This section is designed to test your ability to understand spoken English. You will hear a se-lection of recorded materials and you must answer the questions that accompany them. There are two parts in this section, Part A and Part B.

  Remember while you are doing the test, you should first put down your answers in your test booklet. At the end of the listening comprehension section, you will have 3 minutes to transfer your answers from your test booklet onto your ANSWER SHEET.

  If you have any questions, you may raise your hand now as you will not be allowed to speak once the test has started.

  Now look at Part A in your test booklet.

  Part A


  You will hear 10 short dialogues. For each dialogue, there is one question and four possible answers. Choose the correct answerA, B, C or D, and mark it in your test booklet. You will have 15 seconds to answer the question and you will hear each dialogue only once.

  What does the man want to do?

  A.Attend a private party.

  B.Celebrate his birthday.

  C.Cancel his reservation.

  D.Reserve a dinner table.


  解析:M: Hello, I' d like to book a table for Tuesday evening.

  W: I' m sorry. We are fully reserved for that evening. There' s the

  birthday party. Would you consider another day?

  M: In that case, let' s make it Wednesday evening at six.

  W: OK.

  2、Whom are the speakers expecting to come soon?

  A.A postman.

  B.A salesman.

  C.A repairman.

  D.A policeman.


  解析:M: Shoot, no wonder it' s no cooler than outside. You turned the air-condition off.

  W: Oh, something went wrong with it. But I called someone and they are on the way.

  M: Thank God.

  W: You can use the electric fan ~here. At least you can catch a breeze.

  3、How does the woman feel at the man' s words?

  A.She is excited.

  B.She is worded.

  C.She is satisfied.

  D.She is surprised.


  解析:M: Everybody is saying that we' 11 be getting a new manager.

  W: Oh, why? Koren hasn't been in his post that long_

  M: I know. But it' s all to do with a new business strategy the board wants to introduce.

  4、What will the woman do?

  A.Go to bed for a rest.

  B.Take some medicine.

  C.Stay in with the man.

  D.Eat out with the man.


  解析:M: Are you coming to the restaurant with us, Judy?

  W : I' m sorry I can' t. I' ve got a splitting headache.

  M: Oh, is there anything that I can do?

  W: No. It' s OK. I've taken the medicine, and I'11 just stay in and lie down.

  5、What do the speakers think of products manufactured nowadays?

  A.They are too expensive.

  B.They are difficult to use.

  C.They are of poor quality.

  D.They are out of fashion.


  解析:M: I still remember those good old days when people took pride in their work and built things to the last.

  W: Absolutely. Look at the things built nowadays.

  M: You' re lucky if they don' t fall apart before you get them home.

  6、What do we learn about the man from the dialogue?

  A.He doesn' t need a car.

  B.He' s just got a good deal.

  C.He' s just bought a new car.

  D.He doesn' t have enough money.

  答案: D

  解析:W: I' m going to look at new cars tomorrow. Why don' t you come along?

  M: I' d like to, but I don' t want to be tempted.

  W: I' m sure you could get a good deal.

  M: Yes, but I can barely afford a new car right now.

  7、What does the man think of Frank?

  A.He is dependable.

  B.He is weak-minded.

  C.He is a tough person.

  D.He is a flexible person.


  解析:W: What do you think of Frank?

  M: He' s all right, but he seems to have no backbone.

  W: Why do you say that?

  M: Whenever things get tough, he gives in.

  8.What is the woman doing according to the dialogue?

  A.Arranging a seaside trip for old people.

  B.Expressing her thanks to the trip organizer.

  C.Complaining about yesterday' s seaside trip.

  D.Asking the trip organizer to improve his work.


  解析:W: John, thank you for organizing yesterday' s trip to the seaside for the old folk.

  M: They all seemed to enjoy it, didn't they?

  W: Certainly, I don' t think you could have done it better.

  M: Thank you, but there was still room for improvement.

  9.What do we learn about the man last night?

  A.He couldn't get out of his room.

  B.He left his key with his roommate.

  C.He couldn' t find the key to his room.

  D.He helped his neighbor break the lock.


  解析:M: I was locked in last night.

  W: What do you mean by "locked in"?

  M: Well. my roommate thought I was out, so when he left, he locked the door from the outside.

  W: Then how did you get out?

  M: I called my neighbor and gave him the key from the inside.

  10. What does the woman suggest the man do?

  A. Clean his glasses after painting.

  B.Take off his glasses before painting.

  C.Press the plastic wrap on the ceiling.

  D.Cover his glasses with the plastic wrap.

  答案: D

  解析: W: Wait, Tom. Don't start painting the ceiling now. Your glasses will be spoiled.

  M: You mean I must take them off?

  W: No, you don' t have to. Just press the plastic wrap on them, and you can still see.


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